If you’re tired of seeing the big one get away, this definitive guide to hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2 is your recipe for success. It only takes a few seconds to miss a shot, but with a few minutes of playback you’re on the right track to freeze like the best hunters when you line up a shot.

Hunting online in Red Dead 2 takes time, patience, preparation and knowing how to follow your prey. As in all other parts of Red Dead Redemption 2, the hunt is very deep and there is no easy way to kill all the monsters.

We have all the advice you need to make sure no creature escapes your bestiality. From the importance of hides to choosing the right weapon, Red Dead 2 teaches you everything you need to know about online hunting.

Why is the hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The first thing you need to understand is the importance of hunting in general in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can earn enough money to just play, but the hunt comes with a number of advantages that make the game easier and increase immersion.

Anyone who has had the chance to play Red Dead Redemption knows that it’s all about immersion, and hunting is one of the unique features of the game. At the basic level, hunting is a great way to replenish your money or to have a constant supply of meat to keep your camp running. The hunt is also an excellent way to have a comfortable experience between missions.

Cooking meat for yourself helps maintain health and stamina. You can also collect skins to make lots of cool gadgets and furniture for your ever-growing collection. There are also legendary hunts that add their own challenges to the game, which are required for 100% completion and are among the most memorable aspects of the game.

Many legendary hunts are based on real breeds of rare animals found in the real world. You don’t want to miss the hunt, because even learning the basics will add a touch of excitement to your adventure, as you’ll find times to take a break and take on a new challenge.

Importance of tyre quality

Before we go too far in hunting techniques, we need to understand how the hunting system works in Red Dead Redemption 2. The most important aspect of any yacht will be the quality of the catch. The meat you find is excellent for different types of game, but the quality of the skin will be an important factor in the success of your hunt.

Every creature you kill drops a skin, which gets a rating of one to three stars depending on the quality. Many factors are taken into account to determine the quality of a skin. A common misconception is that the setting is the only thing that counts when looking for a three-star property.

In the next section we will look at the reasons why the quality of your jacket may suffer. A one-star stakeout is virtually useless, and a two-star stakeout will be useful in some situations, but a three-star stakeout is something you should aim for if you can help.

Maximize the quality of your skin

There are four things to consider when striving for a three-star shelter. These factors are the quality of the sample, the weapon you are using with the ammunition, the location of the rifle and whether or not the shot was lethal.

One of the best ways to make sure you have the wrong coat is not to kill your prey all at once. The injured animal starts to bleed and its trail changes from red to yellow and blue before it dies.

The result is a one-star shelter. So always strive for a one-shot kill, because it’s the most humane style of play that also brings the most benefits. As long as you follow a three-star pattern and choose the right type of weapon to shoot, your hiding place will always be a three-star pattern.

Preparation for hunting

Ultimate Guide to Hunting in Red Dead Online –

While there’s usually not a bad time for a makeshift yacht in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll want to pick up a few basic items to make sure you’re ready. Depending on the purpose of your hunt, some items are less necessary than others, but you will always want to have binoculars in view when you go hunting.

Your binoculars are an excellent tracking system and are often necessary for a successful yacht. You can also go to a shopkeeper to buy bait or make your own. Bait and lures make hunting much easier because they attract you, even though the surroundings are not ideal for them. The next point, and probably the most important, that brings us to the next topic, is to put the right weapons to work.

Straight extraction weapon

Having the right weapon is an essential part of making sure your grip is as perfect as you want it to be. In the game you’ll find a handy table that tells you which weapons to use to get the perfect skin for each type of creature in the game. All game weapons can for the most part be used for hunting, although some are better than others.

For small animals such as squirrels and bats, use a bow with arrows for small game or a Varmint rifle. Slightly larger medium-sized animals, like. B. Rabbits, badgers and iguanas are also shot with a mint gun. If you go on to medium-sized creatures like coyotes and foxes, you can start using normal arrows, and throwing knives through a reliable repeater is a favorite activity for most players.

Larger creatures such as deer, panthers and goats need a little more power in a standard rifle that uses any type of ammunition except explosives. Finally, massive animals such as bears and bison are easier to reach with different sniper rifles and sometimes with a shotgun.

Tips and tricks

Before you start the actual yacht, you should familiarize yourself with a few tips that will help you on your next yacht. Many players like to spend some time leveling before they go hunting, because Deadeye 3’s leveling function identifies the killing points on the animal’s body.

Deadeye is also an effective way to grab multiple skins at once, and will generally be your best way to commit murder. Stop for the hunt at the shopkeeper’s to get a perfumed concealer, as it is useful during the hunt. With this cream you can get close to the animals without frightening them, resulting in a clean shot.

As for the skill cards you want to use during the hunt, you only need a few. Damage cards are out of control because you want to end the hunt in one go. The first ability card you need is Unblinking Eye for a long time Deadeye. In combination with the Paint It in Black you can hunt even more efficiently with bait. With this card you can draw more targets, so you can commit multiple murders with one Deadeye.

Finally, the lure is beneficial for a fast and efficient yacht, which we will discuss in more detail in the next section.

Bait and lures

Ultimate Guide to Hunting in Red Dead Online –

If you want to hunt fast, there’s certainly nothing more important in your arsenal than having the right bait. There are different kinds of decoys in the game. However, the most useful bait that you should use as often as possible is a strong herbivorous bait.

Although a powerful predatory bait also has its usefulness, a complete herbivorous bait is much more useful to make quick money and something more difficult. It’s not easy, because you need vanilla flowers, which can only be found in one area on the map.

The trees in the bay northwest of Saint-Denis, where you can also hunt crocodiles, will delight you. Purple snowdrops are a little more common, and there are many places east of Valentine on the cliff.

