It is likely that many Dark Souls players have terrible nightmares with one or more of the bosses listed below. That makes them great, and that’s why they’re among the top ten bosses in the Dark Souls franchise.

We classify them according to personal preferences (like all lists) and from the easiest to the most difficult.

As dark souls, we know they’re all incredibly tenacious… …but it never hurts to categorize them a little. So, without a doubt, here are the top 10 bosses of the Dark Souls series.

10. Sir Alonna (Dark Souls 2)

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Found in memory of the former Iron King, Sir Alonna is a wandering swordsman and, in the past, the right hand of the Iron King. He’s a pretty intimidating opponent.

He attacks with several blows and feverish attacks from a great distance and also possesses Alonna’s Enchanted Sword. It’s a good thing he’s open to counterattack during an attack. He also tends to be slower and use fewer combinations during combat.

Just make sure you bring a large shield to block any damage in close combat. Although Sir Alon is relatively resistant to all forms of magical attack, he suffers considerable damage from lightning.

9. Ashen Soul (Dark Souls 3)

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The last boss of Dark Souls 3, Soul of Cinderella, is the association of all the Lords of Cinderella. And while you’re probably surprised it’s so low, well… There he is!

He’s a great knight, dressed in a badly worn armor. The big word from the fire that’s left is his gun. This is a larger version of a sword made of rolled tube that can change shape to meet the needs of the owner.

In the first step he uses different spells and movements of the Black Dialectic and in the second step he uses the movements of Gwyn. It will be difficult for you to counter it, because it changes the course of the attack very slowly.

That means you have to use a different tactic in your fight. It is known that the snail’s soul is weak against frost, lightning and darkness, but is also resistant to bleeding and immune to poisons.

8. Pontifex Sullivan (Dark Souls 3)

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Pontiff Sullivan was hiding in the Boreal Valley Iritille. Wrapped in precious ritual garments, Sullivan wears a crown on a coat of mail. He has two big words – the Great Judicial Word on his left side and the Ultra-Large Secular Word on his right side.

He is a very aggressive boss and he attacks with two elements, fire and magic, which leave you little room to breathe. It’s hard to block your attacks, so it’s best to run away and have a shield on standby.

He’s got a ghost he can summon. So don’t forget to hit him at the same time to give him a few good punches.

Sulivan is not only resistant to fire and magic, but also immune to poisons, toxins, freezing and bleeding. It’s certainly not one of the funniest bosses you’ve ever met, but since we’re talking about Dark Souls, times are much worse!

7. Boreal Valley Dancer (Dark Souls 3)

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The dancer, one of the toughest bosses in the Dark Souls series, was once a daughter of Guinevere. Then Pope Sulivan forced her to become a dancer and finally she became a losing knight.

The dancer is an unpredictable boss. It will allow you to guess all the tricks and counter-attacks. The reason for this is that it has a widespread attack and deceptively short factories, so we have to fight for counter-attacks.

It moves with alarming calmness to pull you into the circle and be easily hit, while it spins quickly and delivers blows that do a lot of damage.

Your grappling hook attack is also very destructive, although it gives you enough time to escape. Dancers are known to be immune to frost and toxins.

6. Persons and Salmon (Dark Souls 2)

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A few bosses in Dark Souls 2, Humans and Salmon are royal pets, giant magical sabre tigers found in the ice arena at the end of Frigid Outskirt. Although these bosses usually fight together, they can also be defeated individually.

The fight starts with Lud, who gives you a minute before you attack. So don’t forget to sharpen it fast. Either he throws the spears of the Crystal Soul or he launches himself into the Lunge and then repels your attacks with crystal spikes or magical lightning.

Zallen will then join the fight, so make sure you get the most hits on Lud to beat him quickly before you focus on Zallen and do the same. People and traps are weak against fire and resist damage from darkness.

5. Knight Artorios (Dark Souls 2)

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The knight Artorias, also known as Artorias falling over the abyss, is located in the collision zone in the village of Olacil, at the end of the royal forest.

He was once one of Lord Gwyn’s four knights before he was spoiled by the abyss and lost his mind. Despite the fact that he has virtually no long-distance attacks, he has an incredible speed that makes up for that. As a result, almost all of the resulting attacks are very powerful.

It’s a good idea to pass on your movements in advance so that you have time to dodge, block or plan a counter-attack.

You will have to use remote weapons, like Crystal Halbred, because she is a very fast opponent.

The Arthia knight is resistant to magic and fire and immune to bleeding and toxins.

4. Knight of the Smoke (Dark Souls 2)

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Also known as Raime, the traitor and rebel Raime is the last head of the crown of the former Iron King, who was found at the foot of the Mist Tower.

The battle begins with the fact that Fume Knight owns Fume Sword and Fume Ultra Greatsword, with which he attacks random combos. He makes jokes with big words, with a mixture of fire and darkness. You can repel his attacks, but he can wear you out.

So make sure you sneak a counterattack to avoid courting at the best of times when the Ultra Greatsword is exciting.

Fume Knight is not only extremely resistant to fire and magic – with average resistance to lightning and darkness – but is also immune to bleeding and toxins.

3. Manus, father of the abyss (dark souls)

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Manus is one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in the Dark Souls and the bosses of the AotA expansion. He was a man before he became a father of the abyss because he had lost his humanity. Since he’s a force to be reckoned with, you’ll need more help.

What you have to do is either summon the Great Grey Wolf of Seth or pick up the silver pendant in the city of Oolazillen to divert attention from witchcraft. A strong, high-endurance shield will also help you block most of his attacks.

His strokes cannot be blocked, and the only way to prevent that is by rolling. You also have the advantage of being an intelligent or religious player.

Manus is weak against lightning, but at the same time resistant to fire and magic and immune to curses and poison.

2. Unidentified King (Dark Souls 3)

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The nameless king is known as the toughest boss in Dark Souls 3, especially when he rides his Dragon Storm Queen. The nameless king is located at the top of the Archidragon and can be summoned by ringing the bell of the Great Bell Tower.

In the first phase he will ride Storm Queen. Which means you have to kill the dragon first. The best place to avoid his attacks is to stay under him and his dragon. Be sure to wear strong lightning conductors to repel lightning strikes and prevent massive physical damage.

He becomes more powerful when his dragon is dead because he can absorb the dragon’s power. His attacks may be incredible, but the damage is so great that with every swing he loses almost half of his health.

It is weak against fire and darkness, resistant to frost and lightning and immune to poisons.

1. Dragonfighter Ornstein and Executioner Smof (Dark Souls)

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The first place on this list is taken by none other than dragon slayer Ornstein and executioner Smof. It’s about some Guinevere bosses, the Sun Princess in Anor Londo. The mean duo was difficult for many players.

It’s hard enough facing a boss. Fighting two at a time is a very difficult task. The smoke is slowly but very strong. This makes it difficult to escape his attacks at close range.

However, he may be affected by melee attacks that easily disrupt the nature of his attacks. Ornstein, however, can absorb Smo’s power once he’s defeated. This makes them much stronger and harder to fight. Y

can exploit his weakness against fire with a +5 firearm in combat. Pyromania has also proven to be effective. They are both close enemies, so Havel’s shield and his iron flesh may be useful. Both are lightning and fire resistant.


These would be our top ten bosses in the Dark Souls franchise. Let us know what you think of the list and which of your top three chefs have ever been.

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