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The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

One of the best ways to learn to draw is to draw what you like and what you learn. So what better way to do that than to draw one of your favourite Pokémon?

In general, it is recommended to start drawing the most important geometric figures, starting with the smallest and working upwards.

We’ve put together some of the simplest Pokémon you can draw here to get you started. As you get better and better at drawing, try laying your hand on one of the toughest Pokémon you can rely on.

The point is,.

The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

It was tempting to remove Dito from this list because he could easily be drawn betweenand. Our friendly creature is an amorphous drop with a pair of eyes and a smile. You don’t have to learn to draw it for too long.

-Volt and-Electrode

The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Next comes the Voltorb and the electrode. Actually, it’s the same pattern as the electrode in his mouth. Try to draw as perfect a circle as possible and work with these two on shadows.

Diggett / Dugtrio

Dug Trio The Easiest Pokemon to Draw Dug Trio The Easiest Pokemon to Draw .

The hardest thing about drawing Diglette is not the figure, but the ground from which it arises. Once you have mastered Diggett, you can draw Daggett by drawing three angry Diggett!


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

If you’ve already drawn a heart, you could probably draw a lava disc. Actually, it’s just a heart with eyes and a mouth.

Igglybuff / Jigglypuff

jigglypuff – one of the easiest jigglypuff poker drawers.

Our musically tinted friend is a good step after mastering Voltorb. With Igglybuff and Jigglypuff you start with a round and add the other functions one after the other.

Swallowing needle

The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Galpin is another amorphous Pokémon who has to make a list. If you want a more serious challenge, try drawing him while he breathes the food.

Main switch

The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Bounsweet is a cute little Pokémon that looks like a turnip or a mangosteen. When drawing, try to maintain the correct leaf-to-body ratio.


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Just like Jigglypuff, you can learn to draw Maril by starting with different shapes. Draw an oval in front of your body and slowly add other body parts.


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

The Owl is the great Pokémon that learns to shoot behind its leaves. If you’re good at drawing and can shade the leaves, you can use all kinds of herbs like Pokemon to draw.


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Togepi is one of Misty’s favourite Pokémon and a great Pokémon for aspiring artists. The most difficult thing is to draw the patterns of the eggshells correctly.


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Wobbuffet is fun to paint because he looks so stupid all the time. Try to adjust the relationship between his legs and his head correctly. And don’t forget your eyes on his dick.


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Snorlaksa is so easy to draw because he’s actually just a round ball of everything he’s eaten!


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Mariup may be a little more complex than the others on this list, but it is usually a cloud plus a few body parts. You can do it!


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Porjon may sound scary, but if you break it, it’s really just a bunch of composite figures. Start with a shape and work from there – the eye is a good place to start.


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

The spheal is a swollen seal with silk flippers and a short tail. If Spheal is too simple, give an overview of the development of Sealeo and Walrein.

Pop-up windows

The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Piplup is a good character to draw after mastering some of the simple characters, because he has a few additional features that you should consider, such as his toes and fur.


The Easiest Pokemon to Draw

Our friend Derpy Psyduck is a good choice for beginning artists. It can be difficult to put your beak right on your head, so take a moment to do it right.


Here they are, the 20 lightest Pokémon to paint! If you want to improve your drawing skills, start drawing the easier ones, such as Jigglypuff and Snorlax, and then continue from there. Usually it’s about drawing the right numbers, so spend some time with these circles!



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