This is a full code format, full of Warhammer 40k tactics from the 9th. Production of space wolves. Armed to the teeth, the Space Wolves are among the first in the battle for Warhammer 40k 9th edition. But those aren’t your rules, Wolfie McWolf. Sounds like a clear guideline to return to a barbaric, savage space. The Viking roots crushed this book. Changes in the index so far have led to greater flexibility, mobility and problem solving on demand.

The wolves will have full control of the battlefield with heroic invasion, battle order, fast units and wings. There is no safe flank, and their ability to move several times is not appreciated by the sheep of the 41st century. millenium in chaos.

We have much to tell in this section for Warhammer 40k 9th edition of Space Wolves Tactics : Code Space Wolf, so I’m in. I’m going;

  • Tips and tricks
  • Characteristics of a warlord, actions and legends.
  • Published
  • Barbaric special edition
  • Storm Discipline
  • Secondary objectives
  • Top 3 secondary
  • Changes to the data catalogue
  • Winners and losers
  • My preliminary list of the best sophomore students

Nine. The Space Wolves Additional Code and the Additional Code for the Hours of Death will be released on the same day! We have a complete tactical failure of the Time of Death Code, which you can check here!

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Space Wolves Tactics: Space Wolves Codex Hot hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Space Wolf Code

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Schemes

The ruse of the legend of the beast was staggering, a little too staggering. So only the counter-accusation survived at the request of the index. After the loss of qualities such as The Breath of Nature, The Wicked Executioner and The Knowledge of the Enemy, it is all sad, but there are amazing ways to replace
. Let’s drown our teeth, shall we?

Forward to the throat

Each army unit receives additional APs for guns and melee weapons during the assault doctrine for each roll of 6 wounds. It’s the combination with the access point you get in the attack doctrine. Imagine the AP -3 on the chains or the AP -4 on the claws? It’s a good trick if you have a lot of units with a lot of attacks in battle. Can you imagine fucking pliers and assassins taking apart everything they touch?

Deception of the Wolf

A reminder of 8. Shut down the code. Works in exactly the same way, but has been rewritten for Edition 9, allowing each infantry unit to use the flank during a mission. Although we initially think of melee units such as Storm Processor Drops or Wolves, it can also work with firing units. Eradicators or long fused defences can do real damage and put pressure on the enemy’s back.

Imperial executioners

An updated version of page 8. If you select a single unit for melee against a Thousand Sons unit, you can reverse the Hit and Wounded die roll. Based on a story and incredibly effective. Note that there are no CORE restrictions, so Centurion, Wolf or Wolf Dreadnought divisions are free to pull some dustbunnies.

Wild shovel

Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable! 1 CPU for units 5 and less, 2 CPU for units 6 and more Select the unit that made the charge and for this activation you get +1 for rolled sandwiches. No locked CORE either. Units of 5 gravediggers, 5 lightning rods, symbols, wolves, terminators, and for 2 CP’s I would pay 10 blood claws. Combined with a call to anger from the maritime code, this gives us 2 ways to get +1 of injuries… call us Bloodwolves.

Healing Balm

Allows the Wolf Priest to heal infantry, motorcyclists or cavalry from D3 wounds. Although this is probably not the most effective use of CP, it can be useful. The expectation that our Priest Wolves are chaplain and pharmacist for the same points as a chaplain has always been too surprising. The changes are not perfect, I prefer the variant with variants that make it possible to heal. Anyway, this is what we have and it can be a useful tool in the toolbar.

Packaging hunters

From the Saga of the Beast only in name. Pack Hunter has evolved from one of the worst layers of the game to a very fascinating option. First, during the Attack Phase, select an enemy unit within range of the Space Wolf Unit.

Everybody Beast and Cavalry may throw the 3D6 dice if they attack their target and drop the lowest. Then you can roll the wound with your teeth and claws on the target during all attacks. For now, and I’m waiting for the FAQ, you can choose other destinations to reload in addition to the chosen destination. This means that if you place a charge for both targets, you can get 3D6 to throw the lower one against a juicy target, using the Strat target for the jump. Can be used with great effect to obtain large turn-1 loads using capsules or Phobos units and hate particles.

Continuous attack

When consolidated, the unit can consolidate an additional 3 inches. This is NOT cumulated with any other rule that promotes consolidation. RAW has facilities for fast hunters, so it is less effective on these units and has no effect if Ragnar Aura is used. Otherwise, it is a great stratification to break the lines. It really allows you to go through the screen to reach devices behind you or an object, or perhaps to pack and catch your opponent more effectively.

Storm cover

Another call from the code of 8. Get out of here. Use this after the psyche of your army allows the power of Storm Discipline. Units within 15 cm of Psyche -1 must be hit from the attacking area before their next turn. Given the strong desire for discipline in the Tempestas and the fact that this force is now only 2CP, it can be incredibly powerful against artillery armies.

Legendary case

If a non-motorised character in your army who doesn’t have the attributes of a warlord meets the performance requirements (don’t worry, we can take care of that), at the end of the phase the character will be given an aura to complete the saga. It creates interesting scenarios. I’m waiting for the FAW, because right now in RAW it’s possible to get sagas for mentioned characters who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it, and you can stack auras on the same character.

Trophy awarded

The base layer to give the successor a relic of the space wolves.

Ambient tan

Gives to the Pack Commander or Sergeant 1; Morcay toothbolt, gel weapon, main weapon or digital weapon. Unbelievable with the eliminators, which have 2+ BS for excellent use of Morcay’s teeth. It is clear that frozen weapons and main weapons are excellent for a number of units.

Legends of the Warriors

A foretaste of a layer of the Warhammer Community, representing a second non symbolic line of the Space Wolf Warlord, and giving access to the saga as soon as it is completed. I love it! After seeing some of the characteristics of a warlord, there are some really cool combos that we will discuss as we go to the hell of a warlord.

