Stardew Valley players have been looking forward to the 1.5 update since August. While there have already been teasers about what to expect in this huge new content package, the developers of the game have just given us some new ideas about what to expect when it finally arrives. The latest updates are the Beach Farm and the menu with extra game options.

Beach farm

Beach Farm is a brand new farm that players can explore and develop. This will be the seventh farm in the game and it will take the players to the sandy beach. For those who are worried about growing their plants in the sand, don’t worry. According to the creator of the game, Eric Care Monkey Barone, all crops, including grass, will be able to grow in the sand. More information about what exactly awaits you at the Beach Farm will be available soon.

Additional game options Menu

The Additional Game Options menu is a new addition to the Quality of Life that gives players a little more control over their activities. These options include custom community center plots, a first year completion guarantee, custom mining rewards and the ability for monsters to spawn on the farm.

The Community Center Bundle Remix creates new bundles in the Community Center, but at the same time adjusts the conditions for acquiring the old variants. Whether it’s a different crop or a different kind of fish, you have to earn it in a new way. If you select Normal, the kits remain unchanged.

The Year 1 Completion Guarantee allows players to complete the game in Year 1. The biggest problem is that red cabbage is needed for the bundle, but cannot be extracted in the first year. If you select this option, the red cabbage will be available sooner.

Adjusting the mining rewards increases or decreases the reward you receive for mining. The monsters that breed on the farm do exactly what they say, which makes it a little harder for you.

Previously confirmed updates

This is the last of a series of planned updates, but here is what we already know about Update 1.5.

  • There will be banana trees – (Twitter message) (wire).
  • The cribs are removable – (Reddit post).
  • Beds on the go – (Twitter message) (wire)
  • Willie’s got a new door in his house.
  • You can sit on the furniture)
  • Furniture can be placed outside
  • Ducks can swim in the water, but you don’t know if they are the same ducks as in your garden.
  • There will be another chance to acquire hardwood…
  • The split-screen cooperative comes to PCs and consoles. The number of simultaneous players may vary depending on the platform.
  • New Mining Area
  • 2 new samples, one looks like a new kind of mucus and the other like a new kind of metal head.
  • to place different objects – one with an engraved bone, a telephone, a new type of fire basket, an object with an image of a solar creature, a dark box-shaped object and a brown box-shaped object.
  • 2 new safes
  • There’s a new weapon.
  • There’s a new consumable that looks like ginger.
  • There’s a new kind of soil
  • There’s a new hat

Update 1.5 is expected to arrive on PCs at the end of 2020 and on consoles a little later in 2021.

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