After the failure of number four. Edition, Wizards of the Coast came out with the fifth. The Dungeons and Dragons edition is back on stage.

These changes are essentially mechanical and simplify the more complex rules of the predecessor. This makes the 5th edition much more user-friendly for new players.

Yeah, you have less numbers for the crystal. And although it may seem harmful to some of the optimised bands, WotC has managed to implement their central idea: making the game more accessible to new players and ensuring a smoother flow.

With many resources invested in 5. it was a great triumph for the famous publisher. This includes many expansions and adventures released for the 5th.

Let’s look at all the recent versions (at the time of writing) to appreciate the best adventure modules you could get for the 5th.

15. Dragon Queen Square

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The Dragon Queen’s Accumulator module was the first to be released as part of the then new 5th edition. The edition was published before the final versions of the three main regulations.

This can lead to a certain imbalance in the meetings and the DM has to work a bit harder to make the story run smoother.

The enemies of this module may also seem a bit repetitive, because you’ll stack goblin and icon like there’s no tomorrow!

If that sounds fun, then yeah, you’re probably having a lot of fun here.

However, I think the recurring enemies, the linear history, the extra effort of the DM and the general framework take away the dragon queen.

14. Principles of Revelation

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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The first module published after the three main rulebooks, Princes of the Apocalypse, presents some structural problems.

Despite the exciting setting and the many extra gifts being sold, Princes of the Apocalypse is unfortunately struggling.

Within the module there are essentially two parts. And they don’t seem to be playing well together.

The first part is an almost 100% sandbox, which may appeal to some players, but can be difficult logistically for a DM.

The second part of the adventure takes place on heavy tracks and offers only the illusion of a choice.

Much of the dungeon can be very tempting. But with its problems of coincidence and timing, this module can be difficult for inexperienced players, but also for DMs who don’t like sandbox adventures.

However, this is a classic framework. With the remarkable Temple of Elemental Evil in chapter 4.

13. The rise of Tiamat

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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Together with the Queen of Dragons, this module forms the scenario for the Tyranny of the Dragons.

As it was written shortly after the first part, he tends to share some of his problems.

Preventing the dragon cultures from resurrecting their sinister plan to resurrect the leader of the Chromatic Dragons, Tiamat, certainly sounds epic.

Your group, which is directly responsible for preventing such a disaster, must touch the heart of every deadly D&D player.

Unfortunately, as we have already written, this module is badly needed to be balanced with a DM. And it’s quite a railroad, which can be confusing for some groups.

12. Out of the abyss

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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This module is located in the infamous Underdark and starts with a brass band.

Many evil, dangerous and malicious creatures have been working on bringing down the PC since the beginning.

The adventure begins as slaves in a Drow prison battle for survival, and players must immediately feel the crawling excitement of this adventure.

There are few options for the secure storage of PCs. And that, in combination with the simulated enemies in this module, might turn out to be too much for your group. YMMV.

It should also be noted that this adventure requires a lot of DM installation in order to work properly, which usually puts it at the top of the ladder. Even with the epic demonic encounter of the Lord at the end of the book.

11. Water Dragon Raid

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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In the exotic town of Waterdeep the computer is invited to discover a place where a treasure must be hidden.

With encounters with some of the most famous Forgotten Realm characters of all time and a varied list of monsters – Gazer, Reasoner, Trail, Rakshasa – this adventure has great potential for PR and deepening knowledge.

For groups who prefer PR, this adventure will be much more important.

But because the plot is based on the hunt for a MacGuffin object, for me it is among many others.

10. Icespear Peak Dragons

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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This module, included in the essential D&D kit, is intended for beginners thanks to its systematic approach to the rules.

Most basic principles – skill checks, battles, status effects, etc. – are not included in the training. – are taught as the game progresses in history. This is very useful for new players, so don’t forget to check if you’ve just entered the game.

The story itself is somewhat cut out, the quests of the PCs are only vaguely connected, although they inevitably lead to a final battle.

There is also another approach in the FP, which is calculated through benchmarking.

In short, everything you need to play is in a box with this module.

And it’s a great entrance for new players to start a decent story.

9. Dungeon of the Mad Wizard

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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This is where you continue the story of the dragon flight… or where it ended.

This adventure has an extremely complex dungeon structure with 23 magnificent levels accessible from the Portal de la Baîche tavern in Waterdeep.

Sometimes it seems that your group has no real reason to be there. Something that can be a problem for some groups.

Yet this huge dungeon (also a remake of the 2nd edition of Ruins of Undermountain) which spans levels 5 to 20 has already been touched or missed by many.

If you like big challenges, endless dungeons and are good at mechanics, you will feel at home at Dungeon Mad Magician.

8. Descent to Avernus

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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Immediately after the start of their new career the PC’s plunge into the nine hells of Averna.

