In October 2010 Super Meat Boy was introduced to the world. A weird and cheeky platform game that will let you die thousands of times before you’re done with it. Now, almost ten years later, we have a new item in the series, Super Meat Boy Forever, with mixed results.

Cinematography is now incredibly cool.

As you can imagine, Super Meat Boy Forever punishes ruthlessly, and by the time you’re done with him, death will have reached thousands. Even from the moment you start the game, Forever won’t let go of the difficulty, and I love it. The same brilliant re-reading at the end of the level that shows your successful course, as well as dozens of your own failures, is always a great feature. However, the changes in gameplay and basic structure are disappointing and make this game a strong comeback of the platform I loved. Super Meat Boy is now a procedure-generated auto-runner.

I had very mixed feelings when I entered the game. In fact, I still do and many other fans of the original will share this decision. As a car runner, it’s decent, with simple controls that only allow you to jump and slide through the levels. Meatboy can now also attack his enemies by pressing the jump button in the air or sliding towards them. It plays as well as an automatic racer should, with responsive control and precise timing, but it ages very quickly. You can only go to the left through the levels, unless the game decides you can go to the left. All this is exacerbated by uninspired levels of the procedure.

The short but soft levels of the original have disappeared and have now been replaced by longer levels with full control points that eliminate some of the challenges. Each level of the original is finely tuned, with multiple ways to approach each level and a little creativity. In Super Meat Boy Forever, the nature of the procedure makes most games uninspired and simply boring. Worse, the generation can give you cruel unfair moments that increase the difficulty. Many of my deaths are due to the fact that I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of Meat Boy.

I’m sure he has a talent for butcher boys.

The few highlights of the game are the fantastic end of the boss battles chapter. This is a clear improvement over the frustrating boss fights of the original game. It makes excellent use of the new combat mechanics and omits all procedural aspects of normal levels. No checkpoints, back to the hardcore one life game that made the original so exciting. Too bad they’re gone.

Super Meat Boy takes place forever after the events of the original game, where Meat Boy and Bandage Girl live happily ever after with their child Nugget. A suspicion of the arrival of Dr. Fetr and the removal of the wooden shoe forces them to begin the adventure. Saying that the plot is blurry would be an understatement, but it is still entertaining and brings the game forward.

Visually, Super Meat Boy Forever is a massive update to the original with a fantastic new artistic style that complements the game very well. There is a lot of visual diversity. The sound design is also very good, with a decent soundtrack that kept me focused on the game.

Lead battles are the only advantage.

Super Meat Boy Forever is a disappointing return to a beloved game in the ultra-challenging genre of platform gaming. We always manage to recreate this challenge, but Autoplay is out of place. You have much less control over our red meat hero and the game feels a lot more.

Super Meat Boy has never looked better, with a beautiful visual design and excellent cinematography. As a racing game it’s pretty good, but as Super Meat Boy the game misses its target.
The soundtrack is decent, but a bit repetitive. Super Meat Boy Forever is not a bad game, but I never really enjoyed it.
Last block: 6.5

Super Meat Boy Forever is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

A copy of Super Meat Boy Forever was made available by the publisher.


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