Despite the strange year, 2020 ends with some of the best releases, including the next generation of PS5 and Xbox consoles, as well as credits such as Cyberpunk 2077, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. But in 2021, at last year’s Game Awards 2020, we saw a lot of new games announced or updated. We’ve put together all the trailers, world premieres, announcements and information about the Game Awards 2020 for you below.

Heroes of the hinge

The 2020 Game Awards started with the Devolver Digital Hinge Hero. It’s an adventure on the Rougelite bridge that opens in 2021. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:


The second discovery of the event was Tchia, a tropical outdoor adventure inspired by New Caledonia. It is located around a beautiful archipelago and is a physically controlled sandpit. Right now he’s only on the Steam list. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Sea of Solitude – Targeted cutting work

Developer Jo-Mei said his Sea of Solitude game will be released on Nintendo Switch as an enhanced version of Sea of Solitude – Director’s Cut. The publication is scheduled for 4. Scheduled for March 2021 at the Nintendo Central. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

The shady part of me

Focus Home Interactive and Twelve Dixiemes presented Shady Part of Me, a new game now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Trailer of the beginning of the tasks of Mist Oculus.

VR Myst, published in Oculus Quest, and a new trailer were released for the 2020 Game Awards. By purchasing a game on the Quest platform, players can also unlock Myst environments to update their Oculus house. Check the trailer on the ground floor:

Trailer for the reproduction of NeiR games

After a long wait, NeiR Replicant finally got the gameplay trailer at yesterday’s event. Watch the game in all its glory in the trailer below. The contest is scheduled for the 23rd. April 2021 is scheduled. Pre-orders are now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

The century: The age of the ashes

Playwing unveiled its brand new Century title: The Age of Ashes with mass dragon fights online. The release is scheduled for February 2021 on the PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The beta recordings can now also be seen live on Steam. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Super Smash Bros. Limit x Final Fantasy Show

Everyone was looking forward to this discovery when it became known that the new Super Smash Bros. figure will be unveiled at the event, including the final result. It turned out to be none other than Sefirot of the last Fantasy franchise. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Trailer of a perfect film noir

Perfect Dark is a secret thriller agent created in a world close to the future and developed by the Xbox initiative. Check out the new trailer with the official announcement below:

Revelation of Back4Blood + game trailer

Back4Blood is a brand new cooperative shooting game for 4 zombie players from Turtle Rock Studio. Exit is on 2. June 2021 planned. The game will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 and PC. Registration for Closed Alpha is now also available on the official website of the game, which takes place on the 17th. December 2020 will be available. Check out the official trailer of Back 4 Blood below:

Closed Beta Trailer Raider

Scavengers was announced two years ago, and since then the game is in development. However, fans will be pleased to know that the game is entering a closed beta phase, which is now taking place live. Players who already have access to the game can immediately switch to the closed beta, but additional players can also register for the closed beta on the official website. Take a look at the closed beta trailer for scavengers below:

The hood: Release date of the trailer for Bandits et légendes

Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Newcastle presented a brand new trailer titled Hood : Outlaws & Legends, where the release date of the game was also shown. The hood: Outlaws & Legends is intended for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Preorders are now online, and all players who have pre-ordered will receive a copy of the game on September 7. May 2021: an early start. The full publication is scheduled for the 10th Congress of the European Union. May 2021.

Nintendo India Global Update

Nintendo has released a tribute video featuring all the major independent games released for Nintendo Switch this year. See below:

Forza Horizon 4 x Cyberpunk

With all the hype surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, Forza Horizon also offers today’s gamers a Colab with a new version that includes an incredible Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech 2058 for free. Check the trailer on the ground floor:

Opening the Callisto protocol

Callisto Protocol is a brand new horror game from Striking Dance Studios. This is a third person horror game developed on the moon of Jupiter Callisto and will be released in 2022. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Damn it: 40,000 – Opening of the game Darktide

Damn it: 40,000 – Darktide was already announced in July and is a cooperative title for 4 users After the first unveiling, the developer has also officially released its gameplay. It is planned to release it on the PC and Xbox One at the same time as the Xbox series, but the release window is still unknown. See below:

Open roads

Open Roads is a brand new name for Annapurna Interactive and Fullbright who tells the story of a daughter and her mother who travel to find out the truth about the clues her grandmother gave. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Disco Elysium – Final exhibition of cut material

The award-winning role-playing game Disco Elysium will also be released as Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, scheduled for March 2021. It is offered as a free update for all existing players on PS5, PS4, PC and Stages. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

The age of the dragon

Bioware presented a brand new title for the era of the dragon and a short trailer. The new game is simply called the Age of the Dragon, and it will have a recurring character. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Endless dungeons

Endless Dungeons is a brand new title from Amplitude and SEGA where you recruit a team of castaways, dive into a long abandoned space station and protect your crystal from the incessant waves of monsters. It is released on the Xbox, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch series. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

The Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert is a brand new title by Pearl Abyss, with a beautiful open world that offers content to a single user in the form of an MMO. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

It’s cooked! Anything you can eat, Swedish chef.

Team 17 has announced a roast! Everything you can eat for the consoles of the PS5 and Xbox series, on which the Swedish chef will play for free. See below:

The class of the future

DrLupo presented the Game Awards Future, presenting some of the emerging talents in the video game industry.

