This is a comprehensive guide to getting a Face for each chapter. I didn’t hide any spoilers in that manual. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Welcome to my visa guide! Don’t hesitate to ask for help or explanation! I will update this guide for any new chapters that fall as soon as I find out how to unlock the achievements.

I suggest you play all chapters once for fun and a second time to complete your achievements!

V: How do I select a chapter?

There is no chapter selection in Face, so if you’re new to the game or haven’t played for a while and you don’t remember, the chapters will begin by interacting with certain elements of the game,

  • The head: Lucy starts interacting with the drawing of a panda stuck on her daughter’s bedroom door (also in the master bedroom closet).
  • The head: Dolores starts by grabbing the keys from the wall in the hall, at the front door.
  • The head: The crab starts with a stick next to the front door.
  • Chapter 4 is not a traditional chapter and ends with an examination of the VHS cassettes.

Chapter: Lucy’s performance

Doll in a box
Find the doll in a box. Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Matryoshka doll master
Find all Matryoshka dolls

The Matryosh dolls are small collector’s items found all over the house and during Lucy’s delivery.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Chapter: Lucy
Full Chapter Lucy.

Chapter: Performance of Dolores

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Memory of George
Find one of George’s Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –George Remembrance Master
Find all of George’s audio tapes.

George’s tapes can only be found during the chapter: Dolores, and you’ll find the first one when you go down to the master bedroom.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Let’s go!
Find the shotgun.

The shotgun is a small Easter egg that can be unlocked during the chapter: Dolores, later, during the chapter, you have to go through the mirror in the basement closet, then you have to climb up through the crack in the wall after passing a pile of wooden crosses. To unlock an achievement, you have to take something from the crucifixion and carry it with you so that you can walk with it over the broken planks. Video below in case you get lost!

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Smile!
Look for a sticker with a smiling face.

The smiley face sticker can be found in the attic, which is only available in the chapter Dolores. It is reproduced in a glass display case in the middle of the room.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Chapter: Dolores
The entire Dolores chapter.

Chapter: Cancer research performance

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Psychological research
Find a report of a psychological research into cancer.

You can use this service on your second visit to the hospital. Immediately after the chase by a group of faceless people, the next area in the large corridor on your right is the medical recording room, which interacts with the recording device inside, to decipher the exploitation.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Chapter: Cancer
Complete chapter on cancer.

Results of the chapter on mirror masks

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Souvenir Dwayne
Find a VHS Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Duane’s Souvenir Master
Find all VHS cassettes.

VHS tapes are available throughout the house, 7 in total. They will not come back until you have completed at least one chapter, and 3 of them will not come back until you have completed the corresponding chapter.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Special gift
Finding Johnny’s Poison

For this realization you need to find the hidden axe, you can find it during the VHS tapes prison when you are in the 4 lane corridor to take the box from the second room on your right and put it in front of the bedroom in the first room on the left, go upstairs and open the closet door and this realization is yours!

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Mirror Mask
Find any part of the Mirror Mask Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Mirror Mask Master
Find all parts of the Mirror Mask.

This performance is unparalleled. As long as you fill all VHS cassettes, you will find the passage of all parts of the mirror mask at the end of the manual.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Family reunification
Completion of family reunification.

You can’t miss this achievement if you fill the mirror mask. As mentioned above, a complete overview is given at the end of the guide.

Miscellaneous performance

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Initial reaction
Attempt to leave the front door

For this realization to communicate with the front door.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –New electrician
Replace bulb.

This achievement can be achieved throughout the game, and it’s quite simple, you often find light bulbs in the house, just use one to replace the broken bulb. At the beginning of the game, at the bottom of the stairs in the lobby, next to the radio, there is a light bulb and the light in the hallway always goes out.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Special recipe
Microwave experiment.

You can achieve this as soon as you are in the kitchen by placing a small object in the microwave.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Dance, dance
Search number 302.

To unlock this achievement, you must complete the 3 chapters of the same game (Lucy, Dolores and Krebs). Then the key goes to the sink in the bathroom. With this key you can unlock the office safe, you will receive a note. Go down the stairs to the living room in the basement and open the corner door, which is normally locked (the door through which you enter the basement during the Dolores chapters). After interacting with the door, you play a pattern scenario and discover the power.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Neighbours
Find one of the neighbourhood pages. Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Neighbourhood Master
Find all neighborhood pages.

Neighborhood pages is a series of comic pages that you can easily find in the main building during the chapters of Lucy of Dolores (in my video I lost the chapter Dolores).

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate.

To achieve this, several steps are necessary, you must fill in each chapter in advance, otherwise the event will not work. Hot chocolate in the kitchen. The chocolate powder is in the bottom drawer and the milk in the fridge. Connect it to the cup and put it in the microwave. If he disappears, go upstairs to the son’s room and the realization will be yours.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –I got you, you little…
They brought Bernard the alien back to the safe planet.

This performance is quite difficult, unfortunately it seems to be the RNG. There is a little 2D alien spawning around the house, to get this achievement, you have to find it and click on it. Most players seem to have found it on a shelf next to the freezer in the basement. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it, because we don’t know much about it at the moment. I found it after I downloaded the rescue, right after I finished the chapter on cancer. I think the best method for now is just to keep charging and checking various savings, we also know that it spawn in the garage. If you find it, let me know where, so I can update the manual with some strangers from familiar places.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Single output
Use the revolver.

To achieve this, there must be interaction with the cellar wall, which is covered with white paint. Inside you’ll find a gun on the table. When Dwayne points it at his head, press the use button and open this awareness.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –Empty
Fill the empty end.

Just like the above realization, but if you shoot yourself 6 times with the gun, you unlock this goal.

Visage: 100% Achievement Guide –10 to 10
Find all pages of the thank you book.

To obtain this achievement, you need to load the Hall of Fame, which you can find in the main menu. There are 5 pages hidden around the level, they are not too hard to find. After you’ve collected them all, put the pages of the book on the table and the presentation is yours.

If you would like us to cover other guides in addition to this guide, please let us know in the comment section. We like to do this for our readers. We have also consulted other guides for this game, see the section on this game.

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