SolSeraph Review – In 1991, one of the Super Nintendo showcases was Enix’s ActRaiser. This title combined the action of platformers (Castlevania) and the construction of worlds (SimCity) in a way that was unique at the time. With his stunning soundtrack, unique combination of playing technicians and entertaining design, he still enjoys cult status today. But for some reason, so far there have not been many attempts to copy it with the release of SolSeraph by ACE Team and Sega. We could call him the spiritual successor to ActRaiser, but we all know that sometimes it doesn’t work so well. Did it hit the bull’s-eye?

SolSeraph Review –

At the heart of history is the reconstruction of mankind. The ancient gods of the world became bitter for the people and tried to ruin them. Helios takes on the role of protector of mankind and wants to defeat the gods who conquer the earth. He doesn’t want to do everything on his own, he wants to help people and learn to take care of himself. Helios will fight battles that are too important for humans, but more importantly, he will make them fight monsters on their way to their village.

The gameplay is divided into three parts: A 2D platform game in which you embody Helios, a mode of construction of isometric world in height and part of the defense of the tower. In the side-scrolling sections you attack with your sword, make a double jump in the air, run backwards with the push of a button and repel enemy attacks with your shield. Additional features are linked to your display and allow you to shoot arrows or even heal injuries. You also have certain skills that your ad uses, such as B. Archery and archery or cure.

SolSeraph Review –

In the defensive part of the tower you build defences to repel the evil creatures that are trying to spread across the land. You will be able to place buildings such as arsenals and towers in strategic locations to bring down hordes of enemies. Instead of fighting enemies directly, you can use your mana to hit them with lightning or activate a light fighter for a short period of time.

There is also an element of urban planning. On each level you build houses, farms, sawmills and other buildings to rebuild the village in the area. This is related to the tower defense game, because the house gives you people to manage the defense structures, and the sawmill provides you with wood to build the above mentioned structures. While most scenarios will revolve around building your village and setting up defences, you can also build temples near areas of dark fog so that the Helios can fight. In the Helios levels, you must either walk around the stage to the end or let the monsters’ gauntlet run. Defeating these treadmills will break the barrier around the den of the evil god. Once it is destroyed, you save the village and you can move on to the next area.

SolSeraph Review –

If the mix of tower defense and action platform game is excellent, the urban environment is very disappointing. It never feels like you’re building a village. Instead, it always seems like you’re trying to adjust the defensive segments of the tower. Part of the problem is that the playing fields are too small, so you can’t put many buildings in them. You can build roads that are far from the city, but the terrain is too narrow, so the location of the buildings never seems right. Not to mention the fact that you only have a short time frame before the next wave of enemies starts, so you don’t have enough time to plan the structure of your village properly. Maybe if the area was bigger and the buildings smaller, it would be a good planner. But now that he’s awake, he doesn’t feel in place.

However, the rest of the game is for the most part excellent. There are a lot of interesting details in this game that make it a fantastic experience. From small things like being able to move in the clouds with your cursor, to big things like the fact that enemies can jump from the foreground or background. A.I Enemy is actually a challenge, the level design is great, and the music and sound are phenomenal. The only small problem I have with the sections on the platforms, especially the movement of the characters. The animations seem very hushed, so simple actions like swinging a sword or jumping don’t seem to carry any weight, and that just seems unsatisfactory. The animations of the enemies are beautiful, I don’t understand why the animations of the characters are so sloppy.

SolSeraph Review –

ActRaiser’s art largely reflects his gameplay. The construction part of the city was greatly simplified with pixel art, while the action platform segments had sprites and much more detailed environments. This game avoids pixel art for the 3D models and the artistic style remains almost the same for the parts of the defensive tower. Although it may disappoint some, the game still looks good. The graphics are very bright and colorful, and even the darkest parts of the game are simply elegant. As you go through the levels, you sometimes see scenes in which the villagers talk about their current situation. The 2D portraits of these characters are not bad, but they stand out less than the rest of the game.

This game does so many good things, but as a spiritual successor, it’s fair to compare it to the original and see if it improves the source material. Although this game is an improvement on ActRaiser in many ways, it is also an improvement on other points. In the original game, once you have defeated the monster, the spawning point is there. However, in SolSeraph, defeating mist will not prevent monsters in the area from spawning. The original game followed the number of people in the city, and your character’s energy increased as the city grew. In this game, the size of the village has no effect on the progress of the player, in fact it makes little difference, except that you get more units for defensive structures. A little more attention to detail would have made it even better. I still had a lot of fun with this and I hope that the genre is still updated and that we will have more games in this style.


  • Graphs – 7.5/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 7/10
  • Late complaint – 7,5/10


Final thoughts: GOOD PAGE

SolSeraph takes over the ActRaiser formula, updates it for today’s gambling audience and is for the most part successful. The fantastic combination of platforming and tower defense is something you won’t see anywhere else. Fans of the Enix classics or newcomers should enjoy themselves here!

SolSeraph Review –

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