The year 2020 will be one of the most difficult years in history. Between natural disasters, political division, civil unrest and, of course, the COWID-19 pandemic, many of us are happy that it is over. Fortunately, not everything was a complete disaster. Now that 2020 is officially over, it’s time to look back at some of the things that made him great: Games. We at Way Too Many Games would like to present our personal choice for the Game of the Year 2020.

Lion – Eternal

In the whole year 2020 there was only one race where I got a perfect 10: DUM Eternal. In a year full of stressful news and moments when I desperately needed a way to catharsis, a game that aimed to make me forget the world around me, a game that aimed to let go of anger and fear. DOOM Eternal offered just that in abundance: a game that consists of shooting at everything in sight in the most absurd and exciting way. A game to shut down my brain. A game that makes me incredibly powerful, terrified and unstoppable. And on top of that, Mick Gordon goes full throttle with his soundtrack.

Heidi is the spirit of Tsushima.

It wasn’t easy because there were so many great games to choose from this year. I even gave myself two rankings in our top 20 list. However, the game that impressed me most was the Ghost of Tsushima. It is the first game in a long time that has not made me tired of the open world and has kept me addicted throughout the experience. The fight was entertaining and the alignment methods seemed realistic. I really liked the imaginative ways you can be guided by nature. And then there is the beauty of Tsushima Island, which constantly takes my breath away. Not to mention the photo mode, in which I was immersed after only a few hours.

Jason – The Last of Us Part II

Whatever your opinion of the game as a whole, The Last of Us Part II once again highlights Naughty Dog’s exceptional talent. She has been criticizing what she has done with the fans’ favorite characters and changing the main characters halfway through. Anyway, TLoU2 was a risk for such a large franchise. It’s another technical miracle that takes the player on an emotional roller coaster ride through tense battles, heartbreaking losses and sometimes edifying moments. Without the Factions multiplayer as in the predecessor, I don’t see myself as often as in the original, but the story has stayed with me longer than most gaming experiences. It won’t happen again, but one day, very soon, I’ll get back to you.

Jordan – The spirit of Tsushima

Looking at the games of 2020, there are a handful of games that I really thought about choosing GotY. Half a life: Alix impressed me. Hades was and remains one of the best cheaters I’ve ever played. Eternal destiny made my blood pump and beat me all the time. But Ghost of Tsushima was the only game I played until I won. It’s also the only game that has brought me back into the game, even after defeating most of the content, just to do side missions. The natural way in which he led a person to points of interest made the study a pleasure, and the effort put into the side-stories ensured that not a single moment was boring. In addition to the main content campaign, Sucker Punch even added a brand new free co-op mode.

Kyle’s Hades.

The choice of my personal game of the year was very difficult. It has been a fantastic year for games with Cyberpunk 2077 that have digested my life in recent weeks, and Ori and the Wise Men’s Will is a beautiful and emotional journey. Still, Hades is a game I keep coming back to over and over again, a great rogue game that’s perfect in almost every way. From his fast fight, a great interpretation of hell, and some of the best characters of the year. It’s an absolutely addictive experience that will appeal to fans of the genre as well as newcomers. I even went so far as to double the backup capacity of the game between the PC and Switch versions. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to escape from the underworld again.

Todd – The Phantom of Tsushima

Don’t exaggerate, it’s the last of us, part 2. Wait, no, it’s the ghost of Tsushima. Hey, neurotic, put me back on TLoU2. No, no, that’s right, lock me up. I’ve been through this a couple of times. Naughty Dog did it again and improved the masterpiece, but what Sucker Punch did with the new IP was really special. Games, game production, game design, everything was at the top. Exploring Tsushima and its history was fun and enjoyable, and the scenery was spectacular. Don’t get me started with the Kurosawa mode; I may have used their reliable dash photo mode more than the transition button. However, I would choose Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic opus if the Legends mode hadn’t been entered. At least three nights a week I end my day with a game or two.

Thomas is the definitive remake of Fantasia VII.

I can’t remember the last time a game resonated with me like FF7R did. It’s weird, too. I’ve been skeptical since the announcement. I’ve never been a big fan of FF7 either. I am one of those who think that Final Fantasy as a franchise has spent the last two decades in steady decline. But FF7R is something special. It awakens the magic of Squaresoft in a way that the franchise was completely lacking, and brings Final Fantasy VII to life in a way that the original could not. The music, the graphics, the world, the phenomenal fighting system, the return to the classic Cloud characterization, and the gang do it all. Especially the way it manages to exist as a remake while preserving the feeling of the original. For me, it’s an almost perfect game. Almost, because the waiting for FF7R2 was already unbearable, not to mention the details afterwards. Seven seconds to the end of my ass…

Aaron is Hades.

At this year’s Video Game Awards, even if it was just an independent game, Hades was left, right and in the middle a shot in the arm. As a fan of gambling and arcade style, I chose this game, expecting a few hours of fun. I didn’t know it would be one of the most exciting games I’d play in 2020. Laura relies on discussing with the characters, building relationships and completing the contests. Different body movements to deal with each breed. There is also one of the best songs from the 2020 game, Darren Korb’s God of the Dead, played against Hades. Yes, this game that I really only wanted to enjoy for a few hours soon turned into over fifty hours and more.

Bailing is the final remake of Fantasia VII.


While Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time raises the bar incredibly high and is a good example of a great game that everyone should talk about. My choice for Game of the Year goes to Final Fantasy VII Remake. As a passionate player (and replayer) of almost every entry in the beloved franchise, my expectations for this long-awaited remake were very high. Luckily this game passes the test with flying colours and has done all the extra credit questions like the overzealous nerd he is. The remake perfectly tells an already beloved story and takes the time to develop the supportive characters so that they immediately become the favourites of the fans. Jessie was just an afterthought in the original, and now she’s my favorite flirty pizza. With stunning graphics, incredible attention to detail, an improved soundtrack, an almost perfect combat system and phenomenal challenges, there’s not a second to be unimpressed and invest in the completion of this masterpiece. The best news is that in this slightly modified rereading of the classic there are at least two more complete sets to go.


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