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The Ten Best Cyberpunk Games of All Time

The Ten Best Cyberpunk Games of All Time

Is it too long to wait for CyberPunk 2077? Do you intend to use Eric Cartman’s approach and freeze yourself in a snow swamp until its release in April 2020? What kind of cyberpunk are you! But I also have some good news: Instead of freezing yourself, you can fill a hungry void in your soul by playing the best cyberpunk games ever!

The popularity of the cyberpunk literature movement reached its peak in the late 1980s – early 1990s, which coincided perfectly with the arrival of the PC and home console.

The children of the millennium grew up hacking into evil mega-corporations, thwarting conspiracies by clever AI-lords and generally blowing up shit with amazing futuristic weapons.

The unsaturated flow of books, movies and cyberpunk games that came out at the time made us all a little tired of the genre at one point, and we postponed the collective for a while.

But it’s all good now. Whether you’re new to cyberpunk or just need a refresher, here’s my list of the best the cyber world has to offer.

Date of first publication 2007 (Orange box)
Platform PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3.
Developer Valve
Publishing house Valve

You can bet that Portal is just science fiction, but all the features of the great cyberpunk game: oppressed underclass protagonist, evil mega group, evil AI crazy with technology and cool high-tech gadgets.


Portal, image source : Valve

The portal also offers many attractive crossovers and with Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII has a wider audience than most cyberpunk games.

The portal is the absolute monster of the machine that creates memories, and a common touchstone in the nerd community, even among those who have not played the game.

You should play Portal if you’ve never tried it. It’s a fairly short story, with dialogue and voice recordings – one of the best of all games. Puzzles based on teleportation are among the most entertaining in the game.

Date of first publication June 2000
Platform PC
Developer Ion storm
Publishing house Interactive Eidos

The graphics of the original Deus Ex are not easy to see, but this venerable Cyberpunk name is so iconic today that bad graphics are part of its charm.

This game is so respected and well known that even if you don’t like the cyberpunk aesthetics for some crazy reason, you have to play Deus Ex at least once to be read culturally. Seriously: It’s so important to the game.


Deus Ex, source of the footage: Ion storm

Several plots and many quests are commonplace today, but even by today’s standards, the number of players and the depth of the Deus Ex story is astonishing.

I remember my heart froze when someone told me you could save the life of an important person if you walked into an ambush and didn’t run away.

I didn’t save him the first time I broke through. I felt so cowardly that I immediately began a new rescue. It’s a good game.

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Date of first publication 31. October 1997
Platform PC
Developer Westwood Studios
Publishing house Virgo Interactive

Franchise Blade Runner, inspired by Philip K. Dika’s dream about electric sheep, is one of the original cyberpunk icons.

Blade Runner became the benchmark for visual elements in the cyberpunk genre, and its director’s release in the 1990s helped the film achieve iconic status.

Taking advantage of this revival of popularity, Westwood studio was able to achieve the most difficult feat of all game development: creating a good game based on film.


Runners magazine, acid photo: Westwood Studios.

Westwood Studio’s Blade Runner did the right thing, it wasn’t just a blockbuster in the movies. There were visual effects, some of the original actors expressed their characters, and the game included innovative gameplay mechanisms such as a random NPC calendar and much more.

Fortunately, Blade Runner is now available to play on modern PCs. It is an entertaining adventure game that can still be played today and that helps to expand the world of Blade Runner a bit.

Date of first publication 23. August 2011
Platform Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC, more
Developer Eidos Montreal, ion storm.
Publishing house Location Enix, Eidos Interactive

If you were on the cyber-punk scene ten years ago, you’ll remember that the hype around Deus Ex Human Revolution was unreal. Cyberpunk was in decline in the 2000s and Eidos Montreal/Square Enix took advantage of the public’s desire to return to the genre.

The Human Revolution sold more than 2 million copies, which is a gigantic figure compared to the sales figures of the previous games in the series.


Deus Ex: The human revolution as a source of images: Eidos Montreal, ion storm.

New editions and new trilogies may make fans nervous, but Deus Ex : The human revolution has, in many ways, given what the people wanted.

You have many options, and it’s not easy to keep your companions alive during the game. The human revolution has shown that the cyberpunk is ready for the most important AAA stage.

Date of first publication 29. March 1998
Platform Playstation, PSP
Developer Square
Publishing house Square

The Japanese kept the cyberpunk culture from the beginning and took it in their own unique direction.

The popular manga and even more popular is the film Akira, the famous cyberpunk epic, which has had a huge influence on other works of this genre. Tetsuo’s bike even appears in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.


Parasite watch, source image: Square

Many of these games appeared in the 1998 hit SquareSoft Parasite Eve, making it probably a cyberpunk influenced game, or at least cyberpunk influenced.

