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Vampire the Masquerade Clan Quiz: Who’s going to embrace you?

What kind of vampire are you from Clan Masquerade 2?


The stupidity of the leaders, knowing that whatever you do, there are hundreds of people behind your back, convinced that their own decision is an echo and that your decision was a byproduct of the darts’ whim. I propose an explosion and absorption of critical precipitation. I make decisions that no one else makes. I’m wearing an albatross and a target. – Sebastian La Croix

Congratulations! You did it. Ventru is the closest thing the vampire world has to an elitist society. La Ventrue, a clan of kings, nobles, CEOs, politicians, patriots, mafia bosses and businessmen, was created specifically to run a vampire society and enforce its laws. For thousands of years, the members of this clan have been pulling the strings of the shadows and making humane deals when it serves their interests.

There isn’t a single major historical event where The Belly doesn’t get his teeth dirty. They ran Rome behind the scenes, invented a feudal system, supported colonialism during the Victorian era and made huge profits during the Cold War, taking advantage of the panic and paranoia of the nuclear arms race. Since you were absorbed by modernity, you could of course not play a role in these events. But who knows, maybe you’re the architect of the next big historical event?

Ventrue is very selective when it comes to cuddles and welcomes only those who find them worthy of their proud nature. Therefore, only those in a management position are eligible. Whether you were a small bureaucrat, a city councillor, the top of your class at the university, or the project manager of an IT start-up, it doesn’t matter now.

They are stoic, proud and willing to do whatever it takes to maintain order and stability. And that, young parents, is the essence of the real safe.

Fun fact: Al Capone was clearly part of the Wentruhe clan.

Clan features:

  • Proud
  • Reputation
  • Guide
  • Pragmatism
  • smart politicians


Every time I take a jaw out of my skull and push it into my orbit, I know I’m building a better future – Smiling Jack .

Congratulations! You’re bruja. Over the millennia Bruja has built up a reputation as a clan of activists, rebels and demonstrators. In this respect they are exactly the opposite of Wentruhe. While Wentruhe’s hierarchy of values, order and stability, Bruja has always questioned the status quo and what they consider to be arbitrary camarilla laws that Wentruhe applies. Ancient Bruja was the architect of Carthage, a place where family and friends lived in peace and harmony. The modern bruja has adapted to the times and includes biker culture, punk rock and other movements that reflect its rebellious character.

If there’s one vampire you shouldn’t contact, it’s Bruya, because they’re both trained in martial arts and philosophy. Determined and passionate, Bruja will dissect your personal opinions and beliefs one by one, with solid arguments and extreme precision. And if they push you too far, they get beaten up. So one can say with certainty that it is just as dangerous to talk to Brujah about politics as it is to physically provoke them.

Thanks to his passionate nature, Bruja is familiar with radical philosophies and revolutionary ideas. When they get tired of politics and manifestos, they join an underground fight club for fun.

You were admitted to this clan because of your idealism, your fierce devotion to justice and above all your ability to accept and defeat on equal terms. You’re one of the cool guys, and in the undead world, that’s something.

Fun fact: Hannibal, the famous military leader, and Menelaus, the legendary Greek king, the first husband of Helen of Troy, were Bruja.

Clan features:

  • Passion
  • warriors and mad intellectuals
  • Antitrust law
  • inclined to accept radical and revolutionary ideas.
  • Idealism


Ooh, what have we got here? Another young toy right out of my life and into my club? Mmm… You smell like a new boy/girl as the dew of fabric softener on a freshly cut artificial grass. Oh, I’m not afraid of you, am I, Ducky? – Jeanette Carter

Congratulations! You’re just a boy. The Malagasy… …are interesting, according to old Nosferatu Bertram Tung. The Malkawians are a mysterious and horny clan of vampires who inherited the curse of madness from Malkaw Antediluvia. Although not all Malcovites are mad, they all carry their own kind of madness, the extent of which varies from one to the other.

No matter how crazy they are, Malcovites have the gift of understanding the world around them. Their supposedly incoherent wandering has prophetic qualities in most cases. No one knows the source of this power, but whatever its origin, its wisdom and insight have led it, despite its unpredictable nature, to the higher ranks of vampire society.