Spatial nature

I like that about the first series of charges I mentioned. In the Command Phase, select infantry, motorcyclists or cavalry. Until the next team phase, that unit will receive Attack Doctrine instead of Active Doctrine. Surprisingly with units such as Blood Claws, TWC and Urinary Guard, which in reality do not benefit from any other doctrine. Only effective in the first two combat fires, but getting 6 explosives and extra AP’s on these units can be incredible for 1 CP


A 6-inch hero’s intervention trick that’s now free for characters. Given the strength of our characters in battle, this is an incredibly positive change. This team used to win the tournament, but now they’re better. At least he survived a psychic awakening…

Sensory organs

  • In the Fire Phase you choose Infantry, Cyclists or Cavalry. Until the end of the cycle the device ignores all negative hits, BS, WS and load modifiers. Extremely polished from edition 8, it now covers scrums and attacks. Incredibly powerful and endowed with foresight, it will allow the TWC cavalry to ignore unstable terrain or a pile of grenades in its first attack and strike with its powerful weapons within 2 seconds. B-A-N-A-N-A-S…

Rune room

Used after passing a psychological test of the enemy’s psyche. Select a space wolf unit within 12 inches of the psyche, this unit may try to deny this psychic power. It’s not a toy, it’s a phenomenal tool. Wait until the negative force is launched (like a low whip?) and try to refuse to save your important unit.

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Character traits, acts and sagas of warlord

Each attribute of a warlord consists of 3 parts. Firstly, a warlord’s attribute is a bonus that a character gets for owning this attribute. Secondly, it is an action that must be performed by a warlord. After all, the saga is the aura a warlord acquires to make a deal.

This system is more complex than a conventional warlord, but at the same time more powerful because of the nature of its appearance. Especially because the Deeds are now much easier to fill. Don’t forget to give a saga to any character who is not a warlord after he has performed the required action. Remember the layer that gives Warlord 2 properties, and he can activate both sagas. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re great…..


It is clear that the beast is strong in a meta-beast/vehicle. It’s probably best to use it as the second element of a combat character if you think you need an anti-tank.


  • +1 Attack within range of a sample or vehicle
  • +1 hit a sample or a vehicle and was injured…


  • An enemy vehicle or monster that I destroyed with this model saga.
  • CORE units under 6 inches get +1 on vehicles and samples


Wolfkin is another good choice of secondary character. I don’t think that’s the best in itself, because in general we won’t be in a fight for long, because we’ll most likely only kill what we fight. The bonus for random attacks leaves me in the lurch, the 33% chance of a warlord being wasted is not good. However, when the saga is active, it allows units to fight as if they were charged for furious fighters, shock attacks and a few turns.


  • This mode is still considered a shock attack charge.
  • Make an attack in D3 instead of 1 for a shock attack.


  • This model kills 1 enemy model


  • 6 CORE blocks are always considered charged in the event of a shock attack.

Warriors, born

Warrior Born is someone with whom I would almost never have started a game, but who I immediately considered the favorite of Deed Worthy of a Saga. If you first engage in battle with a whole section of your army, it can be incredibly powerful, especially with the Bathmeth.


  • The unit always fights on the battlefield first.


  • This troop kills an enemy character in close combat.


  • CORE units within 6 inches always fight first on the battlefield.


The hunter will be happy! My loading plans for the first round are in progress. Allow the character to enter safely, and when he does, he opens options for the rest of the army. In 1988 Hunter was cool, but when everyone had reached the battle, there was no need to go any further.

Now that the Fast Hunters can retreat and attack, the TWC will be the ultimate horror show to nail them and threaten their mobility almost anywhere. Call us the Bloodthirsty Wolves…


  • +1 for transport and loading
  • This device can be charged when it is pushed forward or dropped backward.


  • Successful charging


  • CORE units under 6 inches can advance and reload.
  • CORE units within 15 cm of fast fighters can attack even if they fall backwards.

Aura of Majesty

The aura of majesty gives this werewolf pack the chance to compete with Vox Primaris Bike Priest. Fear is also incredibly good for Bloody Claws with their low LD and makes up for Lucas’ biggest deficit. The loss of multi-round models in a moral state is bad, and it guarantees that this will not happen. The Blitz Oath, a strong secondary target, gives us
VP to keep our morale up.


  • Add 3 to Battle Rituals, Master Chapter, Tactical Accuracy, and Spiritual Guidance for up to 9.
  • Extend the lines up to a maximum of 9 inches by 3 inches.


  • At the beginning of the command phase, this model is located in an objective marking area more than 6 inches from your facility.


  • The CORE units, six of which have automatically passed the morality tests

Carry decision

Resolve of the Bear is a shaky solution that will make you lose the wound of your warlord to get 6+ NPF from all the multi-round models we are going to release. It’s good to get a 6+ for Thunderwolves units 5, but not to lose the wounds of your important character. It is also very difficult to kill the character himself by limiting the rebounds directed against him.


  • 6+ NPF
  • Enemy units should not move injured or damaged rollers against this model.


  • This model tolerates all injuries


  • CORE units within 6 inches receive 6 + NPF

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Relics

These are chapters of relics that can only be extracted from the Space Wolf chapter. There are big ones and fake ones.

Rusa armament

The aircraft carrier gets a 2+/4+, and an enemy unit in the combat zone is not allowed to fight until all your units have done so. She’s back and she’s better! In fact, it’s a storm shield, which cannot be a counteroffensive. Start it on the Storm Shield icon to record 1+ after the shield modifier. It’s gonna be hard to give up.


