We all need space to put things down. The gauges are doing very well.

Not only do they take up the most space, they are also one of the most functional parts of these important spaces.

But let’s face it: Your Sims want more than just to function. You also need beautiful drawings!

If you’re tired of The Sims 4’s standard vanilla worktops, well, we’ve put together a list of our favorite custom worktops that’s sure to suit your Sims at home.

10. Kitchen area – counter top and drawers

Consult this CC

Old school is cool.

Especially if it brings back precious memories of your childhood.

And if you’ve spent too many summers with an elderly relative, you’ve seen this counter!

This Kitchenland – CC curtain counter from ShinoKCR looks very familiar.

On the counter hang old curtains under which we all once hid during an intense hide-and-seek with our brothers and sisters. Choose from 6 classic patterns, each with a different curtain.

9. Curvature gauge I

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

Are you the victim of our educational system that lets you memorize the periodic table of elements?

Then you’ve probably ignored the lessons and have no idea what Bochrium is.

It is a synthetic element that is chemically similar to rhenium, a rare metal. It works for more modern (even futuristic) counters.

And if you like style, you can get this CC Bohrium countertop set from Wondymoon.

I don’t know why the decor has that name, but these counters are so beautiful I don’t even mind. These marble worktops are suitable for any modern home.

8. Seraph Central bathroom Countertop (open box)

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

Before you watch this CC ensemble, listen to some Mozart.

This mediator is for soft and ethereal thematic spaces.

Has anyone said anything about gaps? Arwen-Kaboom’s seraphim bath is full of them.

It has two shelves with an open drawer and a towel over it. The drawer is covered with marble, giving it a classic look.

There are four models to choose from. Use this CC as a stand-alone sink for your bathroom, or if you really like design, check out the Seraphik set from this CC manufacturer!

7. Umbrella Island

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

The central island is nothing but luxury and lots of space.

It should be in the middle of your kitchen and immediately become the centre of attention. So you need to choose a style that reflects the look of your kitchen and is functional at the same time.

Winner9’s Counter Island CC Shadow is an excellent choice for the first centrepiece of your sim.

The tetris-shaped counter brings a little more than your boring rectangular island.

Available in two finishes: dark white maple and four basic colours of the counter top.

This is perfect for a kitchen where the wood theme is dominated by a single shade.

6. Washing machine and dryer on counter top

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

Most players build these huge, big houses for their Sims when they get the chance.

It’s time to live big, baby! And why not?

Do you want a bathroom the size of a bungalow? Boom. Do you want a pool that’s olympic? Yes, of course.

But there’s something charming about small houses.

They cost less, are easier to produce and require less furniture. If your Sim is part of a small domestic revolution, take this CC washer and dryer from Teknikah.

Forget the idea of losing any more space. This 2-in-1 unit lives under your counter. It’s actually a meter! And you have a total of 14 samples.

5. under mini-bridges.

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

If you ask me, you can never have too many refrigerators.

Give me the fridge in my room. Refrigerator in the office.

There is even a fridge in the bathroom (which is a bit weird, but hey!).

Continue our discussion on the theme of the cottage: How about a window refrigerator?

This CC is also from Teknik and undoubtedly saves space.

Put a microwave or even other devices on it.

Don’t you have a little house? Don’t worry, this mini fridge will be comfortable, even if it’s hidden.

4. Seamless island gauge

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

I’m going to say something controversial, but brave: I’m not a big fan of visible stitches.

I mean, I know they’re there. And their main goal is to keep things together – but sometimes they’re a little ugly.

Give me everything: Clothing, underwear, human interaction.

Seamless countertops can be more attractive, especially for modern, minimalist homes.

And this Illogical Sims Seamless DC Seamless Island Counter contains three Seamless DC Island Counters that can be placed side by side and function as a regular kitchen bar + counter.

They have wooden carcasses with two patterns, with crunchy white counters.

3. H&B Miniature wave – slot meter oven

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

Some people have too much clutter under their kitchenettes. It’s me. It’s me. It’s me. It’s me. I’m human.

When you build a real working cornice, you make very good use of your counting space.

Who said they were just for your kitchen business?

Why not this H&B MiniWave – Countertop Slot Oven?

LittleDica designed this compact oven to make it easier for you to place your waste somewhere else. Make your choice out of these 11 colours: Silver grey, onyx black, ceramic white, aqua blue, sky blue, cream yellow, golden yellow, copper brown, champagne yellow, burgundy and light brown.

2. Anukoi Kitchen – Counter island

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house.

It’s a place where you clean, cook and prepare food. It’s also the place where people stop to ask what you’re cooking and when they can eat.

Although it is important that the kitchen is clear and beautiful, everything in it must be used wisely.

Including tribunal islands.

The creation of Ung999, Anukoy Counter Island Kitchen, stands at the crossroads of beauty and utility.

It has a unique L-shaped design with a rounded top that can be used as a dining room or place for small appliances.

1. Asuna bathroom worktop

Sims 4 Counters CC & Mods (For Kitchen + Bathroom) –

Consult this CC

What makes those solid wood bathrooms make you feel right at home?

Maybe because you feel that nature welcomes you warmly? It doesn’t matter.

If your sim needs a Zen toilet, check the Asuna CC Winner9 counter.

Choose 5 shades and wood grains, depending on the theme of your bathroom, for a simoleon each.

This is also part of the Asuna bathroom set, where you can find the left and right frames.

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