In Roman times they slipped into the role of visionaries, sights, advisors and jokers of the Princes of Wentruhe. Because of their imaginary madness, Malcovites are naturally inclined to explore the fields of psychiatry, psychology and, more generally, the subtleties of the mind. In Victorian times, when Freud and Jung dominated science and the public was interested in mental illness, the Malcovites were rightly the main defenders of psychiatric institutions. Paradoxically, the Malcovites have also managed to integrate artistically into gypsy circles, because their unpredictable and unpredictable behaviour has enabled them to integrate.

The Malcovites may be a little crazy, but it’s not without its benefits. As a boy, despite all the prejudices, you have a privileged position in vampire society. Through your gift of prophecy and insight, other vampires will seek your guidance. And one thing’s for sure: if you’re elected to this clan, you’ll never get bored.

Fun fact: Alastair Crowley was a boy.

Clan features:

  • Unpredictable
  • Crazy
  • The gift of Epiphany and prophecy
  • Stars reached


I’m not afraid of La Croix, I don’t care about his sycophants or his buffoons. I want everyone to come to Hollywood! It would be a fight worthy of Kurosawa! – Isaac Abrams

Congratulations! You’re the bullfighter. Vampires often say that if Ventru is the spirit of Camarilla, the toreador is her soul. And if you ever meet bullfighters, this paradigm makes sense – they are the embodiment of beauty, lust and passion. The seductive, emotional and glamorous Toreador is mainly responsible for the stereotype of the vampire who seduces his prey with his beauty and sensuality. And if you were elected to this clan, you probably had that conviction, too.

The toreador is perhaps the most human of all vampire clans. Ironically, it is also their curse, because Toradors will spend more time than any other vampire who mourns their lost humanity. Thus the toreadors focus their inner melancholy on the admiration and even the creation of works of art. As a bullfighter, you play an essential role in maintaining the image of grace and courtesy of the Camarilla, the figurehead of vampire society.

Traditionally, the toreador is a clan of artists, actors, musicians, writers and poets. In modern times, the progressive wing of the clan has focused on new arts such as graphic designers, graffiti artists, CGI technicians, Wall Street brokers and game developers. While members of the old guard see it as a dilution of their values, young vampires see it as a necessary step to remain relevant in modern times.

However, the guards argue about what can be considered true art, as eternal as their curse. And now you’re going to take part in this debate for God knows how many hundreds of years. Who knows, maybe you’re the one who’s finally solving the problem.

Clan features:

  • Physical Beauty
  • Closer to humans than any other vampire.
  • apologize
  • Famous artists, musicians, actors, writers, poets.
  • The influential leaders of the vampire society


True power is not in wealth, but in what it gives you. – Maximillian Strauss

Congratulations! You’re Tremera. Even in the early Middle Ages Treme existed as a clan of wizards who used various forms of magic and alchemy to remain immortal. As their numbers declined and their drinks became ineffective, Treme began looking for other ways to preserve his immortality. The solution was found by Horatrix, an ambitious magician who, after a successful, albeit twisting experiment, managed to transform some members of the clan into introvampires. That’s how the Tremera clan was born as we know it today.

As the youngest of the original vampire clans, Treme has slowly but surely evolved from a state of marginal importance to one of the pillars of vampire society, leaving only Ventra behind in terms of credibility and reach. The Tremers are just as afraid, jealous and admired for their practice of Taumaturgy, a twisted form of vampire blood magic.

Thanks to his history of usurpation, his work behind the scenes and his political intrigues, Treme is obsessed with his reputation and the preservation of the image of a united front. Although non-Tremero vampires have legitimate reasons to consider them, the days of internal conflict and political unrest in the clan are long gone, as the clan has the strictest hierarchy and code of conduct.

The term usually includes scientists, academics and, more generally, people with a higher education. Ambition, intellectual drive and the pursuit of excellence are the defining characteristics of the clan. If you put these things above all else, you’re perfect for this clan.

Fun fact: Heinrich Himmler must have been Tremer.

Clan features:

  • The practice of Taumaturia, unique among the clans.
  • Ambitious and intellectually motivated
  • smart politicians
  • Very hierarchical
  • Feared and respected by other clans



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