CORE units with 6-inch payloads are loaded, and once per battle the transporter can select one unit from the 6-inch payload and increase its Wild Rage capacity to 5+. Giving a unit (not the CORE) such amplification would be scary, but it is clearly better for units with a high attack volume. Pricing isn’t bad either. It is not automatic to record it once, but it is always exceptionally good.

Fire resistance

2. Reliable plasma gun with 18 damage zones S9 -4 3. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t drop relics from your socks, but in some storytelling games it can be fun.

Black death

Relic Master Craftsman Power Axe or Power Axe as seen on the website of the Warhammer community. S+2 -2AP and 1D and receives D6 additional attacks. D6 looks good, but it’s usually the worst tooth in Terra’s space code. Maybe you can do something about the hordes if you do it right, but this is also a narrative relic.

Mountain Racing Helmet

After a carrier fight, but before it consolidates, it turns a D3 MW into a unit in the
range of 2+. To be honest, I don’t have much time for a relic that is one in six times useless, even though I don’t kill my target with my usual attacks. Minor damage, unlikely, not a good choice.

Storm eye

The stormtalisman’s name change. After resolving the Tempestas Discipline effect launched by an aircraft carrier, release a D6 for each enemy unit within 12 inches of the aircraft carrier, make a MW for the launched unit if you release a 4+. So far.

Executioner’s skin

Every time there’s a melee attack on Carrier 1, it’s a hit and run. Will you excuse me? Yes, connect this to the Bear’s Resolve to absolutely invalidate the zipper claws that are 6s wrapped and cannot rewind the reel. The character with the fur and the bear will be incredibly difficult to kill, especially if it is a Thunder Wolf character with T5 and Storm Shield. An incredibly powerful relic to preserve character.

Warsaw special edition

These special editions can be taken from the chapters Space Wolves or Space Wolf Successors. I will not list the main points of the Maritime Space Code and all its amendments. It’s a grenade, an armor, a digital weapon, and an infallible master weapon. It is worth mentioning that Master Crafted Weapon is the only weapon with which you can do 4 damage with a Thunder Hammer or 3 damage with Powerfist. The others are only the worst versions of the relics we have access to.

Morcay toothed screw

The model fires one shot at the target. If they are hit, all combat units roll more than one unit until the end of the movement to reach the goal. It has lost the ability to inflict fatal injuries when hit, but can now be used by regular non-commissioned officers and package managers. As mentioned earlier, it is very fascinating for an eliminator sergeant to have the instigator of the bolt carabiner. This allows the device to be mobile, and it will be the 2, and these are the most important, so that it can run unlike the 1. It’s certainly a good sign that there’s a lot of competition for relics.

Wolftail Mascot

There’s an oversized nerd here. Now gives 4+ NFP in the psychic phase against fatal injuries. Given the tools we already have with the pliers, I do not think they will ever be useful, because even the Codex Space Marines have the best anti-psychological relics.

Gel weapons

Replaces the traditional axe, master blacksmith’s axe, master blacksmith’s sword or lightning claw (claws). This gives us +1S and +1D !!!!. Yeah, it was discovered at the Hammerhead Society. And yes, it’s so good. Yeah, I’ll give you a hard time! Leader of a bubble defense group with a Frost Swordmaster on S6 -3 3 damage with 5 attacks ? It hurts a gravis or even another urinal protector. Master Thunderbolt with 2 matt claws on the S5-2AP 2D and wrap all wounds with the stacked warlord features of your choice? This selection of vargars is quite good and very versatile in use.

Beef weapon

Replace the librarian’s gun. Enter +1 to deny the witch the roll of the die and increase the power of the weapon by 1. That’s good. I don’t see myself doing this outside the story.

Storm Discipline

An amateur in this discipline should not be underestimated. What wasn’t perfect in the past, now does cool things. I could bring four of these forces into a competitive game. I need more character slots!!!

Residential lighting – toilet 6

The nearest enemy unit within 18 inches is D3MW. Turn D6, the following 2-4 units require 1 manslaughter, 5+ – D3. It used to be polished realistically, but without the diapers it’s much less fun. The fact that the rest of the discipline is much better now doesn’t help.

Killer Hurricane – toilet 6

The name is back, the power is very different. If you select an enemy unit within an 18-inch radius, that unit can only fight if all other units are fighting. In addition, if that combat unit is not completely inside or within the territory, it may not fire on the interceptor. It’s good against almost every army in the game. Including the Wizard, removing the layer of fire of the Space Marine Corps from the Codex, the armor of Russia, and this power, there are 4(!) different ways for the wolves to make you fight last, with no hope of a counter-offensive.

Thunderstorms – Toilet 6

Select the enemy unit within a 24-inch radius. This unit gets -1 for all roles until the next psychic phase. Simple and delicious. It’s a good idea not to shoot at units that prevent you from going into battle. It is unbelievable against units that can both fire and strike well, such as perhaps the King of Silence, the Triarch of Pretoria, the Aggressors, or the Red Stalker Dreadnought.

Standby – Toilet 6

Select a friendly unit within an 18-inch radius. This unit is considered part of the attack doctrine instead of the current active unit. If the Attack Doctrine is already in effect, then for unmodified wound dice of 6 or more wounds an additional AP is granted in addition to the AP provided by the Attack Doctrine.

Between the spatial nature, the strategy of adaptation of the Cosmic Nautical Code and this power, there are 3 different units that can be in the attack doctrine as soon as they reach the 1st power. For those who have not yet made the link between 2 and 2…5 TWC had 31 attacks by simply getting chain words, lightning bolts or canis. That makes an average of 5 extra attacks, and they all get extra APs. If you do this with 2 units, you will absolutely destroy the front line of every army.

Assault troops – WC 6

For the next phase of your psyche, friendly units with 6-inch units have a light hood. All units! Dreadnoughts, repellents and land thieves, oh my God! Thunderwolf Cav and Bladeguard will be well placed in the +1 parades. Terminators with a storm shield have a value of 0+. Throw the storm in your cape if you have to and it will be hard to shoot you… then they’ll have to come and fight you. …..

