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Here is the situation of the unique tile sets

Planet Tile Single mechanical
Earth The grey forest Kubrows
Lua Orokin moon Crossfire, feelings, riddles.
Venus Main outpost No
Mercury Asteroid Grenier Crossfire
Mars Squeaker accounting No
Deimos Orokin Shipyard Basement, dangers.
Phobos … It’s not unique. No
Ceres Shipyard Gravel The druids, the prosecutors, the dangers.
Jupiter Hull of the gas city Amalgamation, dangers, parkour.
Europe the body’s icy planet No
The emptiness Orokin tower Puzzles, safes, traps, security.
Saturn … It’s not unique. No
Uranus The green Silab. Underwater mode
Neptune … It’s not unique. No
Pluto … It’s not unique. Ambulances
Eris Contaminated ship / … It’s not unique. Danger
Sedna … It’s not unique. No
Kuva fortress Kuva fortress Dangers, traps, safety

Corpus Ship and Grine Galleon should be used sparingly in all tile sets. This is just a second ordinary tile installed to break the monotony – never the main tile installed for the planet. The same argument can be made for an infected ship, in which case the Eris needs a new set of tiles.

Suggested topics for teasers


  • Name of the tile : The City of Corpus Hive
  • Concept: A city that stretches far below the surface. A lot of verticality, like in Fortuna. The levels are vertical instead of horizontal. You’ll spend your time traveling around the planet to complete a mission and then go back upstairs to pick it up.
  • That makes sense: The Phobos itself is small, the size of a few interconnected cities.
  • A unique mechanism: The arches are supposed to be useful in the city. It is not a completely open world, but very large tiles wrapped in an arc to bridge the vertical distance would be nice. Have flying cars that beginners can take without bowing to the GTA style.


  • Name of the tile : The Maalderij Fort
  • Concept: Defensive, with a lot of good reinforcements for Griner. Plenty of room for heavy weapons – with different types of weapons. Mortars, machine guns, grenade launchers, flamethrowers – all kinds of mounted weapons. Not many environmental risks, but many safety systems that can be manually activated by Grineer. Fighting enemy vehicles would be fun.
  • That makes sense: Saturn is considered to be the most important shipping route that Greener blocked. The fortress of the grinders because of its strategic location.
  • A unique mechanism: Many safety systems have to be manually activated by the Grineer – if you’re fast, you don’t have to worry, but if you’re stuck in a swamp, things can get hairy. Many different types of weapons are used. Again, heavy equipment would be interesting – you can only kill them with interchangeable archangels/necromies/heavy weapons.
  • New types of missions : Maybe a new mission to blow up a super-heavy machine. Think of a mini boss like Ropalist.


  • Name of the tile : Temple of indoctrination
  • Concept: Great temple town. A heavily defended body with many large and terrifyingly strong opponents that you will encounter if you venture too far.
  • That makes sense: Neptune is the home of Corpus.
  • A unique mechanism: Cuvina’s defense looks like a fortress. Must be a hard nut to crack. The missions will be mainly horizontal, but there are also vertical components on the levels. These vertical components are stubbornly defended by much stronger opponents. If players don’t want to fight, they can just stick to the higher level – but if you risk the lower level, you’ll get more credits and threaten the game. Credit incentives are applied based on the level at which you encounter enemies – enemies at higher levels have no incentive, the next lower level has some incentive, the next higher level has more, and so on. Enemy values must be scaled according to these values. If you go too far, you’ll encounter SP level enemies.


  • Name of the tile : Robot housing
  • Concept: Large-scale production. Many complex machines, moving parts, die very easily as a result of environmental risks.
  • That makes sense: The Pluto fragment suggests that it’s just a large unmanned factory.
  • A unique mechanism: Only robots reproduce. Several new robot enemies unique to Pluto. Hyenas and raptors can appear here, as well as the unique enemies you’ll have to fight. The ambulance continues to spawn from time to time, but has its own tiling room that must be found for each mission, instead of the current method where it spawns outside with a dropper. The environmental risks are everywhere if you go off the beaten track. It’s clearly not a facility designed for people to walk on.


