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Top 9 Games The Witcher 3

Imagine the following scenario:

You have just completed the final task of the blood and wine campaign. You’re embarrassed. I don’t know what to do with my life. You want more, but you’ve succeeded in every mission.

Then look for games that might give you the same excitement as The Witcher 3: A fierce hunt.

No one disputes that The Witcher 3, with its rich history, beautifully designed world and exciting monster yachts, is one of the best of the past generation. This is the kind of world in which a player ends the game, and at the end he can’t help but feel confused.

For us and for you, we have listed 9 best games based on criteria such as Witch 3, which will scratch the jitters of witches.

The witch likes criterion.

Although no video game has the same story as The Witcher 3 as our previous lists, we have compiled a list of features that help to identify games like The Witcher 3 :

  • RPG Open World
  • Fantasy
  • Decision game
  • Prizes for research and further research
  • An intense fight
  • an exciting story

According to the criteria we have defined here, our 9 best-selected games are Witch 3 :

Date of first publication 12. August 2014
Platform Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox 360
Developer Piranha bytes
Publishing house Low silver content

Resurrection 3 : Titan of the Lords, image source: Piranha bytes.

The first entry in our list is Sunday the 3rd: Lords of Titanium. Let me say in the foreword that it certainly has its own problems and is a bit rough around the edges, with some outdated animations and a strange bug. Yet it offers a rewarding story and a classic RPG experience. Although the story is a bit simple in some places, the world itself is rich and the legend of the Lords of Titan is fascinating.

The combat system is still strong and follows a rain and shock format very similar to that of witch and other three-way role-playing games. In addition, there are many spells for those of us who liked our players with maximum movement. In general, the battle will be very familiar to those who have completed the third witch.

For those who like to explore the corners and holes of each game, the world of Risen 3 is immense, with a wide variety of environments. The game surpasses everyone with its atmosphere and beauty that you just want to see.

8 Amalusian kingdoms: Payment

Date of first publication February 2012
Platform Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Developer 38 studios and giant games
Publishing house 38 studios and trading houses

of the Kingdom of Amalur: Reimbursement, image source : 38 Studios that are now inactive

The Kingdom of Amalur is a classic fantasy carnival, dark and grainy, combining an exciting world with equally interesting battles that were far ahead of the competition of the time.

The payment is fixed to Faylands. You play a character without destiny in a world where everything is based on destiny, and this makes you exceptionally strong.

The world of the game is not as open as in The Witcher 3, but it has something to discover. In many ways it is like a fable game played by all zones.

As in other role-playing games, you can commit crimes and break the law, for those of us who like to compete with the guards. There are several interesting options in the attached questions and different quality labels that you can come across all over the world.

What sets them apart from other games is a thorough and exciting battle that continues to this day. Players who enjoyed their hand-to-hand combat in The Witcher 3 will appreciate the nuances of battle, with unlimited combos, weapons and finalists in the style of the God of War.

7 Dragon dog: Black resurrection

Date of first publication 23. April 2013
Platform Windows Microsoft, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
Developer Capcom
Publishing house Capcom

Dragon dog: Risen in the darkness, source of the image: Capcom

The improved version of the 2012 original, Dark Arisen, is a Japanese-Western game with an open world in the world of the Gransys, and as you may have guessed, it features a huge dragon that you have to kill.

The game is based on the same bold ideas as the dragon era, but it does something different. Thanks to the unique pawn system, your created companion can be borrowed by other players in their world and vice versa.

One of the great features of the game is that you can catch and climb the big monsters, so you can attack the most sensitive parts of your body.

For example, the first leader you’re going to fight is Chimera, who has different heads. So you can climb on the body and aim at the head of the snake until it dies, making it useless for the rest of the fight.

The battle is by nature similar to The Witcher 3, but the way it unfolds in the game seems heavy and tight, with big hits hitting you on the ground and hermaphroditic pauses throwing the dice. The prank spell feels brave and powerful and allows you to use devastating combos that light up the screen and destroy your enemies.

Date of first publication 26. October 2010
Platform Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer Studio Lion Head
Publishing house Xbox game studios

Fable III, Image Source : Studio Lyonede, which no longer exists today.

Industrial revolution and rebellion, ideal ingredients for another memorable hero who will rise up in the land of Albion. The third part of Lionhead’s legendary studio series, Fable 3, makes it possible to be any kind of monarch.

Rebellion to become a tyrant or a saint before you organize the protection of your kingdom against ancient evil.

The series has always been a game in which moral choice is important in most black and white terms. Bad or good, your choice is aesthetic, but bad, it’s nice to see the horns come out of your head and people turn away in your presence.

In Fable III, the scope is considerable, because your actions (especially) affect the innocent people you control.

Fable III is based on an enchanting game world, full of comedy, warmth and charming graphics. With countless side missions, people to meet, decisions to be made and a tough triple battle, Fable III is a game that will not be so different from The Witcher 3.



5 The age of the dragon: Inquisition

Date of first publication 18. November 2014
Platform Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One.
Developer BioWare
Publishing house HOME

The age of the dragon: Inquisition, source of images: Biodiversity

There’s a reason for the age of the dragon… The Inquisition is the most successful beginning in the history of BioWare. It combines elements from the first two games into an action-packed and unforgettable adventure that role-playing fans should experience.

