Wrinkle injection can be carried out with different methods and materials.

A distinction is made between dissolvable (= absorbable) and permanent (= non-absorbable) substances. Absorbable substances for wrinkle injections are Botox®, hyaluronic acid and collagen as well as injections with autologous fat and autologous blood. For example, substances that contain silicone are non-resorbable, but also a number of other fillers.

Wrinkle injections are performed on an outpatient basis and in most cases do not require hospitalization. The duration of a wrinkle injection is between 3 and 12 months and can be repeated as often as required. If the wrinkle depth is already very advanced, the patient has to undergo surgical tightening in addition to the wrinkle injection.

The costs and prices of a wrinkle injection essentially depend on the desired filling material. But they also differ significantly from doctor to doctor. It is therefore advisable for you as a patient to compare the prices and offers of different specialists and plastic surgeons before treatment.

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What is possible?

With increasing age, the skin loses moisture and thus elasticity – the result: the skin becomes increasingly slack and wrinkles form. The wrinkle injection can help against the signs of aging and make the wrinkles – at least temporarily – disappear.

A distinction is made between facial expressions (through muscle movement) and orthostatic folds (through gravity). Mimic wrinkles can occur bilaterally and relatively symmetrically (e.g. crow’s feet on the eyes) or individually (e.g. frown lines).

The wrinkle injection can avoid surgical wrinkle removal. In most cases, wrinkles in the nose, mouth and forehead are the target regions for wrinkle injections. The duration of action is different for each patient and can be a few weeks or up to a few months.

Types of folds

Facial wrinkles can be named and grouped according to their origin (mimic wrinkles, static wrinkles), according to their location (e.g. forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles) or according to optical aspects (e.g. crow’s feet, puppet wrinkles).

At SchoenheitsGebot we decided on a mixed form and given priority to the designation that seemed most common to us.

You can find an overview of all types of wrinkles here .

  • Marionette folds
  • Frown lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Crow’s feet
  • Upper lip folds
  • Eye wrinkles


Autologous fat filler

One method for wrinkle injection is the use of the body’s own tissue. Fat is sucked out in advance from the abdomen or the inside of the knee and then injected under the skin at the folds with a fine needle during the procedure.

What wrinkles do you use it for?

Even deep facial wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, nose and cheekbones can be treated with autologous fat, but also sunken temples and cheek areas. The lip spraying method is also suitable.

How does it work?

By injecting autologous fat, the desired areas of the face are relined in one session and wrinkles are smoothed out. Although about a third is broken down by the body in the first few months, the rest remains permanently on the treated area.

Brief info

Dissolvable? Yes
Of course for the body? Yes
Compatibility: Very well
Costs without price comparison: Approx. € 1,100
Cost after price comparison Approx. € 900

More detailed information Obtain offers

Collagen filler

This treatment method for wrinkle injections has been tried and tested longest with over two million treatments since 1981.

The collagen is extracted from the skin material of specially bred cattle and cleaned of all foreign substances.

What wrinkles does this take for?

For example, typical laugh lines, also known as crow’s feet, can be treated with collagen.

The method is also suitable for removing wrinkles in the mouth and forehead.

How does it work?

Collagen literally acts as a types of dermal fillers because the protein-containing substance plumps up the subcutaneous fatty tissue and smooths wrinkles.

Brief info

Dissolvable? Within a few months
Of course for the body? Yes
Compatibility: Test beforehand
Costs without price comparison: Approx. 250 €
Cost after price comparison Approx. 160 €

Hyaluronic acid filler

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body and is used to store fluids. Hyaluronic acid is injected under or between the layers of the skin of the wrinkles.

What wrinkles does this take for?

The injection of hyaluronic acid has proven itself particularly with forehead and nasolabial wrinkles, although the acid is also suitable for filling lips and corners of the mouth.

How does it work?

By replenishing the tissue, doctors can give sagging and wrinkled skin new elasticity. The acid is injected directly into the affected skin area with a needle.

Brief info

Dissolvable? Yes
Of course for the body? Yes
Compatibility: Well
Costs without price comparison: Approx. 370 €
Cost after price comparison Approx. € 330

More detailed information Obtain offers

Autologous blood against wrinkles

For the injection of wrinkles with autologous blood, blood is taken and usually processed in such a way that only the plasma remains. The prepared blood is then injected under the skin with a fine needle.

What wrinkles does this take for?

Plasma therapy is particularly suitable for treating deeper décolleté wrinkles. Sometimes autologous blood therapy is also combined with hyaluronic acid treatment. This expands their range of applications.

How does it work?

The plasma stimulates the body’s self-healing powers so that the skin becomes more elastic. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed after just a few days, so that the skin takes on a youthful appearance.

Brief info

Dissolvable? Yes
Of course for the body? Yes
Compatibility: Very well
Costs without price comparison: Approx. € 950
Cost after price comparison Approx. 740 €

Botulinum toxin (= Botox ® )

In this treatment, the wrinkles are not injected with filling material, but rather the botulinum toxin prevents nerve transmission to the local muscles, which relaxes them in the long term.

What wrinkles does this take for?

Botox is useful for dynamic wrinkles, which include forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and nasolabial lines.

How does it work?

As soon as botox is injected, the active ingredient blocks the transmission of nerve impulses. Botox inhibits muscle movement so that the affected areas are no longer stressed.

Brief info

Dissolvable? Within 3-6 months
Of course for the body? No
Compatibility: Note side effects
Costs without price comparison: Approx. € 320
Cost after price comparison Approx. 280 €


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