I know Parasite Eve’s IP address is literally silent, but it’s my favorite video game series, dead, that deserves to be revived.

Like Akira, Parasite Eve uses a Japanese approach to mix cyberpunk and horror and make it one of my favourite RPGs.



Date of first publication May 1993
Platform Super Nindo
Developer Blasting software
Publishing house eastern data

The general consensus is that the Shadowrun version of Sega Genesis is better, but I prefer the Super Nintendo. Yes, in Genesis the battle is more fun, but I like the SNES game being played as one of the Shadowrun novels from the ’90s. I’m still laughing at the part where you become the last boss and he curses you.


Shadowrun (SNES), image source : Blasting software

Shadowrun for the SNES was published by the prestigious publisher Data East in 1993, when the cyberpunk hobby had only just begun.

For XP and money there is a lot to do, but high quality software is not cheap. If you enjoyed The Return of the Shadows, you’ll love Jake Armitage’s original story about the SNES.

Date of first publication 25. July 2013
Platform PC, some
Developer unlimited cycling
Publishing house unlimited cycling

Cox versus Pepsi. Warhammer vs. Warcraft. Cyberpunk 2020 versus Shadowrun. Every popular product has an imitator, but sometimes that imitator can be a success in itself.

I’m sure the same goes for Shadowrun: Before the Red Cyberpunk 2077 CD project was announced, people usually forgot that Shadowrun started as a pale imitation of Cyberpunk 2020.


Return of the cast shadow, source of the image : Unrestrained diets

But now the tables are upside down. Shadowrun Returns brought cyberpunk back to the top of pop culture five years ago.

The original game and its sequels are among the best and most sophisticated top-down role-playing games ever made, and have proven to game developers that cyberpunk is still a profitable genre.

Without a popularity that builds on the success of Shadowrun Returns, I’m not sure there will ever be a cyberpunk 2077.

Date of first publication January 1997
Platform Playstation, a few.
Developer Square
Publishing house Plaza, Sony Computer Entertainment

Final Fantasy VII broke with the medieval steampunk of its predecessors and became the most famous example of Japanese cyberpunk in video games.

It contains elements of horror found in the Japanese game Cyberpunk, whose basic material is Akira: a biological monster show, a Jenova project, evil scientists, Kaizu and a sword. The cyberpunk theme is complemented by an obligatory evil mega-corp, a literal class struggle and of course a cool futuristic motorcycle.


End of Fantasy VII, source of the image: Square

Many speak of the late nineties as the golden age of the games, and his jewel is Final Fantasy VII. Even people who don’t like video games have played them – that’s the huge cultural influence it has had.

This enabled SquareSoft to allocate a huge marketing budget, including probably the best video game ad ever created. If you missed the FFVII on his first trip, try restarting it on 3. March 2020.

Date of first publication September 1998
Platform Playstation, a few.
Developer Konami
Publishing house Konami

I know it’s hard to believe, but Hideo Kojima once made video games instead of nice walking simulations with belt bags. I’m joking. I’m joking. Something like that. I mean, the guy plays some pretty weird games, but in Kojima time, he created what I still consider his masterpiece: The metal gearbox is solid.

MGS is an absolutely perfect Japanese cyberpunk, with weird plots, futuristic technologies and a creepy hero with a crazy background that we are used to in this genre.


The metal gearbox is solid, a source of imagery: Konami

Just as the cake on the portal is a lie or Keanu Reeves drives a mega-train for cyberpunk 2077, Metal Gear Solid’s boss’s battle with Psycho Mantis was a cultural moment that went beyond video games.

I know there have been other games played with the fourth wall, but no one has done so well, and no one was as strong in games like Metal Gear Solid.

Good luck finding a way to play the original, even if there are rumors of an imminent restart.

Date of first publication 11. November 2008
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Multiple
Publishing house Electronic art

Normally everything is so dark in cyberpunk, but Mirror’s Edge is the driving force behind the trend and embraces the warm glow of the sun. The visual effects of this hybrid cyberpunk FPS/action game sparkle and will be with you long after the game is over. The plot is a normal cyberpunk, but functional.


Edge of the mirror, source of the image: THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT

Mirror’s Edge is on my list not only because it is a fantastic cyberpunk game, but also because it has had a huge impact on games in general.

The freedom of movement of Mirror’s Edge and the level of design have set the standard that other games have tried to maintain over the past decade.

If you missed it the first time, try it: It’s short enough to be beaten over the weekend.

That’s it for my super-defined and completely objective list of the best cyberpunk games of all time! What’s your favorite cyberpunk game? Did we miss something? Talk about it in the comment section below!

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