The Sims 5 is an online game where you can chat with your friends.

The Sims 4 was released more than 6 years ago, but EA continuously supports the old game and releases several expansion packs each year. Some details now indicate that The Sims 5 can finally become an online game where people can communicate with each other and play together.

Simps 4 was intended for multiplayer.

Prior to the release of Sims 4, the prototype of the game had been leaked. The first name of Sims 4 was Sims Olympus, a multiplayer game where players from all over the world could come together to build and test Sims in a huge online world.

The Olympus of the Sims was well developed when EA decided to turn off the online feature and turn a multiplayer game just one year before the last game – now it’s The Sims 4 – into a single player game.

If you’ve played The Sims 3 and also The Sims 4, you’ll notice that the great open world of The Sims 3 is not present in the sequel. Many insiders said this was due to the need to fill the environment in The Sims 4 with real players. Each zone would be a different world, an example of how your friends would occupy an adjacent zone, not an NCP Sim.

In some of the leaked concept videos, it is clear that the game was designed as a multiplayer game.

So the online multiplayer game was long, but Maxis and the consultant never succeeded. In 2002, Maxis and EA released De Sims Online, a massive MMO in which hundreds of thousands of players joined the world to play and build their life simulator online. You can manage the casino, the shops, the schools, the restaurants and the real players and use your services. The game was ahead of its time and eventually died a few months after its release with minimal support from Maxis and EA.

While EA Land got a new name, EA Land, and soon became successful again, EA decided to close it down because it was considered too competitive for their only player, The Sims. The team that led EA Land created TirNua, an online browser game that could never attract the crowds it needed to live.

The fan project of the past few years has turned the original version of Die Sims Online into a free game version called FreeSO – the trailers and more information can be found here. If you’re a fan of The Sims, I strongly advise you to check it out!

The Sims 5 Might Become An Online Multiplayer Game The Sims Online

The Sims 5 finally have amultiplayer.

Sims 5 has been in development for some time. Very often, at the time of the game release, several major developers start drawing ideas for the sequel. For example, when Animal Crossing New Leaf was published, a small working group had already started work on Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is therefore likely that the Sims 5 have been in development for at least five or six years with a small team of developers at the beginning of the course.

That means we could be looking at releasing The Sims 5 sometime in 2021, about seven years after The Sims 4.

The Sims 5 Might Become An Online Multiplayer Game

The most interesting thing is that the new Sims game finally offers the possibility of a multiplayer game. At a time when gamers enjoy communicating with their friends in the online world, it’s time for The Sims to get back online.

EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, recently generally stated that Sims focus on satisfying their motivations for inspiration, escape, creativity, self-improvement, rather than necessarily focusing on social interaction and competition.

In the past, The Sims focused on a dollhouse, a solo experiment, but after almost 20 years and 4 basic games and over 50 expansions and packaged items, this could be the end of it.

Mr. Wilson also said that if Maxis continues to think about The Sims for the next generation – the cross-platform and clouds of the next world – we’ll always be true to our inspiration, flight, creativity, self-improvement, and motivation, Mr. Wilson said.

Cross and Cloud Platform

When we talk about a cross-platform game, we can say that there will be a kind of online connection that will transcend the PC and console platforms, allowing players to play in a Toggeta, whatever system they choose. In addition to this announcement, the CEO of EA also stated that the cloud of the next world will be part of the next game, referring to the multiplayer experience in The Sims 5.

Personally, I would like to see the franchise rating, too long EA flushed the toilet and revived the franchise I loved so much. It would change the gameplay experience and meaning of the game if people could communicate with other players around the world. I’m very excited about the future of The Sims. I hope that EA and Maxis will improve the franchise and keep it in the action, just as Nintendo does with Animal Crossing.

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