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The Old Basin

The Old Basin

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Old swimming pool

The Old Basin

From the royal station turn left and follow the path down to the old pond. It’s a small area, but if you want to reach the real completion, you have to go back at least twice more to reach the abyss and enter the palace.

Walk down an abandoned tree trunk where behind a hidden wall on your right is the Whisper Root . Turn left and go under the bridge. Slide over the pole and over the super dashboard to find the Log Wanderer.

The Old Basin

Cross the pillars on the left side and lower the valve to the tram stop. There is another hatch that leads to the underground cave system, but first you have to go to the left and down in a small hole. There’s a new enemy here, little Molec, who spits an infection on you and misses you when you get close to him.

The Old Basin

Descend to the next hole and make Desolate Dive on unstable ground and kill another Little Mawlek to save Gross. Climb and go left, pass a few small molecules to find the light ore. Go back to the tram stop and lower the trapdoor.

In the first room on the right is a fountain. If you throw 3,000 geo into the fountain, you will be rewarded with a piece of the ship. Don’t worry about losing all your geography, the Fountain will only cost 3000 geo, no matter how much you have.

Cornifer’s in the next corridor on the right. He’s selling you the card for 911 Geo. If you keep going down and go to the right, you will enter the palace square, but only if you have the wings of the monarch. Straight ahead the entrance leads to the abyss, but without a royal sign of the edge of the kingdom one cannot get through the gate. The only way is to turn left.

Pay Toll to make Bank , and rest if something goes wrong in the next boss fight. Great dash on the left. There is Grub in the passage above, but you need the Monarch’s Wings to get there. Lower the next passage instead. If you work on it, you kill the Mavlurkas who cough up an infection when you go. If you find a big worm, go into its mouth to find the simple key.

The Old Basin

Continue until you are back in the main corridor and then turn left to fight with the boss.

Vessels out of service

The Old Basin

A failed ship has the same characteristics as the jumper. He can make a forward stroke with the scythe, a jump, then a head jump and a blow, causing the infection droplets to explode. It can also produce contaminated bullets and produce a helmet that can deliver a large number of contaminated shots.

Until now, the best way to deal with a faulty ship is to use Desolate Dive as often as possible. Desolate Dive adds 35 lesions, or 60 with a better descent in the dark, and gives you immunity for a short period of time. Once you’ve done enough damage, the wreckage will rest for a while to give you a chance to recover.

After beating the stranded ship turn left to the Monarch’s Wings. This allows you to flap your wings in the air, allowing you to effectively make a double jump. Now you can go back and explore areas you couldn’t reach before.

Name and function of the palace

You’ll reach the castle park by jumping through the passage under which you found Cornifer. Access to the White Palace is only possible with the nail of a waking dream, on a corpse of a royal mussel, which is located outside the palace.

If you want to see true perfection, you must cross the White Palace. In the meantime go to the right and break the wall to gain access to the hidden train station and the bank.

Other areas to be evaluated

Now that you have both Isma’s Tear from the Royal Waterways and Monarch Wings from the Ancient Pool, here are a few things you might want to consider before moving on to the next section.

Unn Lake – Travel across the lake at Greenpath to meet Unn, who gives you the charm of Form Unn .

Crystal Keeper 2 – Above the square where you stand against the first Crystal Keeper of the Crystal Peak is another Crystal Keeper. This one is much faster and harder to beat. If you beat him, you’ll be rewarded with a shard of mask. There’s also a royal idol on the floor where you met Cornifer in this neighborhood.

Halloween wreath – At the top of the Halloween peak is the Halloween wreath, where there is another pale ore. Do not forget to release Grub at the eastern edge of the zone.

The Clockmaker’s Arrow is one of the buildings in the City of Tears Here you’ll find one of the dreamers, Luria, but to get there you have to defeat the elite of the Knights Watchers.

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