The lot elements for which BioWare is best known are in the best state of the dragon era: The Inquisition. Like The Witcher 3, the game offers a lot of dialogue, charming companions, difficult choices and incredible musical accompaniment that makes it an epic journey.

The battle does not take place in real time, it is a mixture of that and a gradual battle. It works well, and a good composition of the party is the key to success in dealing with the most complex opponents in the game.

The biggest problem with the game is that it is overloaded with unnecessary searches that can easily double the time of the final player. This is compensated by the many breathtaking places such as Stormy Beach, a rocky coastal area where you can almost feel the rippling ocean in the distance like a dragon’s bellows.

Date of first publication June 2018
Platform Windows Microsoft, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch [TBA].
Developer Donnode Entertainment
Publishing house Home Focus

Vampire, source statue: Donnode Entertainment

Instead of hunting vampires, why don’t we play like them? While a vampire on this list is characterized by a high level of imagination, a vampire is a game that surprisingly resembles The Witcher 3.

A vampire, a bloody role play in the half-open world of 1918 in London. He follows the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid, the novice vampire looking for the client.

The game follows a scenario, but offers a wide choice and consequences in dealing with the people of London. You have to decide whether you want to feed all the citizens in order to level out and destabilize the areas faster, or whether you want to spare everyone. These decisions will have an impact on what you can achieve.

The Vampire Sense tool you use to follow the tracks and sneak up on the victims is essentially the same mechanism as the witch sensitivity. It will appeal to those who have enjoyed the hunting and tracking aspect of Witch 3.

Using familiar role-playing elements such as agility trees and dexterity, the depth is glued to the canvas and you can hunt like an unscrupulous predator at will.

3 Middle-earth: Mordor Shadow

Date of first publication 30. September 2014
Platform Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Developer Production of monoliths
Publishing house Warner Brothers. Interactive entertainment.

Middle-earth: The Shadow of Mordor, the source of the statues: Production of monoliths

Mordor has never been the most hospitable place to visit, but it is difficult to say goodbye to Mordor, whom we can explore in Middle-earth: The shadow of Mordor.

They take control of Talion, who is a beautiful clone of Aragorn after his wife and child were killed by Sauron’s servants. The story of revenge you begin is elementary, but it keeps you busy as you conquer Mordor.

Mordor’s environment and society is the power of the game. Thanks to the Nemesis system, each zone has a hierarchy of orcs formed by the procedure, and the Talion can directly participate in the battle for the power of the orc captains.

He can bring the captains together for his cause by mastery of the mind and then go into power stations to bring his puppet to the top of the regional hierarchy.

Never before has a visit to Central Earth been as attractive and exciting as it is now. With caption books to read, new discovery skills and an Orc society that breaks what you expect?

Date of first publication February 2017
Platform Playstation 4
Developer Partisan games
Publishing house Interactive entertainment from Sony

Horizon Zero Dawn, source image: Partisan games

Taking on the role of Alai is one of the most unique and exciting adventures you can experience in this generation of consoles. The Zero Dawn Horizon is a unique combination of fantasy and science fiction, created in the 31st century. This is what happened in the 19th century, when people lived in tribal communities in a world occupied by so-called ancient mechanical life forms.

You travel the world, explore, create and plan a hunt for robots that are much stronger than you.

There are few things more pleasant than a giant mechanical sabre-toothed tiger that penetrates directly into your flash wire before it is released with flares and reduced to burnt shells.

Despite the differences in performance, this part of the game will resemble the monster from The Witcher 3: Tracking, planning, hunting and cannibalizing robots on materials.

The breathtaking wild beauty of the world takes you off the beaten track again and again, with a wide range of different hunting robots. Aloy herself is so good, and her course keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. With a beautiful image, an incredible voice and music, the post-apocalyptus has never been so beautiful.

1 Confession of the killer’s faith: Odyssey

Date of first publication October 2018
Platform Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stages
Developer Ubisoft Quebec
Publishing house Ubisoft


The killer’s creed: Odyssey, source statue: Partisan games

It is not surprising that this worthy name is at the top of the list for games like The Witcher 3. Ancient Greece is something you should explore as you sail through the Peloponnesian War and meet the characters of the legends in person.

The main power of Odyssey is an incredible world with beauty around every corner and various stunning visual effects. You can explore this vast map, but you will want to use your ship, allowing you to sail the seas freely, participate in epic naval battles and recruit new accomplices for your crew.

The battles are greatly improved over the more linear Assassin’s Creed games of the past, with a wide range of equipment, weapons and skills available. There’s nothing like stopping a ship, jumping on board, grabbing an enemy warrior’s shield and throwing it in his face.

With a beautiful open world, incredible characters, role-playing elements and an exciting storyline, Odyssey has so much to offer that you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t experienced it.

Although Wild Hunt has been defeated, there are many games like The Witcher 3 that have worlds of detail and depth. We hope you find these games worthy to fill a hole in your heart left by Geralt the Riviera, the legendary monster hunter.



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