Wolf cheeks from all over the world – WC 7

Choose an 18-inch unit. Roll a D6 on every enemy model in your war barracks, and make a fatal wound for every 6+. If you’ve done 9 or more psychological tests, you’re looking at 5+ fatal injuries. Fur is fine with hordes, but wolves have no problem with hordes because they usually just mow them down. Strangely enough, it’s also the most expensive electricity.

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Secondary objectives

The appendix contains 4 smaller ones, all of which are reproducible. Two of them stand out as potentially strong competitors.

Glory kills – defeating the enemy

  • You get 2 VP if the character is killed, or 1 VP if the character has more than 3 wounds.
  • You get 3 VP if the monster is killed, or you get 1 VP if you injure the 3+ monster.

I’ve seen how valuable this is against the Tau, Necrons and Tiranids, who usually control a lot of monsters. However, it depends on the enemy’s CD army, and you have to be killed or damaged. If it was a monstrous mash with a few characters, it could be exceptionally good. This initiative competes with the Bring it Down initiative, which relates more to vehicles than to symbols.

Heroic Call – Erase the Enemy

  • You choose a character, and your opponent chooses a character.
  • 5 VP-points if the opponent’s character is dead.
  • You’ll get 5 VPs if your opponent’s character died during the Battle Phase.
  • 5 VP points when an enemy character is killed by the hand of your character during the battle phase.

That sounds incredible, and unlike the Marine Corps’ lists, it may not be a bad choice. Assuming you bring a list of combat characters with a solid combat character, you should be able to earn at least 10 VP. If your opponent can choose an easily defensible character, don’t choose that character.

The Mighty Saga – No mercy, no pity, no rest

  • Score 2 VPs for each of the following, maximizing your OPTION on every 5VP round
  • A vehicle or sample loses its wounds as a result of a melee combat.
  • The vehicle or sample was destroyed in a melee.
  • The character was killed in a hand-to-hand combat…
  • 5 or more models have been killed by attacks
  • At the beginning of the command phase, the warlord is within range of the enemy target.

You have to be a really cool asshole to do all these things and survive long enough to do them. The choice can be made for Lord Pelt/Bär TW or the bicycle priest. Anyway, I think it’s more fun than a contest.

Warrior Pride – No mercy, no pity, no grudge

  • A 3 VP point at the end of each of your turns, where 2 units have either completed a turn on the battlefield or have been successfully recharged.

Here we go. It’s the easiest, and I think it’s extremely easy with 12-15 points per game. Surely they will always want to attack and fight like spacewolves, between Incursors, Claw Capsules, TWC, Invictors.

There are so many ways to get to 1. and then move on. The only problem is that it competes with the oath of sway, which is another big side effect of wolves.

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Top 3 secondary

It is difficult to select the secondaries. You cannot select more than one in the same category, and both the Space Wolf and Space Marine Codex allow you to select only one subbook in each category. After all, I think it’s the best sophomore trio for an army coming here. Choosing a second option for your strength against another will be much cleaner, but I think the following options are a good place to start.

Vow of the moment – no mercy, no abstinence despite

No mercy, no bureaucracy full of good wolves. The pride of the warrior and the wish of the moment are absolutely great. Actually, I think Warrior Pride is better, but I’ve decided to take the oath.

The first oath is easier for any army to take. Second, wolves have special chapters in the section Clear the Enemy, which is otherwise a weak category. Using the purpose of Space Wolf here means that I can not use the others in this book to eliminate the enemy. With 2 great options in this category, I have chosen the best of all.

Heroic Call – Erase the Enemy

Although he’s not the most versatile, I think he’s incredibly fun and he can surprise others with the number of points he can score. You should be able to get at least 10 VP because your units are looking for the target and you will have to play the opponent differently with the selected character. 15 is no exception, because we have fast and very strong characters.

Participation on all fronts – battlefield superiority

Thunderwolves, bicycles, jumping packs, terminators, phobos, Fenriz wolves, cyberwolves capsule … … It can be incredibly easy to achieve this, because Space Wolves have become incredibly mobile, with good deep percussion units. Since the pressure from all sides is a great wolf force, it is logical that it is an excellent secondary material for us.

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Data table changes

This article really deserves the name Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Space Wolves Tactics : Code Space Wolf, we need to… every unit. The Blood/Heavenly Claws got small but important nerds for their two special rules. The head that has been upgraded to a Wolf-Guard model should be in the case or you should charge the nearest case. Being close to the Terminators or the Wolfguard battle leader is no longer enough, the Wolfguard model should be on the block.

Berserker Attack has also received a small blow because the Wolfguard model is now excluded from an additional attack bonus. That makes sense, because they’re not ruthless psychopaths anymore, they’re still a nerd. I still think the leaders of the Wolf Guard connect the unit automatically to get extra weapon power, an LD buffer and tactical flexibility so they don’t attack Flamer’s next platoon.

Even the fast fighters changed, and it was monumental! Instead of rewinding the loads, there is now a unit forward and a +1 load to get into the pile, and the consolidation moves! And any team that literally has a wolf gets it; Logan in the attack team, the entire Thunder Wolf cavalry, Fenriz Wolves, and Cyber Wolves. This is the Almighty.