  • Name of the tile : The volcanic arena of Grignier
  • Concept: Everywhere large tiles with lava. Very open and difficult to access.
  • That makes sense: For no good reason, I just thought it was a cool aesthetic.
  • A unique mechanism: From time to time, the bosses of the arena will challenge you. Killing her is only worth one point of evaluation. Kela De Thaym has screens and cameras everywhere and will taunt you from time to time, just like the worm in the fortress of Cuva. Many environmental hazards, death pits and cascading lava. Fire damage is everywhere.
  • Others: In the same way, the three arenas need to be redesigned to fit the current theme. Your layout can remain exactly the same.

Proposed unique mechanisms for other planets


  • A unique mechanism: No more animals. Here’s how. There are only more animals to see, vaska kawatahs at night, condoms flying, etc.. It’s the first stone in the game, so it’s good that it stays vanilla.


  • A unique mechanism: Other ties to Fortuna. Solaris United fighters can be found in missions with their own quests that you can join to earn bonus rewards and AU status. Additional escort missions are best in principle. I think you escort them to a certain console, they do what they have to do while you protect them, and then when the mission is over and you get the reward, they follow you like ghosts and help you complete your mission.


  • A unique mechanism: Mars already has the highest frequency of factional invasions, perhaps a more dynamic invasion can be recorded when a corps invades via a Grigner mission or a Grigner invasion via a Grigner mission. Maybe not crossfire, but small units that start fighting once in a while. It would also be nice to go from the fight against Griner in the first half of the mission to the fight against the Corps in the second half.


  • A unique mechanism: The thief is in charge of Mercury, so it would be logical that we have unique enemies here, powered by the hybrid technology of Orokin/Grineer. We also took a scattered crossfire.


  • A unique mechanism: Enemy and allied necromancers are born in missions. Enemy Necraméchistes behind the doors of the vaults to be forced, Allied Necraméchistes have little chance of spawning wildly in the large halls. From time to time you’ll come across fallen Neckramekhs that the player can take back. If the Necramechs aren’t allowed to perform regular missions, they’re still allowed on Deimos. It is useful to wear the four keys of the dragon, because they do not affect the cloak.


  • A unique mechanism: I’m not sure about that. No more cold accessories? Environmental risks? It’s the one thing I didn’t think was decent.

Proposal for new battles with the boss


  • The current boss: Thief and Lech Kriel
  • Proposed leader: A new character controlling the shipyard. A super plaintiff with invulnerable shields that can only be destroyed by Berglasers. Wrestling in three phases. The first phase, which destroyed the ability of the mountain laser, splattered and hit the boss – destroying his shield and leaving him vulnerable. Once you’ve dropped the first third of the HP, you’ll need to grab a mountain laser and aim it manually to hit it, which will disable the next invulnerable shield. Once you remove the second third of his HP, he gets some strength. Aim the laser again with your hand in the handle and complete the killing.


  • The current boss: Sgt.
  • Proposed leader: Sergeant’s all right. Take a look. In the proposed tile it will be a very vertical fight – maybe a chase fight where they sit on a floating vehicle and you shoot at them while chasing them. Maybe we’ll stop in the combat segments before we jump into another car that goes up. That would be interesting and fun.


  • The current boss: Alad V infected.
  • Proposed leader: A new boss who’s infected. The fact that Aladdin V was infected by Eris doesn’t make sense if he’s the boss of Jupiter. New players don’t even know why, because much of Alad’s history is rooted in the past. I have no idea. Feel free to suggest the following. The mechanics can even remain exactly the same – just another person.

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  • The flight should be more unique.

At this stage there is no reason to make a raid, except to make shoehorn, seal and have fun (these are perfectly valid reasons). And maybe just to get a gun you like. The jewel is not unique enough to justify its purchase. Back on Destiny 1, all of you…

  • The cost of one-off NEEDS upgrades should be reduced.

I am a regular customer, but I also posted this on the forum because I really want the workgroup to see it. I have the impression that we need a legitimate solution and not just a treasure hunt, and I hope the working group will pay attention to this. The Unique Upgrades (UU) are a mechanism that I find really interesting in this game, because they are great….

  • Warframe has to be restructured and the old content has to be redesigned.

Warframe is a game with a very rich history, passionate developers and a player base that is still one of the friendliest despite the occasional bad apple. But it is also a live service, a constantly updated product that has somehow lost its structure and polished its content after years of content. The reason for this question is that….

After Warframe needs more unique tile sets for the Warframe game.

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