The Uprising of the Immortals was first presented to the public at E3 2019 in the form of gods and monsters, Ubisoft’s last unexpected announcement of the season. We didn’t get to see much of it, but it looked like a game inspired by the Breath of Wilderness mythology and Greek mythology. Ubisoft will present a handful of trailers and gameplay videos that show us what is immortal, and yes, it looks even more like the Greek breath of wilderness. Remember, it’s not bad. I was curious what other developers could do in games inspired by the open gameplay and design level of BotW.

The gods of the Olympics. Better than Disney, that’s for sure.

Now, before we go any further, we need to talk about Wild Breath. We all love this game, and we were all shocked when it came out, but some things didn’t age well in it. The fight didn’t go very well. Weapons destruction is hated. Don’t even try to start with the design of the rain and the dungeon. These are things that, although they are not a breach of contract, can (and should) be solved in their future, like other games that mimic their gameplay. This is what I wanted most from the uprising of the immortal Phoenix.

The game captivated me pretty quickly because its parameters are amazing. Who doesn’t like Greek mythology? So many cult gods, heroes, landscapes, monsters and stories that can repeat themselves. I wanted to see what Ubisoft would do with such a rich and varied collection of myths, and to tell you the truth, they beat him to the limit. The sense of humour of the rise of the immortal Phoenix is a dry and sarcastic look at the already dry and sarcastic Hercules Disney, with the touch of the married princess to cheer things up, because the whole story is told in a fourth similar wall style, both Zeus and Prometheus.

Such a huge world where you have absolutely no time to shop.

This game will probably contain my favorite visualization of Zeus in all the fictions I’ve seen. Rather than simply presenting him as the impeccable force of wisdom (like Hercules Disney) or as the greatest villain in the history of the wicked (the god of war), he is an arrogant, stupid, wandering, dense madman who constantly interrupts others as they speak, accusing Prometheus of spreading false news. I wonder if Ubisoft was inspired by a real character when they decided how to represent Zeus in this game. All I know is I liked the end result.

Although Zeus is brilliantly represented, I can’t say that I liked the main character of the Phoenix that much. I really appreciate that Ubisoft decided to let everyone in the game speak with a strong Greek accent, which was a nice detail, but the actor Fenyx seemed, at least in his masculine form, a tasteless amateur. All the others, whether gods or monsters, have also performed poorly. It’s not the same with the soundtrack. Gareth Coker, the man behind the phenomenal soundtracks of Ori and Ori 2, composed the score of Immortals Fenyx Rising, and he really brought it to life.

Cloudy with a risk of apocalypse.

Let’s talk about the painting. Immortals Fenyx Rising is beautiful, colorful, and it runs constantly at 60 frames per second, with little or no download time, but let’s face it: It is not a very material game that requires a lot of effort in terms of character models and geometry. I’ve played the PS5, but it’s even available on the switch of all systems. I loved the artistic style and the original execution of the game, do not misunderstand me, but it is far from being a technical showcase of what the Playstation 5 can do, as well as most of the crossplay in the launch window.

Well, an elephant in the room: They want to know whether the uprising of the immortals of the Phoenix is the shameless breath of the wild clone or whether it has enough elements to be considered his. They also want to know if this is another Ubisoft game, an open world game, another game with a sterile world full of side effects that looks more like an electronic activity than anything else. My answer is this: Don’t worry, he’s pretty good, though with flaws.

Some bosses are stronger than demon souls.

Yes, the level of design and intelligence is almost identical to that of the Breath of Nature. After a few long tutorials, you’ll enter a huge open world where you can explore freely where, when and how you want, but with the overall goal of saving the four Greek gods and gaining their strength, so you’ll be strong enough to defeat the mighty titan named Typhon. Yeah, you can climb almost any wall you can find. And yes, the map is dotted with double temples, here called the vaults of the Tartars. Hades fans will feel right at home.

But that does not mean that the Immortal Revolt has no twists of its own. First of all, the jumps and platform sports are much more important here than at BotW, where many puzzles and parts of Overworld are built around the platform, double jump and slide, which is great: The controls are fluid and responsive, the jump height is quite impressive and you can even jump and perform medium evasive maneuvers during battle.

The vault of Tartaros is a version of the game Breath of the Wild Temples.

The battle is also very different from the BotW battle, and by that I mean it’s much better. A lot of clues are needed from the Dark Souls, with similar controls (attack with R1, lock with R3 and so on), a lot of emphasis on remembering attack patterns, parry, dodge and, to my surprise, very hard and suggestive boss battles. I didn’t expect such a cheerful and friendly game with the bosses that gave me more time than almost all the enemies in Demon Souls, but here we are.

The degradation of the weapons is totally absent, which is a great blessing. But that doesn’t mean the weapons and the statistics can’t be improved. In the true spirit of Ubisoft, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a crapton of collectibles, each filled with a purpose.

Flying like an eagle, high as the sun.

Ragweed crystals are found in some hard-to-reach parts of the world and can be exchanged for the expansion of health bars. Lightning is the price you have to pay to complete the camp of the Tartars and will allow you to increase your stamina. Charon pieces can be obtained by completing more complex puzzles such as puzzles or constellation-based panels and can be used to buy upgrades for your special attacks. Finally, you can collect four types of crystals and use them in the Forge of Hephaestus to increase overall strength, defense and ammunition. All weapons will have the same amount of damage; the difference between the weapons is the extra bonus attached to each weapon.

However, exploring Immortals Fenyx Rising is somewhat confusing because of the way Ubisoft inevitably treats its open-world games. When you reach the point of view, you will notice that a large number of collectibles and by-products contaminate your minimum and your radar. Of course, you can turn off the symbols in the game to concentrate on certain sub or main commands at the same time, but after a while it gets a little annoying. The world is really well designed, but let’s face it, it’s not Hyrule. There’s no sense of surprise when you reveal a hidden secret, like yourself.

Jabba Gorgon.

I am always impressed by the uprising of the immortal Phoenix, despite the many problems it causes. Ubisoft has succeeded in creating its own tribute to the breath of nature, with enough unique elements to make it its own. It’s a brilliant, colorful film, full of puzzles to solve, with a big fight and a surprisingly funny script. Sure, it’s another open world game from Kubi, but still not bad. Besides, who wouldn’t want to explore a large island full of Greek gods to befriend them, and monsters to kill?

It’s beautiful, colorful, runs continuously in continuous mode, but to be honest, Immortals doesn’t look like a next-generation game. It’s a mix of Wild Breath, Susa and Battle Platformer. It works better than one would expect from such a strange combination of playing styles.
Gareth Koker’s soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal, but that doesn’t apply to the dubbing, except for the actors playing Zeus and Prometheus. Immortals Fenyx Rising takes Ubisoft’s boring open-world concept and injects it with a much-needed dose of humour, fun battles, puzzles, BOTW-style research and a fair number of challenges to become one of their best surprises in the recent past.
Phrase: 8.5

Immortal Phenyx Rising is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC and Switch.

Viewed on PS5.

A copy of the Immortal Phoenix Rebellion has been made available by the publisher.

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