I’m not going to take General Wargers’ place. Everyone knows that Storm Shields are now set to +1 to save roles, and Invasions and 4+ Password Chains are now set to -1 AP. I will, of course, address a number of matters that have not been announced. When I look at you, Stormval…


Logan Grimnar

  • Turning the axe with one hand reduces the damage to 1, but gets 2 attacks for each attack on his profile.
  • The two-armed man doesn’t have to kick anymore.
  • After losing their old master chapter capacity, they were given a new master chapter capacity that allowed them to select a CORE or CHARACTER block within a 6-inch radius and scroll through all the results.
  • Has an aura of 1 s of 6 inches to meet CORE units.
  • The ability of Great King Fenris has gone from moral immunity of the wolf guard to self-fulfilment if he is your warlord.
  • The property of a warlord: the aura of majesty.

Logan fault bridge (including changes above)

  • – +2 injuries
  • Alpha-predators have lost the ability to move loads and have become fast hunters.
  • Increase AP tooth and claw noise to -2
  • A bite and a claw never lose anything while bracketing.
  • He lost the mark of the car and got the mark of the tank.

** The Stormtrooper has just been put on ice! ** Since the Litany always affects characters, it is possible that it is affected by +2 to load the Litany and make an 8 inch charge to bring the enemy mission to run 1!

It takes a forward throw, but it’s unbelievable. It offers both a great distraction and a hell of a stick. He can now handle hordes of better wolf attacks without losing the wolf attack, and has improved the attack with an axe.

He lost the key word for the vehicle, which is a good little tinkerer, given that many things confuse vehicles very well. With +2 injuries, it’s a little stronger.

Bjorn searchers

  • -from an 8-inch to a 6-inch movement
  • Eternally integrated in service (-1 for all damages at least 1)
  • Explosion of only 1MW, not the D3Got Smokescreen keyword.
  • No longer gives the CP bonus – Trueclaw now rolls injuries, not just missed injuries.
  • The property of a warlord: the aura of majesty.

** Bjorn became cheaper and harder to kill. For that price, he’s an animal if you can make him fight. Besides, if you want the perfect piece of tampon… 1 CP gives each dreadnought (not Wolfen dreads) 1s for the Impact Aura OF 1s for the Injury Aura. Since Bjorn already has an aura of Lord Wolf for throwing blows, you can also give him an aura of Battle Leader for CORE units.

Call of Storm Njal

  • – Night Wing went from attack D6 to attack 3.
  • The Chief of the Assault Staff has won a point in strength and AP.
  • With the stormtrooper bar you can now do all the tests for surrender to the witch again, instead of a failed surrender to the witch.
  • The invulnerable savings have been reduced from 4+ to 5+.
  • He knows three forces of storm discipline.
  • The devil of the warlord: Bear Resolution

** Terminator Njal is the only option A little less sustainable, but the best fighter and the best in Deny the Witch. There is nothing to say except that it is an excellent choice for filling skills reliably and confusing others. Since our powers are so much better, it’s a pretty good option by nature.

Arjak Rockefist

  • – BS2+ from BS3+
  • The Skimmer shares 3 damage points in shots and melee combat and becomes 4 damage points for characters and monsters.
  • The Champion of the Royal Guard was created by spinning unsuccessful melee moves against characters and +1 attack for the Wolf Guard within 6 inches to easily spin melee moves against characters.
  • The Anvil Shield goes from 3+ invasion and -1 damage to 3+ invasion.
  • The devil of the warlord: Bear Resolution

** Honestly, I’m not a fan of change. He became, I believe, one of the few marines to have carried out more than three invasions after the Nerf Storm Shield, and he suffered more damage. However, he loses his own attack because of his abilities, loses his damage control and no longer loves Wolfguard.

Since it was his favorite aspect, I’m disappointed. Not to mention the fact that I don’t understand the reasoning. The Wolf Watch will be the best junk in the code between Thunder Wolves, Urgent Watch and Terminators. I just think the space in the chair is too full for him, like a slow and fickle character who does nothing else.

Ulrik Kämpfer

  • Crozius Arkanum becomes Crozius Arctic and receives +1 and extra APs.
  • Loss of healing balms, which have now become the change.
  • The hunter’s oath changes with a litany that automatically makes him sing (not throw) when he kills a character or monster.
  • The property of a warlord: the aura of majesty.

**Dammit! ** In close combat, he improves a little, but he cannot compete with the bicycle priest of Primari, who may be the master of holiness. With the sea layer to automatically sing the litany, even its possibilities are not distinguished.

Ragnar Croque-mitaine

  • Battlelust now offers an additional 3-inch consolidation, but only for CORE units.
  • The Wool War changed the infantry limits for CORE units.

** That’s right, the Thunder Wolf Cavalry can consolidate 7 inches when they’re close to Ragnar, and can drop their attacks with the Dreadnoughts. The best club to hit in the game may have lost a little with Touch of the Wild, but it’s still surprising and relatively cheap, said Nuff.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Space Wolves Tactics: Space Wolves Codex Warhammer 40k 9. Production of Space Wolf Tactics: Ragnar Blackman

Crom Dragongaz

  • Vermclave scored a strength point and went to level 2 damage of d3.
  • The power of the hard eye has decreased from -1 to LD within 3 to -1 inches, and the combat strength controls are within 3 inches.

** I see no reason to put this character over all the other great flirty characters, or use the sticks we have if you really don’t want to make LD jokes.

Harald Deadly Wolf

  • – AP Shattering of teeth and claws is reduced to -2
  • The capacity of the glacier is adjusted for each unaltered coil 6, resulting in 1 MW in addition to any damage.
  • Agile hunters.
  • The mantle of the troll king now suffers -1 damage, at least 1.

** Took Arjak’s defensive ability and got the sniper ability for Glacius, both of which have changed a lot, while maintaining the flank and gaining advantage and attack. The -1 impact strength is quite strong on the T5, 7 wounds and his weapon will devour the elite-infantry. That’s a good joke.

