Welcome to Star Citizen… A frequently asked question about Star Citizen – Where has the money gone? Star Citizen is healthy?! Is the money dry? ! They close in 90 days or less! At least until they disclose their finances, and then it’s over.

We have 2019 accounts and more specific annual accounts for Cloud Empire, as well as a good amount of information for 2020. So how much money did Star Citizen get and where did it go?

What we know about 2019

Until 2020 it was in any case a record year, both in terms of income and expenditure, with the tourism sector investing in the future.

CI describes it as the business infrastructure to achieve planned growth, and as a step forward in community and marketing activities, particularly in the UK where a very successful CitizenCon was held this year.

Donations rose 26% this year, from $37.8 million last year to $47.6 million.

Properties here are converted into dollars and represent the net proceeds of purchases of ships, gamepacks and goods by donors…., but some small things are not included, such as shipping costs.

3.6 million. Subscriptions increased by 12% compared to $3.2 million the year before.

This figure is again based on $…. but represents all voluntary subscriptions to the RSI.

Other income $9.5 million, up 20% from $7.9 million.

These include income from partnerships with various hardware and software vendors, sponsorship income and various local incentives based on the nature and location of our development and manufacturing activities.

In total, this means an increase of $60.7 million, or 24 percent over the $48.9 million for 2018.

In addition, a private investment of $17.25 million was added to the $46 million previously received at the end of the year.

Where has the Money Gone? Star Citizen Has SPENT Close to $400m So Far

Total expenses in 2019 were approximately $70.4 million, slightly more than $10 million more than revenues excluding private equity, compared to $56.2 million in 2018, an increase in expenses of approximately 25%.

Among other things, the number of employees at the end of 2019 was 604 compared to 521, and the lion’s share of development costs was $39.7 million compared to $33.8 million.

In 2019, expenditure on publishing and marketing will rise to $ 11.4 million, contract expenditure will rise to $ 5.7 million, general and administrative expenses will rise to $ 2.3 million, capital and capital expenditure will rise to $ 2.4 million and other capital expenditure will rise to $ 8.9 million.

So we know that the deficit for 2018 and 2019 was about $17 million, which probably swallowed up part of that private investment.

The revenue, excluding game investments, for the entire project up to 2019, according to CI, amounts to $317.3 million.

Excluding investments, the project has posted a deficit of nearly $3 million (more spent than earned) since its inception….. Is that right or wrong? That’s just one number, and CI has at least $60.2 million in investment funds left over, plus another buffer it has.

So I don’t think there is any reason to worry about the financial health of the company in the short term, because even if CI exceeds its spending by $10 million a year in the future, it can still work for 6 years, and I hope by then it will have released 42 Squadron, and even Star Citizen will be in beta!

It’s also a good Segway…. What do we know about 2020…

We don’t know how much they’ve spent… …they may have dropped a little because of the coronavirus… In fact, I think that’s exactly it.

We know that a large part of the funding was RESPONSIBLE in 2020.

У нас нас есть цифры для примерно Суммы объявленных взносов в 2020 году около $79 млн, что примерно на 30% больше, чем в 2019 году . и около 66% только от объявленных взносов в 2019 году… это экстраординарно И общий доход будет намного больше, когда мы абонементы и другие доходы. Готов поспорить, что в 2020 году КИ получил неплохой профицит в размере около 10-15 миллионов долларов, даже если они инвестировали в персонал, инфраструктуру и т.п…. На самом деле, мы знаем, что именно течение это они сделали со студией New studio with swirling head в Монреале, которая будет фокусироваться Звездных системах Планетах для для и быть для и на планирует 100+ сотрудников в течение ближайших 3-х на.

На сегодняшний день Звездный гражданин получил огромный объем финансирования и потратил не менее 320 млн. из них плюс все остальное в 2020 году, что потенциально может стоить 400 млн. на Звездный гражданин и Эскадрилью 42, и да, это самая дорогая за все время разработки, но видеоигра стоит как бы 2 игры.

Здорово, что деньги тратятся любые 2 игры эскадрильи 42 и Star Citizen, расходы на развитие и акционеров формы маркетинга, которые делает КИ… а не выплачиваются в на дивидендов или акционеров богатыми, делают крайней мере, качестве этом … Придет время, когда инвесторы и акционеры (как Крис, Erin & the Calders) скорее всего захотят вернуть свои инвестиции…. и вытянуть деньги из компании сверх зарплаты . Но этого не может произойти, насколько я знаю, пока компания не станет PROFIT (буквально вы не можете получить дивиденды) и, надеюсь, не произойдет, по крайней мере, эскадрилья 42 не будет выпущена … Это то, за чем я буду следить наверняка! Я не думаю, что какой-нибудь Star Citizen Backer хочет таким образом расплачиваться карманах акционеров . Пока мы не не выпустили игры… эти деньги пойти на развитие И то, что, кажется, происходит.

Another thing we don’t know is the salaries of Chris and the executives….

There are arguments for slow development cycles and inefficiency, and that CI can keep a game under development all the time…. But the truth is they’re making progress and developing the game…. It’s slow, but it’s not an error…. However, the project and the game are not for everyone, and I think that CI 42 Squadron should shut down before it is accepted by the general public. They can make a game right… or the other way around if it’s bad…. So it wouldn’t be a good sign for a Star Citizen.

But only time will tell and I think 42 Squadron will at least be a great game with a score of 90-95% MAYBE ?!!!!. I hope so!

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