The next generation of consoles is finally here, and as with all console releases, we are looking for games that really push the limits of the hardware. Games that show us what the next generation will look like in the years to come. Maybe with nice graphics or new gameplay we’ve never seen before. Godfall promises to be the world’s first marauder-killing hand-to-hand RPG. A bold statement, given the existence of the Diablo franchise. Unfortunately, it is a game that has no originality and disappoints at every level.

Start with the good stuff. Technically, the turn of the year is actually a big game. The areas are large and detailed, the shiny reflective surfaces look great and when you enter a new area you have a sense of wonder. Then you’ve got particle effects that just fill the screen with an amazing display.

The surroundings can be spectacular if there are not the same number of light effects in bloom everywhere.

But despite the fact that this game is technically great, in reality it doesn’t go beyond the limits and doesn’t look much better than games like Devil May Cry 5.  I’m also not a big fan of the artistic style of the game presented here. There are some great places and characters, but everything in the world seems a bit sticky with so much glitter that it can become a stain.

Unfortunately, for Godopad, everything outside of visual perception is beginning to collapse. Let’s start with history, it barely exists. You play Orin, one of the last Valyrian knights in the world of Aperion. Your brother Marcos has betrayed you to perform a ritual that will elevate him to divinity and destroy the world, and only you can stop him. I think, uh…

The main villain of the game, Macros.

It is a common trend in this kind of games, and Godfall creates the worst. There’s not much to worry about in the world. It clearly reminds me of the basic game Destiny, where nothing happened in the game, but at least this game had a strong world view. Godopad has nothing. In fact, I had to google the story because I forgot it a few hours after it started. The few NPCs in the game have no charisma or motivation and are just a kind of unmasking for anger attacks.

With the Godopad you move in three different zones: Land, air and water. Each has its own open world space and a unique visual design. However, the objectives and gameplay remain the same throughout the game, with very little variation. All you do is come here, kill him and then go back to the sanctuary. Tell two NPCs about the game and proceed to the next task. That’s pretty much the whole game, and he’ll never stray from that formula.

Zenun is one of the two most important NPCs you will encounter on a regular basis.

Worse, the time you spend on these missions is so minimal that you’re constantly transported to the sanctuary. Only to reload them on the next mission, because the Hub has almost nothing else to do but upgrade your equipment. The charging time makes it at least possible to move very quickly from socket to socket and back to the world in just a few seconds.

It’s a boring and repetitive sequence, which is reinforced by the fact that you keep playing the same goals to get through the campaign. They will cross the same areas and fight the same bosses several times, just to get a head start and a set of resources. When you finally get tired of it, you can complete the last mission in the area, that’s it. The enemies you will fight look well thought out, but they lack diversity and offer no meaningful tasks. After a couple of missions you just go over it, because the AI borders are quite small and they won’t follow you very far.

Along the way you’ll build an arsenal of weapons that you’ll change all the time. This is standard flying equipment where bonuses and numbers are linked to weapons and robberies are left behind often enough not to complicate the campaign. You also have access to a dozen Valor plates, a cool looking piece of armor that will serve an important function. Maybe there are different playing styles and the skills that go with them, the potential to create diversity is endless. But no, every time I tried, I felt almost the same, except for the passive amateur, whom I honestly didn’t notice. My advice is to choose the best and stick to it.

The different armor options are one of the few strengths of the game.

A lot could have been forgiven if the main fight had been important. I was really hoping for it. It reminds me a lot of how dark souls meet the god of war, and is it really hard to ruin that? Well, that’s what Godfall does. Every aspect of the struggle for the fall of God seems incomplete, unpolished and unbalanced. Everything from scary locks to enemy attacks, queue buttons, boss fights, breathing apparatus and overall balance just makes the game unsatisfying and boring.

They have a basic set of light attacks, heavy attacks, blockades, pearls and so on. You put them together for a few combos. These are all perfectly normal things we have seen hundreds of times before, but Godfall does a lot to spoil them. The shield is just as useful for special attacks and the ability to launch it on enemies as the shield of Captain America. Unfortunately, the fight in the falls was just bad, with so many better games of the same style. Usually I thought the camera with the lock was useless.

Godfall has some nice additions, but like Shatterburst, when you start working with chained light attacks, the ray builds on the health of the enemy. So every time you launch a major attack, it does extra damage. I am a big fan of this add-on because it adds something unique to the whole fighting system with a light rhythm. You’ll have a well-constructed polarity system. You can always have two guns if you switch from one to the other. When not in use, it will get a charge when you do more damage, and when you convert it, it will cause AOE damage, creating an accumulation of stable brushes and detonating weapons.

Usually in a fight, you feel like you’re half-assed. The DualSense controller is the only one that gives some satisfaction.

You can also load your attacks for special moves unique to each weapon class. The problem is how the game manages its queue. It’s quite easy to link chain attacks, but if you want to block, fight or make a special attack, you have to wait until the animation is finished and then hold the key. This applies to all weapons and animations in the game. Do you want to go to the block right after the attack? It’s best to wait until the animation is finished before holding down the lock button, otherwise Orin just sits there like a lemon. It just makes Godfall uncomfortable to play.

Then we argue with the boss, and they are terribly serious, and none of them can be compared to games like this. Since the central loop of the game focuses on the game of some of these bosses, it is a pity that they are no different from the others. Most bosses think that AOE attacks are very cheap and even go so far as to generate extras or other nasty tricks to make a challenge. All this makes Godfall incredibly unbalanced, because he is able to fly through certain sections, while some bosses only use cheap tricks.

Making things worse in this game doesn’t help you get good. Death is useless because you get one and a half meters of rest with the same progression. Even in battles between bosses there are checkpoints. Imagine how many emotional experiences would have been lost if you could have lived a few lives in the Arthoris Health Bar. Although the hard mode offers a slightly more attractive experience with limited weapons and enemies that cause more damage, it simply makes the fight longer. In general, there is no real reason to opt for a greater difficulty, unless you want a greater fall from God.

Seventh Sanctuary is your guide through the game.

For the rest, this game has everything to offer. Godfall is a shared game, but unfortunately none of my friends bought it, and worse, there’s no matchmaking, so I couldn’t play it. If you don’t have friends to play with, you have no choice but to go to the external website and hope that someone will play. You then have a final game that doesn’t last ten minutes, and you’re always doing the same content you’ve already done several times. Like a looting game, this must be the worst offer I’ve ever seen.

Godfall is this generation’s own ascension: The son of Rome. In addition to the beautiful graphics, the game has no depth of coverage. The story on paper is thin, the fight is too brutal and unreliable to provide lasting entertainment. The fall could no longer be a disappointing start for the next generation with all aspects of the feeling of aging.

In the beginning you will be amazed by the clear and vivid graphics. But it quickly loses its original scent thanks to the flowering effect of the light and a strong brilliance above all else. As in an action game, Godfall is behind the competition. As a looter, Godfall doesn’t even deserve to be conceived. The only thing that makes the fight feel like you’re being beaten with the DualSense controller.
Nothing in the sound design will be left to you, but nothing will be particularly bad. There’s nothing nice about these things. The story is not as thin as paper, and the main combat experience is chaos.
Phrase: 5.5

Godopad is now available on PC and PS5.

A copy for the autumn year has been provided by the publisher.

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