The next generation of sports competitions has arrived, and this new era began on 10 January. November with the introduction of the NBA 2K21 for the Xbox Series X. The NBA 2K21, which now lives worldwide after three different launch dates in November, made waves in July after Take-Two not only announced that it was a game different from the current analogue generation, but also announced a new, higher price tag of $70. The NBA 2K announcement for $70 was questionable for several reasons, but Take-Two justified the increase by stating that next-generation capabilities combined with new gameplay additions would offset the price increase.

Now that the game has been fully launched worldwide, is it worthwhile to give users the chance to immerse themselves in the first version of the game for the Xbox X series and PlayStation 5?

Comparison between next generation NBA and older generation NBA 2K21

Image on take two

The next generation NBA 2K brings some interesting changes to the formula Take-Two has been using for years. One of the most striking changes is the result of the new graphic models. The players look a bit more realistic, especially those with updated scans, and even small details like sweat appear in a way that makes you feel like you’re watching a real NBA game.

Is the new design perfect? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The appearance, such as the fans in the stands and the models of the stadiums, are not significantly different. But furthermore, these changes should be applauded by those who want to feel like a new generation.

As far as game modes are concerned, there are not only some differences, but also clear similarities. One of those similarities is MyTeam, which shows what older gamers have and what they currently have on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This was to be expected, since the progress of MyTeam in the older generation can be transferred to the X series and PS5, but it is important to note this for those interested in the all-new NBA 2K CCG mode.

And then there’s MyCareer, which has almost the same story. The MyPlayer avatars have been moved to the same scenario as before. So if you want to get into MyCareer, I hope you enjoyed playing with Newark East and competing with Hendrixx Cobb a few months ago. But if the story stays the same, for the NBA, you have a little more flexibility in your career. Instead of playing different games for the NBA Draft, MyPlayers can choose to go to university or play in the G-League. Choosing one of them has hidden benefits: Passing the G-League will give you more VCs and increase your profile in the design, while the university can increase your overall profile and popularity, which can help you land.

But although there are some differences between the old and the new MyCareer, I would say that the differences are negligible at best.

Well… What’s the difference?

The next generation of NBA 2K21 is here, but is it worth the upgrade?

While MyCareer leaves no traces of mould, the MyPlayer meta versions are refreshed with a variety of new badges and recordings by removing some of the most toxic designs. However, this is not the only major change in MyPlayer, as 2K21 users have been introduced in The City, a redesign in Le Quartier. The city offers a new aesthetic, Ruquiville (prelude to the city) and the return of the partners, a nod to the good old days of the NBA 2K.

In addition, the NBA 2K21 has a feature called The W that allows users to launch the WNBA MyPlayer career mode or take over the team in a sister league of the NBA, as in previous years. Although W is not as complete and detailed as MyNBA or MyPlayer, it offers something for those who wanted more functionality for WNBA content.

Springball to go?

The next generation of NBA 2K21 is here, but is it worth the upgrade?

Take-Two was not well positioned with the NBA 2K franchise until the introduction of the new generation 2K21 in November. With its still graphics and gameplay, recurring MyPlayer meta-constructions and strange use of the new Pro Stick, the next-generation franchise game hasn’t broken the mould, to say the least. And although it’s not a game either, it’s a step in the right direction. The new graphics add something very necessary to the presentation of the game, and it seems that Take-Two has managed to cope with the increased capabilities of the next generation hardware in this respect.

When it comes to game modes, Take-Two isn’t distorted. The 2K MyCareer and MyPlayer modes aren’t completely new, but the return of partners and the change in meta-games at least shows that Take-Two takes this new generation of games seriously.

But let’s go back to this important question: Shall we take this game? I really think this game is fun, and I think it’s best in terms of both mode changes and game settings. However, the price of $70 is still difficult to swallow despite the positive adjustments. A price of $60 per day for this title is quite reasonable, but the extra $10 may not be worth it this time, especially if you’ve already bought the game for Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

If you want to get into the game, you might want to get the Mamba Forever Edition. Not only will you receive the game, but there are also many VC and MyTeam items included with the game. And with the purchase of Mamba Forever Edition for Xbox One and PS4 you get access to the older generation version.

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