Ordinary predator bait is almost as good as strong bait, and it’s not that hard to make. With the help of tips you can draw better specimens, so you can hunt fast with Deadeye.

Exploratory hunt

Well, now you have the right bait to attract the prey you want, as well as the right weapons and techniques to take down the game quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is find the right approach for an efficient yacht.

If you get close to the creatures you want to hunt, use your cream to hide the scent and pull out your binoculars. Your binoculars are useful for estimating the distance between you and your prey. If you zoom in and look in the left corner, you will get information that tells you which weapon is best to find the perfect hiding place.

Each animal is rated with one to three stars, which can be seen at the bottom right of the animal’s name. Once you’ve found a couple of three-star monsters, you’re ready to go hunting.

The art of hunting

If you have followed this guide so far, the actual hunting party will be relatively simple. With a well-aligned dye, the simultaneous acquisition of several high-quality samples is hardly a problem. You can also take a more practical approach by shooting with bow and arrow and use Deadeye to find the target.

However, it is much more effective to use the gun as a repeater for multiple KO creatures with a dead eye. As you approach the hunt, you should move as smoothly and calmly as possible in a crouching position.

Animals can be scared pretty quickly and for different reasons. The use of bait and perfumed mask cream therefore helps to set the tone. Thanks to these techniques, you can even hunt in areas where passers-by often cause nuisance.

Legend hunting

Ultimate Guide to Hunting in Red Dead Online –

All the above tips will help you beat most regular hunters and participate in all online hunting events. However, the game also has special hunting quests, called Legendary Quests, which are played according to different rules.

There are a total of 16, each aimed at a different animal breed. Often you will find a minimal amount of these creatures for a legendary hunt. There’s only one. The quality of the fur is not a problem for legendary hunters because it is always recovered in the form of three-star skins.

That’s why you have to bring your greatest weapon for every legendary hunt. These creatures are often extremely resilient and can disable an inexperienced hunter in one fell swoop, making every encounter a unique experience. We’ll quickly check out each legendary yacht with their location and some tips on how to hunt them without spoiling the fun.

The Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

Place: East Grizzly, Ambarino

You’ll find this beast in the second chapter when you hunt with Oza. But at this stage you probably only have a rifle and a bow. Later, if you go north from O’creahs Run to Grizzly East, you can get some good shots with weapons like the Springfield.

Legendary dollar

Place: Big Valley, West Elizabeth.

For this tour you will need a fast fire rifle, which can be found near the overgrown forests of the Great Valley. Aim for the heart and you can take it out at once.

The legendary Aries Grote Hoorn

Place: Cat tail pond, New Hanover

Just northwest of Valentine you can find this creature and with a few well-aimed blows to the head or heart you can quickly shut it down.

The Legendary White Buffalo

Place: Lake Isabella, Ambarino

You can find this big boy in the cold zone north of Lake Isabella, make sure you dress warmly and bring a powerful rifle or you can be the one taking a nap in the lake.

The Legendary Wolf

Place: Kotorra’s sources, Ambarino.

This agile creature is relatively easy to find, as you’ll probably see when reporting missions in the nearby Yapiti Indian camp. Aim at the heart with a weapon like the Springfield rifle to kill this wolf.

The Legendary Moose

Place: Roanoke Ridge, Ambarino.

This colossal herbivorous creature needs a powerful rifle like the Carcano to bring it down as quickly as possible. Try to aim your dead eye at your heart and throat with amazing speed.

Legendary beaver

Place: Meat Creek, Lemoyne.

All it takes is a good shot with a Varmint rifle to kill this albino beetle, which you’ll find just west of Van Horne’s trading post.

Legendary wild boar

Place: Walk the blue water, Lemoyne.

This guy will hit you on the spot, so make sure you bring a strong weapon, like a bow with poisoned arrows or a powerful Springfield rifle.

Legendary Coyote

Place: Old Greenbank factory, New Hanover

This creature is one of the most complex in the hills of Scarlet Meadows. If you scare her, it’s to get away, so make sure you shoot neatly with your Springfield rifle.

Legendary Fox

Place: Mattock Pond, Lemoyne…

You can shoot this big fox with a Varmint rifle, but make sure you have a head start, because this fox will try to run into the nearby bushes if he can dodge your first shot.

Land legend

Place: Bacchus Station, Cumberland Forest.

Bring the Springfield with fast or high speed ammunition to bring down that momentum in three shots or less.

Legendary Megaphone

Place: Foot soldier, Bayou Nwa.

You can’t find this creature until you’re at the head of a four-story land hunting mission, and it’s one of the heaviest animals in the game, so it’s advisable to shoot it from a distance with a rifle on wheels.

WARNING: The following four legendary animals are located in spoiler zones or are considered the hardest to spot in the game. So proceed only if you don’t mind a few spoilers.

The legendary panther

Place: Hiptune Ridge, New Austin.

This guy is hard to hit outside of Deadeye mode, and if you miss him, you can expect a quick trip to the Grim Reaper.

Legendary Pronghorn

Place: Rio Del Lobo Rock, New Austin.

Try to make the catch with a clean shot of the bow, and provide an air freshener.

The legendary Takana buffalo

Place: Mantea Falls, New Austin.

Four cartridges of ammunition, loaded by express and diving in Springfield, are a good way to take this guy down.

Jaguaro Legendary Panther

Place: Bolber Blade, Lemoyne.

To try this hunt, you must be in ninth place in the Master Hunter Challenge of Red Dead Redemption 2. Bring a rifle and a shotgun.


Ultimate Guide to Hunting in Red Dead Online –

We couldn’t give you too much advice on the hardest hunting, so you can enjoy the search to the fullest. It would be nice if you now had everything you need to collect a lot of money and accomplish all the witch-hunting accomplishments.

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