Kanis Wolfborne

  • +2 attacks on his profile, but his gun doesn’t give any extra.
  • Crushing Teeth and Claws switches to AP -2 – His Wolf Claws switch to Canis’ Claws, which now treat 2 damages and do a scroll roll instead of just failing.
  • Loss of rotation 1s to violate the aura.
  • Loss of Predator Alpha and takeover of the Swift fighter.
  • Change the power of the Born Wolf +1 Attack Tooth/Clutch for Cavalry and Animals, and +2 Attack Wolf for Storm Soldiers.
  • Has received a heroic 6-inch intervention and can switch to the character of the nearest task force.
  • As soon as you enter the character’s combat zone, this model fights first.

** Massive overhaul for Kanis, who went from a garbage can to an incredibly interesting person. From combat leader to company champion, he has received many tempting delicacies. The 2 damaged claws are perfect for methamphetamine and with the Savage Strike it can almost be a Ragnar to walk through the Primaris. No filling in is still painful, but it is solved with the Fortress of the Extra Senses, and in building Thunderwolf he is a great power multiplier.

Ordinary Lords and Battle Leaders over Thunder Wolves

  • – Crushing of teeth and claws by AP -2
  • Combat leader now BS2+.
  • Donner wolf figures have fast fighters.
  • Auras only affect the CORE

**. With some of the warlord’s characteristics and relics in the code: The space-infantry makes great combos there. For example, the sword and teeth of Terra Imperium are an incredibly cheap type. Move and attack alone, launch loads of the Empire’s Sword of Empire and a total of 9 attacks on S6 -2AP 2D. Use the psychic power of Might of Heroes for a dozen attacks on S7 to get him to T6. There is also the Solution Bear and the Beowulf-skin for the night of the undefeatable Lord of Wolves. Or killer of beasts and wolf peels with gel claws…..



  • 2 injuries
  • Chain words cost 1 point
  • CORE

** Eww. Greyhunters just shouldn’t be accepted instead of intercessors now, unless you’re short of points. If you take the word chain, blood claws are cheaper and aggressors for the same price. There are other devices that can do better. Unfortunately, only our least competitive troop selection.

Blood clamps

  • There’s a change at Hedstrong and Berserker.
  • Changed to BS3+ with BS4+.
  • 2 injuries
  • Wolf Guard Terminator: up to 3 injuries
  • CORE

** Simple and incredibly efficient amateurs. 9 with the leader of the Wolf Guard pack is probably the solution, unless you put them in Razorback. 20 buried wounds from a rhino or rhino capsule, 7 attacks with violent weapons and 28 attacks along chains, this is no joke. With the key word CORE they can be polished with a litany… let’s say +2 to charge from a capsule, or +1 to hurt, right, suck the blood yellows. Thanks to the update of the BS it is no longer stupid to equip him with special weapons, he is now simply stunned. Maybe one of my old favorites is new again. Relatively cheap with cheap transport, but also hard hit, this combination is what we call competitive.


Lucas Trickster

  • Attack +1
  • Now redirect the strokes to all blood/skin/mobile crab units.
  • Dopplegren’s skin went from -1 to a melee roll, 1-3 is still failing.
  • Master Naughty has been adapted to deal only with wolves in the space of the units.
  • The Last Laugh doesn’t deform the band anymore, you have to win the role, otherwise nothing will happen.

** With the change And they shouldn’t know fear, morale is more important to the Marines, and the creation of Bloody Claws LD6 is terrible. Since all the units he grows are CORE, the link bonus will be minimal if you replace him with the Lord. He’s got good stuff, but a moral novice, a nerd who laughs last, and the price of the little he brings is just too high for my taste. If you let him crush the great warlord connected to Saga to rectify his mistake.


  • Movement +1
  • T5
  • Still in the doctrine of attack and still accused…
  • No NPF (feels no pain)
  • They can only fight to the death if they haven’t fought during this phase.
  • No advances or payments
  • There’s nothing I can do about it.
  • Wolfen Hole only gives the aura charge, more attack fans.
  • Thunder Hammer only AP -2
  • Big Axe now +3 -3AP 2D, but no more extra attack.
  • Not now.

** (take a deep breath and you’re okay) 2 changes that didn’t happen multiplied, except for a 3+ or extra injury. Now it’s incredibly easy to kill them without the shields, and changing the shields has a more negative effect on them than any other unit in the game.

No CORE means no +2 for Litany, and they have no new transport options except for Stormraven. Their price didn’t go down even though he did. The axe is even worse now that she has no further attack. But they can’t be dead, they’re still fast, and infantry, unlike the TWC.

The loss of Transhuman and the honor of the head also burn. But maybe that’s not so bad. The T5 protects them against S4 and S5 fire, and a shield in the hull saves them more than 2, hello Stormcaller. By jumping undercover and hiding among the ruins, they pose a terrible threat. Probably more competitive, but a hammer vein could have paid off.

Battleship Wolf

  • Fenriz’s axe is now damaged in D3+3
  • Integrated Perpetual Loan
  • There’s nothing I can do about it.
  • The explosion went from d3 MW to 1 MW
  • Not now.

** 4+ Shields against previous blizzards !!!! Hooray! Hooray! Duty Forever, and the fact that the axe damage increase is a legal bonus, and Wulfen Dreads did not increase the cost with an axe. This 4-minute flat error means that an outsider dies due to the swing…… I like her. The absence of CORE is understandable, and this is probably why they didn’t see the increase of Ven Dreads in the Space Sea Code.

Wolf Watch

** Apart from the major changes and increases in Vargar’s wound, they remain the same, including the cost, which I like. There is some potential for these guys with jump packs to influence the tournament tables, especially with the claws of lightning and supported by Bestial Nature to be in the attacking doctrine.

Terminators for the protection of wolves

** Except the main grill changes and the wound goes up, they’re still the same as me. Déjà vu. Very hard changeover and various variants of very cold load. Slowly, but throw them where you need them, crush the goal and challenge your opponent to move them.

