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The Definitive Darkest Flagellant Dungeon Guide

The Definitive Darkest Flagellant Dungeon Guide

The flagellator is a large, self-contained forehead with high bleeding and damage potential as force increases and is especially useful for dry spinal cord bleeding.

The flogging belongs to an extremist group within the church and is usually seen with a poisonous mixture of fear, dread and disgust. The power he derives from martyrdom is as effective as it is disturbing – one moment it is a source of healing renewal, the next a terrible conductor of anger. Its full potential is only realized on the brink of insanity… or death. – Guild

Let me start this Darkest Dungeon Flagellant guide with an anecdotal story; I’ve been in the difficult Veterans Church with a terribly leveled and unprepared team for a while. I underestimated the difficulty and it cost me several lives; by the time I reached my first campsite I had lost my heliotrope and finally I had lost my gravedigger.

But standing over the bloody bodies of enemy veterans was my calling card. I watched with admiration as he bled 15 pence from two positions in a single round on big opponents, which melted before his eyes. When they struck him with the most violent blows, he was encouraged by the pain and turned away from them before healing on the brink of death.

The flagellant strengthens at a low health level, but also has an excellent stand-alone character. Unlike other tanks that have bottomless health, the flagellant absorbs damage by bringing it to the edge before it uses its healing power.

The result is a character that invites the enemy to attack while spreading powerful bleeding artifacts and, if necessary, self-healing. However, this risky style of play has its strengths and weaknesses and can be a bit opposite to the frontline hero. To help you unleash the power of flogging, we have pushed the Flagelian to the limit to give you this guide.

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Overview of the flagship of the Darkest Keep

There is power in the blood, for those who have the courage to pay the price. – Ancestor

So if we look at the basic statistics on flagrante delicto, we don’t see anything very impressive: Average speed, low power, little damage and no escape:


You’ll improve a little at the higher levels of Resolve (its speed is one of the highest), but it’s its unparalleled bleeding capabilities and unique features that set it apart from the crowd. Most of these fans stem from the fact that he is in poor health, which is why Flagellant is often considered a risk/reward hero.

Firstly, there is only one disease (which is not a virtue to him) that Flagellant can contract under total stress, and that is a court-martial state, one that gives him +25% damage, +3 EPD and -20 Dodge. On the other hand, Flagellant can attack his teammates at random, but the statistics come out pretty good, just to compensate the poor Dodger with a little recovery of the clutch.

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A 40% Flagellant gets the +20% Hurricane and +7% Cretebuffet and has access to his Bleeding and Writing skills (cannot be used more than 40%). If he hits Death’s Door, he’ll cure the game for 10% of their HP , and Flagellant will have a huge fan base: +5 ACC, +20% DMG, +2 SPD and +20% anesthesia, Bleight, Blightand Debuff resistant.

If he dies, which is possible if you keep his health as low as possible and play risky, he will eliminate all enemies and heal his team with an extra 10% horsepower.

Don’t worry about it. There are many ways to maintain the health of your sycophants, and with careful use they can approach immortality.

As in our previous character guides, let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of this holy man at a high level.

Flag thickness

  • Access to bleeding
  • Bleeding poles are good.
  • Can focus on different targets in the last row
  • High potential for self-sufficiency
  • Becomes stronger

Weaknesses of the mast

  • Direct damage is low
  • Poor health
  • Limited to 1 or 2 rows
  • Lack of manoeuvrability

As you can already see, Dark Dungeon Flagellant is unique and counterintuitive to the frontline hero because he is in poor health and plays the role of a DoT (damage over time) trader rather than a target trader. However, its ability to cause bleeding is unparalleled, it can cause significant damage per stroke and can target both posterior positions by stopping the bleeding.

Moreover, the flagellants’ armour capacity is not due to their deep health or high defence capacity, but to the gate’s ability to be self-sufficient and its strong resistance to death (73%).

With this in mind, we must start by emphasizing this niche character by exploring each of his skills, and we strongly recommend you to read our Final Dark Dungeons Guide to learn more about fighting and team placement.

Ability to flog in the darkest dungeon


  • Close to the battle
  • Maybe with 1. or 2. The grade is used
  • Grade 1 or 2 goals
  • Causer of damage 0
  • an accuracy of 95
  • Critical mode 5
  • Blood damage 4 pence per turn 3 turns
  • -20% blood resistance

Bread and butter should be the bread and butter of any dungeon, because it damages your basic position individually and has excellent bleeding potential. This not only adds 4 damages per turn (pay attention to the base), but also reduces the target’s resistance to bleeding. This means that you can have the same tank snowed under 2 to 3 towers in the first row, resulting in double-digit blood damage.

Okay, that’s cool.

Freshwater rains

  • Close to the battle
  • Maybe with 1. or 2. The grade is used
  • Objectives Evaluation 3 and 4
  • Causer of damage -67
  • an accuracy of 95
  • Critical mode 2
  • Blood damage 3 points per turn 3 turns
  • -20% blood resistance

Multifunctional penalty, which causes less damage, but the positions 3 and 4 hit for 3 points damage by bleeding in a 3 turns. This is an invaluable ability that allows you to burn out the last row of damage/stress traders while at the same time reducing their resistance to bleeding so you can keep beating them to prevent further damage from melting.

