EA Vancouver has released Release Notes for UFC 4 Update 8.00, and the update is now available for download. This update will add new fighters and a lot of new content to the game. So if you want to know more about this update, keep reading this article.

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UFC 4 has not received a major update yet this year, and we were expecting a major update for the game this month, and here it is. According to the release notes for UFC 4 Update 8.00, this update will bring a lot of new content to the game. New fighters will be added, as well as a lot of new content. UFC 4 Update 8.00 Patch Notes was released yesterday, February 11, 2021.

We’ve shared the complete list of release notes for UFC 4 Update 8.00 below, check them out.

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It was expected that EA Vancouver would be releasing a big update for UFC 4 soon, and this update will bring a lot of new content and other things. So here is the new update for UFC 4 that will bring a lot of new content, new fighters and other new things.

Check out the official UFC 4 patch update 8.00

  • There are no official patch notes for UFC 4 Update 8.00, and EA Vancouver’s Discord server has not provided any information on the notes, but here are some expected changes and fixes we might find in the game after this update.
  • All problems related to the specific case of Dominic Cruz have been solved, and he can now avoid the diamonds and avoid two hits.
  • Reduce the cost of Defender’s fight with Collarite and Muay Thai hiptosses.

Download Size: Since this is a large update, the download size of the UFC 4 8.00 update is approximately 3.86 GB. The download size may vary by platform. The update is now available for download.

UFC 4 Update 8.00 Patch: Great update for PS4

Here are some important updates and bug fixes for PS4 in UFC 4 Update 8.00 Patch Notes, take a look :

  • Addition of 2 new fighters.
    • Aleksandar Rakic and Marvin Vettori

Gameplay updates on PS4 :

  • The damage to the permanent block has increased.
  • The damage to the rotary gauges has been repaired.
  • The cost of the defender’s scrimmage against the hip throw is reduced.
  • It now takes 20% stamina to try the Muay Thai Hip Throw.
  • The speed of the various combos has been reduced.
  • Fixed a large number of animation parameters and fixed a small bug.
  • As far as Black Lean is concerned, the problem of the evasion sequence has been solved.
  • In the fight with the rounds, the endurance of the defender was reduced.

Here are all the changes and extra content added to the game according to the official patch notes of UFC 4 Update 8.00.

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In summary, UFC4 update 8.00 is an excellent update, but does not add much content to the game and only brings 2 new fighters into the game. The first is Alexander Rakic and the second is Marvin Vettori. Other than that, this update is nothing special, but the PS4 version of UFC 4 has brought many changes.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to the UFC 4 8.00 Patch Notes update live today, February 12 | Download format.

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