Assassin mode

  • – BS5+
  • Killer Corners can now reverse any roll of injury, not just failure.
  • Now he gets +3 attacks per shock attack instead of 1, but he loses his +2 attacks per attack.
  • Cannot perform any action
  • Obligatorily integrated forever
  • 1 MW explosion

** The mistake is knowing what’s in that car. I’m not sure, but because he’s a character, he can be knocked out by lithing and psychic powers. In fact, 8 attacks are always a pretty fast thing, and eternal duty really helps him stay on his feet. I think Murderfang can penetrate my lists more and more, even at a competitive level. A symbol that reliably eliminates any threat and does not occupy the staff position is always valuable.

Morcay Dogs (in relation to rivers)

  • Loss of the warrior’s power of terror
  • Key word lost shock grenades
  • Death Hunters allow them to keep an eye on Psikers and take +1 hit and +1 damage against Psikers.
  • Rune totems mean they cannot be attacked by Psi Powers unless they are the closest team, and they receive 4 + NPFs against MW in the Psi phase.
  • Morkais Howl gives opposite Psikers a roll of -1 to 18 inches and -2 to 6 inches.

** The Morcay Dogs are new anti-psychotic rescuers, and the Baha-havd are going to kill some war junkies. You’ve got a Reiver gun, that’s AP -2, so fire S4 -2AP 2D at the psyche, a 2s shot will be good.

That would be -3 APs in the assault doctrine.  They can really deform the opponent’s throw and make him/her fear where to place his/her dice. The big problem is that if there are no lunatics, dogs without ld debuff and shock grenades are the worst rescuers. Combine that with the 22-point cost for the model, and you’ll find that one of these low-level squads is worth almost as much as the radar or urinal guards.

In general, it would be good if methamphetamine became a serious psychotropic drug, but so far they are not good and competitive at their price. But they’re really cool.

Rapid attack

Fenriz Wolves

** That’s right, no glasses. I still don’t like him. No hunter, including CORE, will break down and die to make the dandelion cannon float in the air and escape from it. At 40 mm base and at least 5 units, they are simply not small enough to hide or strong enough to fight. If I need a support team, I’ll take the Cyberwolves. It’s terrible to be able to do anything else.


** Can also do terrible things These many species are in my opinion better because two of them cost less than a Fenriswolf mini stove and can cover more space, better hide, can be used as an overwatch sponge and just always meet their very low cost points. But I might have trouble finding holes in my fast attack slots, because now I get along so well with the Thunderwolves.

Sky Claws

  • 2 injuries
  • Hedstrong and Berserker under indictment
  • BS3+
  • Keyword Melta bomba

** Your blood claws are flying, now with a +1 injury! Melta bomba’s keyword is terribly amazing. Fight the car and produce 2D3MW. I think I still am. Wolf guards with jumping backpacks and the same cargo cost only one point more and are better in many ways. One of them is that the Wolf Guardsman does not take the place of a quick attack.

Thunderwolves Cavalry

  • +1 Injury – Fast hunters
  • AP -2 for grinding teeth and claws
  • CORE

** Remember when you sold all your TWCs when they were bad in 1988? Thank you, because I’m 12 years old now at a ridiculously low price. Do you have a Wolf?)

And the Benzoparole and the guys with the sign went down to the points… The core is amazing for amateurs, 4 injuries are amazing because there will be 3 meth injuries with heavy processors and a blade protector.

This means that people who learn to deal with these threats may not be as effective against the Tolphes. If you shoot the Thunderwolf Cav with a damaged D6 weapon, even if it survives the invasion, there is a 50% chance that the model is still alive.

Then there are the shifts… Candy, candy, diapers. Pack hunter, wilderness strike, beastly nature and sharp senses are all great. With 4-inch stacks and fortifications, their large bases are less annoying and help with 3-inch military heroics.

I really want to look at Wolfie McWolfess. 6 inch HI, plus 4 inches per stack, plus 7 inch consolidation (near Ragnar), and you have the theoretical ability to move 17 inches in an Activation Battle.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Space Wolves Tactics: Space Wolves Codex Warhammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Thunderbird cavalry

Heavy support and folders

Long tusks

  • Buy Gravity Weapons
  • 2 injuries
  • Can use a bronze cherub
  • The scroll loss is greater than 1 s if they are all aimed at the same unit.
  • Now a BS model gets 2+ while the Packmaster is still alive.
  • CORE

** 2 injuries make them last, and they can still get the Terminator with the cyclone thrower, but the loss of the native rewind hurts. A model can shoot BS2+ twice in one phase, but will never be able to shoot with the current eradicators…. unless you want to melt on stage. Sweetie, but you might see your opponent holding if you decide where to throw 12 multi-melta shots. You’ll miss the Eye of the Wolf very much.

Violent soldier

  • The double multi-melta matrices were replaced by melta matrices with 24-inch D3 S8 AP-4 D6 bubble damage and +2 half band damage.
  • Skyhammer missiles no longer have -1 for firing at ground targets, but only get +1 for firing at units in the air.
  • The double Helfrost barrel increased the range to 36 inches in both modes, and the focused beam increased from the D6 damage to 4.
  • Can carry centurions that take up 3 places.
  • I have the keyword Machine Spirit.

** Got an increase of the points compared to the base value, but remained the same if he was equipped with Meltas. Without increasing the power and without losing the revenge stories of the mind of the machine, they have become worse than before, even among weapons enthusiasts, which makes me very sad. They’re still the best way to transport Wolf or the Terminators, even if… We play casual games, but we just give the game away in a competitive game with incredibly high cost points and relatively low strength…. unless we play against demons.

