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In 2017, we launched Warframe Twitch Drops and have continuously made changes to the background for stability, variety and general corrections. In 2021, we are proud to introduce Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0, a more user-friendly paging process!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: To take advantage of Twitch Drops 2.0, everyone must link their Twitch account to their Warframe account. Follow the simple steps below to log out:

  • Log in with the appropriate Twitch account at that you use to view Warframe feeds.
  • Disconnect Warframe from Twitch by clicking
  • Go to., then find Warframe under OTHER CONNECTION, press DISCONNECT and confirm with Yes, Disconnect.


  • Login to with the desired account/platform to receive the deposit on
  • Go to and click on “ACCOUNT LINK”.


  • Make sure both Twitches are connected by going to and make sure Warframe is listed under “OTHER CONNECTIONS”.
  • Check the Warframe page at (it should say “Linked to USERNAME”) and display your Twitch username.
  • All done!

What to expect from Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0 :

If you enter a discussion while the drop is active, you will be greeted with a message at the top of the chat window that can be expanded to see more details about the drop at a glance.

When you click on the Twitch icon in the upper right corner, a progress bar will appear to show you how close you are to claiming your Twitch drop. Clicking on the drop will take you to the drop’s main page where you can read a more detailed description of the Warframe Twitch drop.

Once you have met the criteria for Twitch deposit (30 minutes of viewing time, etc. ), a pop-up window will appear in the chat window where you can manually request your deposit.

If you missed this window and don’t claim it in the chat, you can go to the Twitch Inventory and it will be there for you to claim it:

To deliver them, you must manually ask Twitch Drop to deliver them.

Once the request is received, it may take 5-10 minutes for the Twitch Drop to be delivered to your linked Warframe account. Upon delivery, a familiar face from Teshin will greet you in your inbox.

That’s all I’m saying. Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0 will make its debut on Tuesday, February 16 as part of our Work From Home community component.

Thank you.

This action was performed automatically, if you see any errors, check/u/desmaraisp, this will correct them. This is my github.

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The post Warframe Twitch Drops 2.0: Warframe’s Feb. 16 arrival.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you get sperm drops while playing Warframe?

If you don’t already have a Twitch account, you can register here. To find out which Twitch account is linked to your Warframe account, go to the account management page here. Once you have linked your accounts, watch Warframe feeds while logged into your Twitch account to get the Twitch drop.

How long does it take for the vibrations to subside?

It may take up to 120 minutes for the drop to appear on your game account.

Why aren’t my water drops working?

In some cases, disconnecting and reconnecting Steam and Twitch accounts should work for players. If this doesn’t work, they can try disconnecting their account and reconnecting. However, according to, players must have Rust in their Steam library to receive the drops.

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