The game: Military Truck Simulator
Genre : Engine, race system: Nintendo Switch (also PC)
Developer|Publisher : Dev4play | Ultimate Games
Age Rating : EU 18+ | United States Teens
Price : UK £7,19 | EU €7,99 | US $7,99
Release date : 19. January 2020

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Broken expectations

Last year, my expectations for a video game with a simulator in the title were exceeded when I played Tank Mechanic Simulator. It’s not a perfect game, but it certainly convinced me not to judge every simulation game by its name. But it only takes one game for my opinion to revert to what it was, and War Truck Simulator confirms my original opinion that extreme caution should be exercised when a simulator appears in the title.

When I saw the name War Truck Simulator, I thought the game would give me an idea of military trucks past and present. This may explain the use of these vehicles in conflicts and which army teams are in the field with these vehicles. Maybe the cars will even be serviced. There are a lot of things that could be a military truck simulator.

It’s basically a game where you drive a truck in a boring outdoor space, performing basic tasks that basically consist of driving from point A to point B. It’s like a really crappy version of Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast, but without the fast driving, the soundtrack kicking the kids around, and the fun in general. No, in the war truck simulator you are simply asked to go to one place, usually to pick up a few soldiers and transport them to another place. The game gives you a minimum of instructions on where to go, and you just have to guess where the destination is. When the goal is achieved, it is presented in English, which is not translated well to get everything.

Maybe I should pull out the red button.

Beware of shafts

Your biggest enemy in this game are the deadly trees that, as you drive, literally uproot and fall onto the road. It was fun at first, but soon it’s just boring.  In addition to the deadly trees, there are mines, enemy soldiers and random spawning rocks, which only serve to prevent you from reaching your destination. If you fail, the level starts right after you start. As the game dragged on, I wasn’t really interested in throwing it back. It wasn’t fun.

The controls are just weird. Use the left stick to move forward and the right stick to switch. The driving is slow and careless and I rarely felt in complete control of the car I was driving. I suppose you can turn the headlights on if you want, but I don’t see the point.

Video Game Deadly Enemy, Trees!

Bland and Buggy

The pictures are boring. The vehicle you are driving is a basic model with a very simple representation of a soldier sitting in the driver’s seat. You see the same boring landscapes over and over again with simple landscaping and almost no changes. As you drive through open landscapes, the trees and grass are constantly slipping because the game has a terrible trajectory. This is noticeable in both manual and TV modes.

Apparently, my truck can run under water….

I’m surprised that games like Military Truck Simulator are flipping the switch. It’s like this game didn’t pass the quality test. I saw a lot of bugs in my first play session, including soldiers running in the air, sometimes my trucks just spawn in the air, and it seems like you can drive on water well. Also, the English translation of this game is terrible. When the game gives you instructions, the grammar is just terrible and the sentences don’t make much sense.

Even more shocking is that the military truck simulator has been available on the PC for over 5 years. From the pictures I found online, it appears that no effort has been made to improve the game when it comes to switching from one game to another. That song actually bored me when I played it.  Although I’ve seen a few famous YouTubers enjoy this game, I don’t get the joke.

You have a map, but it’s pretty useless.

Not the ride I’m looking for.

A military truck simulator should not be sold in its current condition. We missed a huge opportunity to do something new and original, but in the end all the games became a terrible computer port.

This reminds us why quality control is essential in game development. Don’t believe it.

Final Verdict: I don’t like it.


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