The usual omens and hellish things abound. With the addition of the ability to build Hell War machines – Mad Max style – this module brings some new elements into your usual campaign.

These fully adaptable vehicles, which are also important for the survival of the group, turn out to be a nice addition.

But once you’re there, good luck coming back!

Archbishop Zariel is also waiting for you, like the icing on the cake of a very angry man.

The creations of this module will make you lose your knees and your blood will boil. But you can also become a true savior, a legendary hero.

With its deep history, terrifying and varied followers and new mechanics (all going through levels 1 to 13), the descent to Avernus will prove to be an exciting adventure for many groups.

However, the DM needs to be a bit more careful here. With their usual, more emphasized role, they can easily make players feel omnipotent…. or, conversely, powerless, with the sad realization that they can stay in hell forever.

7. Salagidra hunting

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

A glance at D&D past

In just 30 pages, this short adventure module not only brings back memories of legendary monsters, but also of antiquity. The beautiful red box is designed in the style of the long forgotten and beloved Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

This one is shorter and somewhat simpler, but still offers an excellent set.

The story, which can be described as somewhat generic – Stranger Things fans might say – presents large monsters – with clear goals, motivations and ecology, a crazy amount of PR opportunities, and presents fairly balanced PR/exploration/combat encounters.

Another problem could be repeatability, because this module is really relatively short – it can be completed in about 8 hours.

The implications of Elf of Strange Things (fans cheering!) may also seem a little out of place and give the impression of deus ex-machina….. This may not be for all groups. That said, it’s really nice!

6. Fandelwehr Lost Mines

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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Beautifully written, succinctly presented, with a number of memorable NPCs and locations, and a crazy amount of player customization. That’s amazing.

While you are welcome for new players! That makes this device high enough among all the others.

This adventure (which may not last more than 10 sessions) brings everything together in one place.

With a ghost town roaming freely and local bosses in their respective places, there is an inevitable sense of fulfillment for your PC if you are well connected to the mechanics. This makes the alignment quite consistent.

Oh, and there are some cool puzzles to solve!

5. Storm King Thunder

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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This massive module, which can be implemented by a DM without much effort, certainly deserves a place at the top.

And any small problems that may arise from these big stories are easily solved by the DM.

This module has everything to please: political intrigue, epic battles, new monster skills, sandbox potential, etc.

Nightstone, the city where your computer starts up, offers the same possibility. Although there are (presumably) three options.

The boss’s fight at the end is unbalanced. And with the help of your (scripted) PC you can make fighting a breeze. And thus completely anticlimactic.

DM – you need to take this into account before starting the campaign.

4. Yawning gate stories

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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Although this module can be touched or missed for some groups, it is a classic D&D.

Yawn portal stories embody everything D&D stands for.

It is easy to modulate, well written, deadly, plus a convincing and credible story with well-designed monsters.

That’s D&D. Even if the adventure becomes too linear, there is always a climax. Or something else to attract your players with inconsistent orientations.

A fantastic module that every D&D player should try.

3. Spirits of the salt marshes

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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As one of the last adventures of the five. The edition, Ghosts of Saltmarsh, is exceptionally well done and well structured.

A fascinating story, well balanced and easily accessible, makes this adventure really a highlight.

WotC really did his best here. The module, which covers classes 1 to 13, is in itself excellent to read.

It also serves as a stimulus for experienced veterans and newcomers.

The eponymous city of Saltmarsh is incredibly skilful, with a complex and deep-rooted conflict between the three main factions (Traditionalists, Loyalists, Scarlet Brothers). It just leads to adventure.

As a DM you have the reasonable feeling that every page you turn tells a story. Every piece of information is valuable and at the same time easy to integrate into your own creation.

Perhaps the only problem is that this adventure is suitable for the DM and not for the players. It’s also the only reason he’s in the top three, but not anymore.

2. The Curse of Stratification

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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For many D&D fans, this is the best adventure ever. And rightly so.

This adventure, with the best written villain of all time, makes you beg, cry and get wet when you ask for more.

You’ll love this style of writing and brilliant structure!

In many ways he can read just as well as Out of the Abyss. But in contrast to the despair of this adventure, there is hope here.

One that will completely disrupt your party.

And this is thanks to an ingenious villain who plays so easily with computers and NPCs: the vampire Count Strad.

This legendary census is more than just a remake. It’s a real masterpiece for the fifth grade.

1. Destruction of graves

The 15 Best Modules, Ranked –

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There’s not much to say about Tomb of Extinction, except that it’s directly inspired by Gary Gygax’s legendary Tomb of Horrors.

And that’s a good thing.

With a great story, soul-seekers (who isn’t afraid of these guys?) and other evil monsters, and some of the most memorable moments built in, this nightmarish adventure offers a lot of excitement in the beginning and lots of time to play.

Even with the slightest need for DM modifications, this adventure has everything a simple D&D adventure should have and more.

It’s certainly worth a try if you have the time.

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