24 hours a day

  • Close to the battle
  • Maybe with 1. or 2. The grade is used
  • Grade 1 or 2 goals
  • Causer of damage 0
  • Accuracy 90
  • Critical mode 3
  • Blood damage is 5 pence per turn for 3 turns.
  • Healing up to a maximum of 35% HP.
  • -3 Speed (car)
  • -25% Healing power
  • -25% recovery achieved
  • Can only be used on less than 40% of health
  • 3 Combat claims

If you’ve ever thought about what retribution is, it’s like bleeding (i.e. pumping someone’s blood!), an attack that not only causes decent damage, but also heals and bleeds at the same time. Exsanguinate sells 5 colossal pence for each series of blood damage and heals the flagellant in good health.

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This is a good offensive attack that can be used to keep your flogger in check while his health pool drops to a risky level. However, such a strong attack is not without its drawbacks, it can only be used 3 times per fight and reduces the potential for additional healing. …but it is 100% worth it.


  • Healing
  • Can be used in any position and any target in any position
  • 2 pence per turn for 2 turns
  • Own blood (base 120%), 3 p.p. per round for the third round

Rather basic, healing, which is good if you want to live on the edge and keep your flagellum as low as possible on HP. A small number of healings at any one time can save her from the gates of death, but there are better ways to heal the clutch that are easier and safer to rely on.


  • Healing
  • Can be used in any position and any target in any position
  • 33% Maximum curing HP. (self-healing 35%)
  • -25% Healing capacities
  • -25% Healing received
  • -3 Speed
  • Can only be used on less than 40% of health
  • 2 Combat operations

Salvation is a powerful claw healing, which has a healing statistic similar to bleeding, but with the ability to heal teammates 33% at the same time and flogging 35%. The whip is flexible enough to effectively immortalize him while he has access to his most powerful bleeding, as we will do in the Gathering of the Bloodsucking Immortals, which we will show below.

Classic healing option.


  • Can be used in any position and is intended for any other ally.
  • -10 people hit a target
  • +10 Costs for blatant
  • Speed +1

Reliability is part of a set of flagrante delicto utilities that can be used to support your team while putting pressure on the flagrante. It’s a good idea to deal with a hero’s determination, because not all heroes thrive under stress, as Flagellant does. This also increases their fairly low base speed, which is always worthwhile.


  • Can be used in any position and is intended for any other ally.
  • A clearly indicated destination
  • Displacement rear exit / Bleeding
  • Self-registration (2 rds)
  • Bloeddrukkend
  • -20 Stress (4 sticks)
  • +6% resistance to the fatal blow (4 bar)

Another team support capacity, Suffering, is useful in any building because it counteracts the effects of allies, while making your Flagellum more immune to death. A great tool for those who like to keep their wits about them and take on the punishment of their allies.

Flagellant appreciates the scars and abrasions that cover his body – he offers incomprehensible resistance to breaking his own flesh. His hammer, especially his cruel and ruthless weapon, drips with the blood of his enemies…and that of himself. – Blacksmith

Because the blatant not only sends out a warning signal, but also a damage signal, you can fill the rest of your list with sellers who cause damage to a target if it bleeds out of the back line. I have discovered that Flagellant works well with Arbalet/Cultist and the Bounty Hunter, which can alternately mark and damage the chosen target.

If you want a really strong crew, you can have one: 1 Flagelant, 2 road workers, 3 Houndmasters and 4 Westal.

This would be a good balance: the Whipper could shed blood and absorb damage in the back rows, while the Rover targets damage to a single target in the front rows and leaves it to the Hunt Master to wipe out Hound’s Harry. In short, bring in a dealer to help you repair the damage to the target, an emergency doctor and everything else your team/situation needs.

The flogger is a hero that must be used to damage, take and, if necessary, heal the tank. Blood is the flagellan’s greatest weapon, so it thrives in Warren and Valda, but not in shelters or ruins. In the first case, it can be used to make the other party break through, causing more bleeding.

Now, let’s take a dip in assembling samples that will enhance the usefulness and survival of the flagrante.



Building : Immortal Bleeding

The idea of this building is simple: a flagellator that can endure pain and be autonomous while having access to his most powerful blood capacities.

Capacities used for immortal bleeding : Punishment, mourning, incest and penance.

Offering jewelry: Penile hood (+20% risk of bleeding, -20% healing capacity and +15% MGD for an SP of less than 40%) and the neck of the injured person (+20% bleeding and bleeding resistance for an SP of less than 40% and +10% maximum SP).

This structure The darkest mast of the dungeon is simply tied; the rear line is hit by the rain of pain, then the front line by punishment, so blood is applied throughout the enemy detachment and the rear line begins to bleed. This blatant must also always have less than 40% amateurs, because bleeding and redemption give the blatant many opportunities for recovery in the event of a disaster.

Because he feels safe, he can start stacking his bleeding effects in the last rank with Pain Rain or Punish for the first rank (where there is danger), and after a while your elite opponents will start sharing 15 damages per turn.

Watch the video below to see the Immortal Bleeding enter the Veterans Church:

The Definitive Darkest Flagellant Dungeon Guide

You’ll see that he uses exsanguinations very early on to restore his health and add 5 pt to make the tick’s blood flow on the front line before wasting the nasty defenders. His bleeding in DoT leads directly to the death of two backliners, weakens the position of one and causes damage by the double application of exsanguinations.

Flagellant is an excellent hero, but he has become one of my favorites because of his ability to bleed and his unique way of absorbing punishment through a cycle of damage, rebounds and subsequent healing.

In an already intense game it seems exaggerated to use a hero who lives on the brink of death. Believe me, I understand. I felt the same way about him. However, you’ll find that once you’ve mastered his hingeing skills, this time your enemy will have to fear how the whip is under tension and cover your enemies with waves of blood. I hope my little guide Darkest Dungeon Flagellant will help you master this character.

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