Again and again we saw the series collapse when a sequel came out. But the quality of Korra was certainly helped by the fact that Dante DiMartino and Konietzko (the original creators of TLoA) had the opportunity to create Korra.

The series has had its ups and downs, and I know that many would agree that the second book was not as good as the others. But I still think the series deserves praise because it is one of the most animated TV series of the years 2010.

I decided to make a list of my favourite characters in the series, which includes most of the main characters in the series, plus some unexpected cameos that don’t usually appear on lists like this.

But with so many fantastic characters to see, we could get started!

20. Kya

Kya is the sister of Tenzin and therefore the only daughter of Aang and Katara.

She’s on my list because of her incredible personality. And how free she never seems to leave her family.

19. Qatar

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Katara was my favorite character in the original Avatar series. But I can’t help but love him more in The Legend of Korra.

She became Avatar’s teacher of water management and has always maintained her incredible personality.

Maybe Aang’s gone. But as long as she is, she’s gonna be okay!

18. Val

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

I know that technically he’s not one of the main characters in the series…. but the story of Avatar Van makes him one of my favorite characters in the Avatar universe.

As the first Avatar to ever exist, he is the driving force behind the chronology of the series and an eternal favorite of many fans of the series.

17. Mako

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Mako, Bolin’s younger brother, cannot share his brother’s opinion.

But the fact that all her amorous interests in lesbians seem to change, makes me want to add her to my list.

It’s also a carnival.

16. Unalak

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

The former host of Korra had one of the biggest failures in the history of the show.

An interesting character, but not the most loyal of the gang.

15. Milo

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

It was clear that Tenzin wanted to give birth to as many aerial magicians as possible….

But Milo was one of my favorite characters in the show.

He is the child of Tenzin, who resembles Aang the most, at least as far as looks and personality are concerned, and also the cutest non virgin character (in my opinion)!

14. Bumi

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Bumi is the second son of Avatar Aang and Katara, the brother of Tenzin and Kia, and the one who most resembles Aang.

I can’t say he doesn’t deserve a place here.

13. Zuko

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Zuko became a Fire Lord and led the Fire Nation after the death of her father.

The former antagonist has become a friend, and he is one of the friendliest characters in the Avatar universe.

And, of course, one of the most memorable opponents.

12. Toph Beifong

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Of course, Toph should be on my list!

Her personality was very strong in the first part of the series – imagine how good she is now that she is much older.

There’s also a lot of trivia.

11. Asami Sato

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Although Asami seems to have been introduced into the Avatar universe with the intention of making her Korra’s partner, it wouldn’t be fair to let her off my list.

His intelligence and tactical skills are undeniable. And her personality makes her one of the most likable characters on the show – which probably explains why Korra liked her so much.

Anyway, she’s a great character who contributed as much to the series as the other main characters – even though she wasn’t a Bender herself.

10. Pubu

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Well, we all know that DiMartino and Konietzko can make us love animated animals like no other bunch of writers.

We all fell in love with the good old Appa in the first part of the series. And this time it was Pabu who captured my heart.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I really like ferrets. But damn, Pabu is my favorite animal in the show.

This eccentric and expressive ferret is Bolin’s best friend, and his antics have always made me smile more than anything in the show.

If you love living beings as much as I do, you probably love Pabu as much as I do.

9. Tarelocks

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Tarlock wasn’t a character I immediately liked.

Of all the semi-antagonistic characters in the series I would say that Tarrlock is one of my least favorite characters.

But something changed my mind about him and made me love him more and more: He’s bleeding a lot. This allows him to control and neutralise some of the strongest men on the continent.

As a seasoned politician, Tarrlock is a member of the Northern Water Tribe and one of the most important leeches in the series.

8. Bolin

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Bolin started the show as a pretty interesting character, although his personality has always been strange.

Over time and seeing the potential it possesses, it is easy to understand why it is considered one of the most powerful transmitters on earth.

When he realizes he can bend lava, he gets better.

He is technically able to tame the fire, but the show never says that explicitly. Anyway, his determination and his history from rags to riches make him one of the best characters in the Avatar universe and the Legend of Korra in general.

7. Jinora

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Jinora is not only one of the best personalities in the series, but also the first grandson of Aang, the first daughter of Tenzin.

She is one of the most remarkable air wizards of the new world and one of the most promising figures of the new air nation.

She was so good in the first book of the series that she helped her father teach Korra everything about airbending, even though she was much younger than she was.

Ginora has become one of the youngest air giants to receive a giant arrow!

6. Lin Beifong

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Lin Beifong is one of the most influential characters in the series and one of the bold leaders in the Avatar universe.

What she did to shape the fate of the first chapter goes beyond what we thought was possible at first, even though she didn’t seem to be a good fighter throughout the series.

Have you ever noticed that Lyn never won a fight on her own?

It always seemed like she wasn’t good enough to fight, even though she was Toph’s eldest daughter. But she knew what to do to keep everyone safe. And it was clear that she was always willing to sacrifice herself to keep the peace.

5. Zahir

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Zazhir is one of my favorite animation villains.

His actions had such an impact on the third book in the series that he was almost immediately responsible for the last book.

In fact, his attempt to create a kingdom of freedom in the kingdom of the earth after the assassination of the earth queen was so destabilizing that it was the direct cause of the rise of Kuvira and her dictatorship.

4. Amon

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Amon is a fantastic antagonist and one of the most memorable characters of the series because of his appearance in the first book. Many still consider him to be the main villain for the same reason: He was the first we saw, and one of the most dangerous villains on the show.

His personality, character design and objectives are the three most important aspects that make him one of my favourite characters in the series.

As Blood Master, he is the main leader of the revolution that threatens to destabilize the world in the first book, and a very worthy opponent fought by Avatar as she attempts to control her powers.

His ability to take turns in people makes him a great character. I won’t ruin anything if you haven’t seen the whole show.

Just a real bad guy and a real bad guy.

3. Couvira

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

God, Couvira was such a big opponent.

His ability to bend metal was unsurpassed. And the quarrels she has with Korra are among the most epic of the series.

But I think the main reason why we consider her one of the best characters in the show is that she has directed one of the best arches in the history of the show.

All these metal-enders trying to take over the world have really shown the best of the series. Although many of us have enjoyed the other books so far, we can safely say that the battles against the Grand WC and its army have been one of the best parts of the series.

Besides, his personality is just deadly.

She’s ruthless. And her use of the spiritual canon only shows how far she can go as long as she can achieve her goals.

2. Tensin

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

Look, I know some of us are so in love with the original Avatar series that we’ll never be as happy with Tenzin as we are with Aang.

However, I am convinced that there is no better character than Tenzin to continue Aang’s legacy.

Not only is he wise, but he also faces his own demons during the show. He’s trying to teach Korra to become the Avatar who was her father.

But that’s not the only reason why I think Tenzin is a fantastic character. We can’t ignore how sick his air-folding abilities were!

Some of Tenzin’s fight scenes in the series are epic, including the countless times she saves Kurra’s ass.

I’d say he’s the best character in the show, but I have reason to think Korra is still the best character….

1. Corra

Top 20 Best Legend of Korra Characters In The Series (Ranked) –

The moral dilemmas and Korra’s growth during the series make her my favorite character in the show.

She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I understand that.

But the lessons she learns along the way and the way she interprets what happens to her are two of the main reasons why I love her.

Plus, he’s a nice character. And this is a person that many of us once felt sympathy for.

She’s learning to be the best Avatar she can be, and even if she’s not as tough as Aang, her character is certainly memorable.

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