I discovered a funselector developer just a few months ago after playing an absolutely phenomenal game called Art of Rally, which managed to feel fresh and unique in this genre, which is widely known for its compliance with standardized rules for the past 20 years or so. Later I was told that Art Of Rally isn’t the first fun selection game. This name refers to Absolute Drift, a game that has just been released in its finest Zen edition, rich in material. How convenient!

All the excitement of floating in the mountains without the risk of falling.

Absolute drift: Zen Edition may be based on cars and the art of destroying tires by drifting, but it’s not exactly a racing game in itself. Their goal is to participate in various derivative events, which include either closed circuits or open pseudo-worlds. The game requires you to perform tricks, combos and complete challenges, not beat other pilots. This is more of a marathon and extremely sporty collecting game than a real running game, believe it or not.

In fact, there are two types of events you can attend. The Free Roam mode consists of a large open world divided into small parts. You can only visit the level after you have completed the tasks assigned to your predecessor (but not the tasks). They vary from jumping to floating near or under a certain object. Each level also has several macrogroups that must be brought together to move to the next level. There is no time limit or correct order for each task, so you can take the time to improve each goal. The game is also very forgiving with regard to the quality of the donuts and pirouettes: You never stay in the object for long.

It’s like playing Tokyo Drift with your micro cars.

The daggerboard marks look less like a collector’s marathon than, say, Tony Hawkes Pro Skater. You don’t have an exact time limit, but you only have a few laps to complete all the tasks. They range from getting a big score to a big combo and so on. It’s a lot harder than the doors of the open world, but they turn out to be much more useful when you finally manage to extract a thick combination of grease without touching the surrounding walls.

Floating is not as easy as one would expect from a game where it is the center of attention. Machines are heavy, and physics is not as free as arcade games and minimalist games seem. It will take some time to understand how the drift works if you pull the analog stick correctly in the opposite direction of your car’s drift path, etc. The game has a long tutorial, so I recommend you take some time to improve your skills before doing what Absolute Drift has to offer.

It’s like the art of collecting, the absolute drift: The Zen edition attaches great importance to an elegant presentation. He may not be as handsome as his younger brother, because cars look very small on screen, but he is visually unique. The best asset of the game is undoubtedly the licensed soundtrack. During your journey you will be greeted by a ton of unforgettable bass drums that fit perfectly into the overall aesthetics of the game.

They leave skid marks everywhere. Even in the air.

Absolute drift: The Zen edition is not the most welcoming game to begin with, as the drift mechanics requires a little training, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll come across a unique mix of car simulator, collectible marathon and old-school arcade name for extreme sports. The portable switch screen gives it a beautiful look. If you liked Art Rally as much as I do, consider giving Absolute Drift: Try the Zen edition, too. In any case, it will be an innovative experience.

It is very elegant, but even more minimalistic than the artistic style presented in Art of Rally. After a while it starts to get boring, because during the game you usually see three colours: White, red and very little blue. While this game is about Tokyo’s drift towards victory, performing such tricks isn’t as easy as you might think. You need a little practice before you can get into the physics of the game, but once you do, it becomes second nature to you.
A collection of fast and stupid catchy N bass drum melodies that are perfect for playing anything that has to do with style. It’s not exactly an inviting game, but once you’ve learned how to perform drifts and tricks correctly, a unique mix of running competition, collector’s marathon and extreme sports simulator awaits you.
Phrase: 8.0

Absolute drift: The Zen edition is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

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A copy of Absolute Drift: The Zen edition was taken care of by the publisher.

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