Welcome to Star Citizen for January and the beginning of the new year 2021… what’s coming from Star Citizen this month, what you can expect, what gifts will be on the air this month.

December Giveaways – We gave away the MSR that won

We also handed out the Talon as a special thank you to the people who sat 35 miles away from me and watched Chris Roberts read the President’s letter.

Star Citizen Channel Update – What’s Coming in January 2021?

For January we have new gifts for an entire fleet of ships,

The 100i, 125a and 135c as well as the Talon and the Shriek are 5 ships and are all equipped with game packs and LTI…… Basically, I’m giving away five winners this month, one each. You could also attract a lot of players in 2021.

All you have to do is comment on one of the videos I made in January to have a chance of winning, including this one.

Exemplary citizen January 2021

The Cloud Empire should be up and running again by mid-January, probably from the 11th, I think…… Then we regularly see content / updates from the studios.

And a lot can happen this month….

The new SAI season has arrived, we are working on the new patch cycle and 3.13 is scheduled for March.
We know that the first big patch so far contains some good things, and we will probably see those features as of this month:

Work on the ice cage, mounted weapons, the Hercules C2 and M2 launch bay (comes with patch 3.13.x), environmental improvements, missile redesign, visual degradation of ships, hacking, docking the Constellation, surrender and is extremely fun for customizers, under which you will find the names of the ships and their serial numbers.

This should allow players to name the ships there, and these names will be visible to others.

Some ships were sold with the reserve name of your ships, but we also had David Colson from CI who said, Star Citizen Channel Update – What’s Coming in January 2021?

So I’m still a little confused. I suppose a few people could call their ship Enterprise if they wanted to, because it would also have a serial number that would make it unique. How could the names of the booked ships… are unique! I would expect the reserved ship names to allow you to choose your ship name free of charge? Maybe, uh… We will see how the ICU brings him to life.

Just let everyone give the ship a name, whatever it is: …., as long as it has unique identifiers. I wonder what you think about the names of the ships…? in the comments below.

January is usually plan month for Star Citizen, they set their priorities for the coming year and the results and features they want to have in the game, or at least progress towards. In this spirit, there are important updates and additions to the roadmap that CI expects to announce in a month’s time.

They’re adding their core and cutting-edge technology teams to the roadmap and expanding year-round version view, so we’ll see more details on plans for all major repairs this year. With potentially more features in patch 3.13.

What has not yet been demonstrated, which is very important, is the place of icache, server networks and pyrotechnics on the roadmap. We hope to see version 4.0 with SM and pyrotechnics later this year at ….. maybe……

It should also be noted that the CI has stated that it will update the roadmap every two weeks, so it does not have this in mind.

What Star Citizen players want to see in the game, and hopefully in January, are dynamic events/missions and battles of the XenoThreat fleet.

Large-scale battles and events in which players can participate… It was postponed at the end of December when it would go online. IC said they just wanted to adjust it a bit and make a few corrections before it went online.

We also know that the IC is working on a patch 3.12.1 that could coincide with XenoThreat, but it is supposed to fix several bugs, leaks from Libra and SC think that the new ship could still fly right into 3.12.

We should get a fairly substantial monthly report for the squadron and the Star Citizen because they didn’t publish it in December. We actually have two months of destruction work because they’ve already put the briefing room on hold, which is the main way to get updates from the squadron until it’s close to actual release.

So, in terms of the content of :

We will cover all aspects of XenoThreat in the game! I’m looking forward to it.

Zin will recruit people to help with the organization and management of Star Citizen events and to create content for videos and general community materials.

You get a standard breakdown of monthly reports, patch notes, ISC…..

We will look at the roadmap and any updates in detail AND possibly make a video about each of the key elements in the roadmap.

Zin and I are going to do a semi-regular Star Citizen podcast.

Topics and surveys will be posted so that you can contact us if you have questions or to help us with certain topics.

Zin and I both have a Toby 5 Eye Tracker…. After the new year I had too big a hangover to use my eyes. We had a deleted New Year’s party… and I was still at Rat Ears.

There will soon be videos on this subject, because they are pretty cool!

We will receive the SC Finals video as soon as we have more details on billing in 2019 and 2020.

We are looking forward to the new Turbulent Headed studio that builds star systems and planets for SC.

We look at the ice and what he has planned for Star Citizen in the short and long term.

We play games like Arlington Gang Idris Fight Missions and we hope you’ll be able to take part in some of the activities we’ve organised if you encounter my fight!

I would also like to take a look at the bounty hunt, it has a strong gameplay loop and hopefully it will get a solution in version 3.12.1, since for some people it was broken in version 3.12.0a.

I have a new computer I’m building and I’m literally waiting for my video card and processor. I bought them in October/November and they never arrived…. Stupid promotions in limited time. It should be mid-January then, and that means you’ll see me and the sentence and recording of the content and videos in native 4k. But I’ll make videos about this construction the way I like it, about the theme of Star Citizen what … You’ll see!

I’ve also seen an article on Reddit about avoiding insects and workarounds. I think it’s a good idea to make a video with a mix of performance and troubleshooting tips and how to get the most out of Star Citizen.

There’s one more thing I’d like to hear from you:

Would you like to see a new player guide for version 3.12? Or is my tutorial 3.10 still relevant enough?

What topics do you want Zin in the next podcast to cover? Are there any special guests you’d like to see?

We are finally restarting the Org Spotlight series, so if you have an org you want me to look at, feel free to send me a job offer, a link to the org, and why you think it would be good to be on the list as well.

Are there any special features or topics that should be covered in the video?

Any comments you would like to send me or sentence are appreciated…. Also suggestions for editing and improving the video.

What do you expect from Star Citizen in 2021? Are you worried about the XenoThreat? Whatever you think, I’d like you to give me your comments in the comments below.

I would particularly like to thank the members of my chain and the bosses who make an extra effort to support the chain. This extra funding really helped the chain, especially during the uncertainty surrounding CoronaVirus.

Consider joining them by using the Joint-button or the links below. Every month there will be exclusive messages, videos and content AND I also plan to call Pips regularly!

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