Violent soldier

  • The Twin Multi Meltas have switched to fusion installations with a 24 inch D3 S8 -4AP D6 with shot blasting and +2 damage in the half span.
  • Skyhammer missiles no longer have -1 for firing at ground targets, but only get +1 for firing at units in the air.
  • Destroyer Helpfrost went over the 36 inch range, now 1 damage and shot peening spread, now concentrated Heavy D3 S10 AP-4 6 flat damage and shot peening
  • Keyword spirit of the machine

** Hooray. It has a huge increase in points and on average produces fewer shots or does less damage with its best weapon. In a 2000 game, if you spend 17.5 percentage points on something that can be shot before it explodes, it’s legally bad if you don’t go first. Even if you spend the 2CP to place it in strategic reserves, you can’t guarantee that you’ll get the best result from the shots you throw at it. It doesn’t work as CORE either, so no twisting. Until this thing shrinks with the glasses or whatever, it’s pretty bad. Unless the enemy puts the fire to the shafts…

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Winners and losers

Losers: Defrost weapon

With no tricks or support that would make them too useful, our long-range dreadnought weapons are simply inferior to most other options.

The winner is: Rune Priest

Between 3 different useful mental disciplines, the Rune priests have never had so many good opportunities as they do today. Between storms, thunderstorms and even two cheerful narrative relics they found a lot of love in this book.

Losers: Spam in a deadly wound

After I lost the bad torturers, the devastating storm and the e-mail damage to Morcay’s teeth, my old junk mail list fell behind. I don’t mind because we have great tools, but I’ve been playing with this construction for weeks.

Winner: Wolf and other equipment not connected to CORE

What? Say. They were nerds with an index finger on the floor! Well, how about no tricks or paranormal power. This means that you can protect wolves with psychic abilities by giving them 2+/4+, you can remove their negative to hit Keen Senses by hitting them with 2’s, and you can give them +1 to hurt them, among other things.

They still do not have the litany and charisma of the character, but they have fully recovered from the terrible place they occupy in the index. Maybe not very competitive, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see them on the table as a hard to distract Cornifex.

Loser: Wolf Watch

The most disappointing thing in this book is that the Wolf Guard literally does nothing. There’s no candy for them, no special rules. These are literally meaningless words coming from the agreed game page of things. There are a few crusade rules that help, but when I see the synergy of the Blood and the Dark Angels for their special powers, I’m a little jealous. Then all I have to do is destroy heretics with my wolves attacking across the battlefield!

The winner is: Space wolf player

I think according to this book every Space Wolf player will be happy. Is there something you don’t like? Of course you did. However, I think it’s a strong but healthy book that suits our taste very well. It competes with a set of instruments designed to strengthen the attack and defense, the battle for power continues and our best units are still in the doctrine of attack.

We have insane mobility compared to where we were. There is a flank for infantry, 3 reload bonuses, 3 consolidations/recharges in buffers, all our army can intervene heroically, and the unit can make 6 inches of HI. In addition to the last 4 battle rules, 3 ways to access the attack doctrine and many relics that support the dominant phase of the battle.

All in all, it’s an incredibly entertaining book that you can play with in any way you want. Get your favorite beats in this Warhammer 40k 9. Read the second issue of Space Wolves Tactics and see how much fun it is!

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Preliminary list

This piece for Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Space Wolves Tactics wouldn’t be complete without a list of armies you can consult. See my preliminary list below!

2000 points – 8 CP
Secondary : The oath of instinct, the heroic challenge, the entry on all fronts.


The Primaris Wolf Priest on the bike

  • Master of Holiness
  • Hero of the head: Speaker mode – 1CP
  • vox spirit
  • Particles of hate
  • raise concerns

The Lord of the Wolves on Gromoboje

  • The warlord: Bear Resolution
  • Warriors of legend: Wolfkin – 1CP
  • An excerpt from the chapter: Executioner’s skin – 1CP
  • Thunderclap and storm shield

Phobos Rune Priest

  • Extract from the chapter: Malcador-folio
  • 1CP – Killer Hurricane
  • Call to the Storm
  • A smart robbery


  • 2 x 5 incidents
  • 5 interprocessors
  • Powerfist
  • bolt guns


  • 2 x 5 urine watch veterans

Rapid attack

  • 2 x 5 Thunderwolf Cavalry
  • 2 thunder hammers and storm shields
  • 3 Network word and storm shield
  • Cyberwolf

Heavy support

  • 3 radiators
  • Heavy fusion rifles

Specialised transport services

Heating hammer 40k 9. Space Wolf Tactics Edition: Interruption in List

Keep Bladeguard because they are so good and hard to remove and have access to both Savage Strike and Exhortation of Rage that they can shred almost any target.

Add new features to Psiker and an option for a farm command post. We have an ultra-competitive fee bonus for the Wolf Priest and an incredible +1 for wounded litanies.

Summon Lord TW Bear/Hide and give him a Wolfkin to try and get more attacks and keep everyone close to you with bonuses.

The Lord will also try to challenge and destroy a poor enemy.

Intercessors allow some people to play with pack hunters and make excellent troops, while intercessors serve as a back line for the goalkeepers. 2 big drops of Thunderwolves will be an absolute horror, they can do anything you want.

Cyberwolf helps Engage on all fronts, which will be easy for TWC, Impulsors and Incursors.

The radicals threaten to suppress almost everything. The Pledge of Moment allows you to use Bladeguard and Farm VP to bring all games to the center of the board, while Wolf Cavalry gets several deaths.

You must be able to get at least 10 Heroic Challenge VP’s, which means you can break things more freely instead of sitting on the target.

I’m so excited about this book. I’ll be making more lists soon, but it’s a crunchy encounter with new things, and I really want to give it a try! I hope you have the code to Warhammer 40k 9. Space wolf tactics.

How to get more free tactics and tips for the 40k!

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