Ghostbusters was a success in the eighties and early nineties. After the great success of the films, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing the logo on something, whether it’s a lunchbox, a t-shirt or even a sleeping bag. Despite this popularity, nothing has been done with the series after the second film, unless you count some of the animated films, one of which was great and the other we’re just going to forget. There was a film in 2016, but many may agree that it should be kept in the dark. So it seems strange that 20 years after the release of the second movie, a full-fledged SOS Ghosts video game was released and 10 years later we got the remastering of it under the name SOS Ghosts : The video game has been remastered.

The Video Game Remastered Review –

This game can be considered the real Ghostbusters 3, because it does not copy the plot of the first two movies. Instead, the game is accompanied by an original story set two years after the events of Ghostbusters 2 and even written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. In fact, most of the actors in this game have returned to their original roles, including the four Ghostbusters. The new story comes with a new character you play, known only as a beginner. While most games feel uncomfortable throwing unfamiliar characters into the story, this game manages to do well. Fortunately, the story doesn’t revolve around your character. The idea is rather that you are a device tester, testing the latest gadgets that can be used in the next ghost call.

The development of this game has created an extra passion, making every aspect look like a traditional Ghostbusters movie. The writing, the characters, the set and the music have been handled with great care. Even something as small as the Proton Flux Motion has gone to great lengths to feel authentic compared to the original films. This game also contains many memorable places that can be seen in the movies, such as a hotel, a museum, a library and even a ghostly grandeur. They serve to deepen the story of the first two films, but also to explore concepts that were intended for the third original film, which was never released.

The Video Game Remastered Review –

Although this is a relatively short game, the level of detail in the steps is amazing. There are so many destructible objects in the environment that it is interesting to see what can be manipulated. In one scenario you will explore a ballroom equipped for a bar mitzvah and you can completely destroy all tables, chairs, decorations, food, etc.. Even something as simple as blowing up a wall with a packet of protons leaves a permanent burn on the wall. Although in the manner of a Ghostbusters, you will be punished for destroying too many properties, provided that your salary is reduced. You also have several devices that can interact with the environment, so feel free to use proton flow to move large objects or to use a drool cord to move objects using leverage.

You have a nice set of gadgets that make your work even more fun. There is a PKE counter that is used to find cursed objects, scan for ghosts or find hidden passages. The standard proton current damages ghosts and traps, and you can put a ghost trap in it and lure ghosts. Then you have a staseflux that can freeze enemies, a mucus flower that can be used to remove black mucus, and a meson collider that can fire energy balls at enemies to cause a ton of damage. Although this is a single player game, you will often fight alongside other Ghostbusters. But if you’re not careful, you can cross the streams.

The Video Game Remastered Review –

Overall, for most people, the game should last about eight hours, which, as mentioned earlier, is a bit short. If you have fun, time passes very quickly and it would have been great to put more content in this remaster, although, of course, that probably would not have been possible without spending a lot of money and trying to get the team back for more. The quality of the content here is fantastic, and that makes it a fun game to play, if only to destroy more objects and environments.

Maybe the real sin is the lack of cooperation. The original versions of the game include an online multiplayer mode, with multiple missions for up to 4 players outside the main campaign. The online co-op would be an excellent addition to this remastering, and it would be good if they offered more multiplayer content than in the original versions. But so far we only have the story of one player.

The Video Game Remastered Review –

It should be noted that this game is played in a fantastic way on the switch, without any visual whims or delays. Even in the most tense enemy areas, where torrents of protons are sprayed everywhere, the game manages to run smoothly. However, there are a few problems I have encountered in this game. There are several objects in the game with which you have to interact, and a few times after pressing the B Button, the character continues to walk towards the object without leading to cut scenes. This has only happened a few times, but the problem has been noticed and will probably be solved in the future.

Fans of the film and the franchise will have a lot of fun with Ghostbusters: The video game has been remastered. He’s out for the perfect time of year, with Halloween coming up. Ten years later, the game is still fun and another great addition to your Switch library.

Ghostbusters: Videogame braking test

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • Sound – 8.5/10
  • Gameplay – 8/10
  • Late call – 7/10


Final thoughts: GRAND

Ghostbusters: Videogame Remastered is a game that will delight both fans and newcomers. It feels like it’s a real sequel to films we’ve never had, and there’s a hard core coming out of those films to make it authentic. Detailed and destructible environments make the game a pleasure to play over and over again. The lack of multiplayer and the relatively short campaign are the only points of criticism, but that shouldn’t stop you from going after a few ghosts.

The Video Game Remastered Review –

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