The gaming mouse plays a special role in the configuration of your gaming PC. The main unit only controls the control and operation. In a sense, a game mouse is a special category for players who prefer precision on their desktop. Choosing the best game mouse can be difficult due to the number of features promised and the price involved. Some brands, except those that are already well on the market, try to put more on the board. The XPG Adata fits very well here.

Today we’re talking about the XPG Primer RGB game mouse. XPG is a trademark of ADATA. That means Xtreme Performance Gear, which promises to provide the best equipment to make the game great.

The XPG Primer RGB game mouse is synonymous with precision and durability. It has the same characteristics as an ordinary game mouse, for example B. High DPI, long keystrokes, high precision sensors and more. We will try to go into detail on how XPG Primer fits into this category. Does it offer the best game performance or does ADATA need more time to learn the game?

Specification :

  • Interface – USB type A
  • Switch – Omron, rated at 20 million clicks
  • Resolution – 400/800/1600/3200/6400/12000 dpi
  • The dimensions are 126 x 65.6 x 37.9 mm/4.9 x 2.58 x 1.49 inches.
  • Weight – 98 g ± 5
  • Max. Gear – 50G
  • Data transmission rate – 250/500/1000 Hz
  • Light effect – color wave, breath, static, off.
  • System requirements – Windows 10/8/7
  • Cable length – 1.8 m


XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse: Review, Ratings and Testing

Cast in the silhouette of a standard mouse, with two special buttons on the left and two on the top, the XPG Primer will not impress you in terms of design. ADATA did well by adding RGB for a facelift. The RGB makes the foundations glow in the dark. A special RGB button on the top of the housing makes it possible to choose from a variety of effects.

XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse: Review, Ratings and Testing

The grip of the XPG primer is hairy, the plastic body adds a lot to the grip, but I found the glossy finish or the rubber coating more relaxing. It has the ideal size for normal hands, fits into the hollows of the palm and allows all fingers to easily access all keys.

XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse: Review, Ratings and Testing

The right and left click leave a lot of space on the front, the scroll wheel is RGB and the DPI buttons play a double role in controlling the mouse speed and the LED effect. Overall, the XPG Primer is a less charming, but more serious game mouse.


XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse: Review, Ratings and Testing

It took me a while to get used to the XPG primer. I have noticed that controlling the cursor requires minimal effort. Look it up slowly, press DPI and the cursor becomes almost invisible. This is an important feature for any game mouse, especially for shooting games. Battle Royale games are the hardest, and it all comes down to speed. The XPG primer may look like a thick plastic mouse, but in terms of use you don’t have to complain once it is installed. LED is just a cosmetic element, I don’t consider it a contribution to the game.


The XPG Primer is equipped with a 12000 DPI PMW3360 optical sensor. You can choose from six different DPI settings. From 400, the XPG primer can accelerate up to 12,000 DPI. Speed is not a problem for the alphabet, the challenge is to get used to the solid body coverage. The XPG Primer has Omron mechanical switches for long-term use. Unlike standard mice, mechanical switches are more precise and give a click. These switches have a lifespan of 20 million clicks according to the specifications of the mouse. You will never suffer from failed clicks on XPG Primer.

XPG Primer RGB Gaming Mouse: Review, Ratings and Testing

XPG Primer tries to sell the Xtreme factor of its entire USP. He’s trying to stand in a different way than his competitors here. Compared to many comparable models in the same price range, XPG Primer tries to offer greater durability, a much higher DPI and a mechanical shift upgrade.


The XPG Primer is a noisy mouse in terms of design and user-friendliness. It’s also an underestimated game mouse. The purchase of such a mouse depends entirely on the needs of the player. If your priority is sustainability, then the XPG Primer works well here. But if you want more cosmetic, there are real alternatives. The game mouse has high standard DPI settings, braided cables and special game buttons. XPG Primer carries it all with confidence for the work ahead of us. XPG Primer costs 3500INR ($49.99) online. The price may vary per webshop, but is still much lower than the stated price.

Noisy mouse, in terms of design and user-friendliness

  • Version 7
  • Sustainability 9
  • DPI 9
  • User-friendliness 7

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