Here’s another shooter from hell. I love this genre to death, but I’m the first to admit that this genre requires renewal, well, especially since the release of Ikaruga almost twenty years ago. When I heard about the strange name I, AI, I didn’t expect him to solve this kind of problem. The Budget Shooter sometimes published you, the king of the uneven budget Indians? Yeah, it would never have moved the mountain for the bullet hole community, but in the end, I still had a lot more fun than I thought I would.

A historical entry into a damn sharp arrow? Brave but boring.

The vast majority of shooters in Bullet Hell are totally conspiracy-free, often with minimal information, just to tell you who you are, where you are and who to shoot. What shocks me, Al, is that from the beginning of the game… …pork chops! Of course they were cheap, and the voice played so badly that I ended up falling in love with them for the wrong reasons, but they cut anyway.

The game even has a prologue mission that is completely free of enemies, just to set up the plot correctly. As the name suggests, you are an artificial intelligence scammer who tends to leave a space station by loading your consciousness into a spaceship. During the campaign you will have to accept even more (ridiculously bad) discounts. The story is far from interesting, but I was simply impressed by the effort put into the presentation and general configuration of the game, although it is clear that it was developed with a minimal budget.

There are some interesting bosses fighting here.

Like the game itself, it’s just a flash in the pan. You run the ship, you see other things stolen from you, and you have to shoot them down before they do the same to you, constantly working on really dubious success stories. Your ship has a health bar, but the main goal is to show that you always destroy with one or even two blows, depending on the type of projectile you attack. Like any other ball game, it’s about avoiding grenades like a Zen, and the game naturally expects you to die over and over again.

That’s the problem: Death isn’t exactly a punishment. You will constantly collect small gems when you destroy the enemy, and keep half of them when you die. Then use these gems to power your ship, either by increasing damage strength, range, armor, or even adding new side weapons like a laser beam or your typical bomb-cleaning screen.

I really liked this update system because it encouraged me to play the same levels over and over again, even if I died every time I tried. At some point, I’d have enough gems to upgrade my main laser or improve my armor to the point where it costs maybe three or four shots instead of one. It’s not exactly Rougelite or Soul. It’s a simple but effective way to encourage players not to give up so easily. The more you play, the more updates you can afford and the easier the game becomes. It’s not a revolutionary feature, but it was surprisingly well implemented in the game, which certainly wasn’t meant to bring any depth to the game.

The buffet with the bullets.

In terms of presentation, this game clearly shows its small budget. For some of me, AI is not a bad design, but none of the game elements are animated. This is a decent PNG, not discussed, but they are completely without animation. Ships just turn, lasers and rockets move only with the grace of Adobe Flash animation.

And the sound design. Here’s the problem: The game sometimes sounds good, and sometimes it sounds bad. There is no intermediate position. Every time a game decides to give you an epic fight against a boss, it usually comes with a surprisingly good song that makes it even more dramatic. In other cases the game decides to play a bad song in the background or just forget to play the song in general. The said voice finally appeared. It’s very cheap, stupid amateurish and full of grammatical mistakes. And I liked it because of those problems, not in spite of them.

If you don’t know who you are – the enemy – do the following: If he moves, shoot. If not, shoot, just to be sure.

I, AI is far from being one of the most innovative shooters lately, and he clearly suffers a bit from presenting a rather obvious microscopic budget in his department. However, it is commendable to see what the developers have achieved with such limited resources. It’s incredibly fun, even though it’s a hugely popular bullet shooter with a decent upgrade system that encourages you to keep playing at the same level, even if you’re driving such a weak and fragile ship in the beginning.

The ships and vice versa are well thought out, but the game suffers from a total lack of animation. That makes it look incredibly cheap. Hell of a fast ball game with responsive controls, even if it suffers from dubious shot detection. An attractive upgrade system promotes reproducibility.
Mixed bag. Either the game throws you a very good song, or you usually forget to play the song during the level. Then the voice plays so badly that in the end I liked it. For me, AI is basically a general shooting game, but it’s still a lot of fun thanks to the fast gameplay and a very interesting update system.
Phrase: 7.0

Me, AI is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Seen on PS4

Copy that. AI was supplied by the publisher.

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