The 3D world of Super Mario + Bowser’s Rage

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury also has a small space for the event. See below:

Launch of the epic game shop Warframes Unreal Armament Tournament

Warframe receives a limited number of weapons, including weapons from the Incredible Tournament, including a launcher, a flashgun and a shock gun. Check the trailer on the ground floor:

Call of Duty Cold War Season 1 Trailer

The first season of Call of Duty Cold War officially starts on the 16th. December 2020. It will present new maps, new operators and new content. It will also bring important updates for players in the Warsaw area, including a new nearby map known as the Island of Rebirth. Check the official opening of the caravan on the ground floor:

Seasonal trailer

Season is the new PS5 exclusive to Scavengers Studio, which tells the story of traveling around the world, exploring and recording endangered cultures. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Animated Ark Series 2 Trailer + Ark

The Wildcard Revealed Ark 2 Studio is an impressive trailer with Vin Diesel. This coincides with the opening of the official competition. Studio Wildcard also unveiled The Ark, an animated series with an exceptional cast and scheduled for release in 2022. Check the open caravan on the ground floor:

Types of cases 3×03

Third season of Autumn Boys: The ultimate knockout is on the way. Skip the 15th. December in winter wonderland and Arctic Falls!

Dangerous Elite: Odyssey

The border has finally revealed the elite of the Dangerous Game: The Odyssey. For the first time in history, the commander can participate in missions, emergency missions and intense tactical battles on foot, and integrates the game perfectly with the iconic experience of the dangers of the elite cockpit.

Pioneer – Mantra of Survival

Outriders is a cooperative shooting game for 1 to 3 players, set in an original, dark and desperate fantasy world. When mankind bleeds in the trenches of Enoch, you create your own rider and travel through a hostile planet. The race starts on the 2nd. February 2021.


The game Metroidvania Action F.I.S.T : The forged shadow rocket will be available on the PS5 and PS4 in the spring of 2021, after a new trailer that will produce electricity on the TGA 2020. See the breathtaking images that take the classic genre to the next level of visual performance.

Evil Death: Play

Think of all participants in the cooperative action and PvP as malicious deaths: In 2021 the game will be released on PS5 and PS4.

Resurrection of ghosts and goblins

The beloved Capcom Ghosts ‘n Goblins series is returned via the Nintendo switch. A brand new adventure allows you to arm yourself as Arthur in this game. 1. Ghosts n’ Goblins released 2. February 2021

Return of the game console

We finally saw the trailer for the Returnal game on PlayStation 5. The developer gives the preliminary order of play on the 19th game day. March 2021 live.

96. Street

DigixArt’s Road 96 received the trailer that was announced at the 2020 Game Awards. Hitchhike to freedom in this crazy procedural journey of famous Indian designers. No two roads are the same!

We need two supporters for the opening day.

The creators of A Way Out offer you a new adventure that takes you on the wildest journey of your life. It takes two is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 26. March 2021.

Play a couple, Cody and May, two people turned into dolls by a spell. Stuck in a fantasy world, they are reluctant to challenge the polite love guru, Dr. Hakim, to save their broken relationship. Between them and their return to normal life, there are a wide variety of brilliant and disturbing challenges.

Old roles online – Gates of Oblivion

Destruction approaches Tamriel with The Gates of Oblivion, the next great adventure of the Ancient Manuscripts Network, which will last a year. You can find more information about the 21. January at Global Reveal for the upcoming chapter, DLC and the new epic story.

Monster Hunter Rebellion

The Hunter Rise monster demon that arrived at Nintendo Switch in January 2021. Help protect the village of Kamura by sneaking through swampy, flooded forests and fighting new monsters like the Sleeping Somnakant and the omnivorous towers of Bishaten.

Old West

The world premiere of the film Focus Home Interactive evil west was presented at the 2020 Game Awards.

Evil West is an action game that you can play alone or together in the dark fantasy, a strange universe of the Far West. Meet vampire hunter Jesse Rantier and the bloodthirsty monsters he hunts in today’s spectacular Reveal trailer. The Evil West arrives in 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Scarlet Nexus Game Trailer

The Scarlet Nexus trailer features two different characters and gameplay experiences in this quirky, pirated action-adventure game. With a dual perspective story, players can begin their journey with Yuito Sumeraji or Kasane Randall, the latest recruits from Psion Warriors’ elite group.

Below is the map of the airship.

A new map for Unter uns is finally open, and it’s a new Zeppelin map. The new card had been teased for a long time and was finally presented at the 2020 Game Awards.

Forty Master Chief, undead.

A master chef from the Halo series joins Fortnite as a game character. Michonne and Daryl of The Walking Dead also take part in piano sessions.

The ruined king: History of the League of Legends

Take a first look at the Destroyed King gameplay: The history of the League of Legends. The fate of Bilgewater is in your hands and it looks like you have a team that can support you.

Online flight in the Greater Toronto Area Cayo Perico

It all happens in Cayo Perico, a private paradise where the infamous El Rubio, the world’s largest drug trafficker and supplier to the Madrazo family, lives.


The latest trailer for mankind confirms that it will be broadcast around April 2021. The developer has also confirmed that you can play the new OpenDev scenario this month.

The Medal of Valour: From the top and from the outside.

Respawn Entertainment’s new VR first person shooter is the Medal of Bravery: There’s a new trailer upstairs and outside.

Next mass effect

The mass effect is far from over, because we have a new perspective on the next chapter in the universe of the mass effect. Bioware’s veteran team is in the early stages of what lies ahead for the Mass Effect franchise.

Kapcom Arcade Stadium

Capcom Arcade Stadium is also on its way to the event with a trailer. See below:

Rocket League Season 2, opening

La Cascade also announced the second season of the Rocket League. Check the trailer on the ground floor:

Simply because mobile revelation

Just Cause is called Just Cause Mobile for mobile devices. Check the trailer on the ground floor:

It’s a strange world: Energy Storm Trailer

It’s a strange world: Soulstorm also received a new trailer at the 2020 Game Awards. See below:

You can find all winners in our article about all categories and their winners in The Game Awards 2020. If you want to follow the whole event, you will also find a link below:

What are your favourite announcements, world premieres or revelations from last night at the 2020 Game Awards? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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