The PUBG Mobile 1.2 update is coming out soon and will be released on the 12th. January 2020 (UTC +0). The patch notes for the next update have been released, officially confirming the release of the Runic Power mode, Metro Royale: Theme of Honor and others, as well as some improvements and bug fixes.

The PUBG Mobile 1.2 update is published in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and the servers are not down for maintenance. It also requires 615MB of storage space on Android devices, while the iOS version requires 1.5GB.

PUBG Mobile 1.2 Switch Notes Update

Renewal Price :

Change the game from 12 to 17. January (UTC+0):

  • 888 GAP
  • 100 PLC
  • Apolitus the Backpack of Justice (3d)

New models, new sensations

Rune Power Game (12 January – 7 March)

The runes from another world brought with them three special powers. Choose a force that suits you, collect rune fragments and use them as tools in battle to become the ultimate winner on the battlefield. Select Erangel in the map selection mode to enjoy this exclusive game mode.

Image via PUBG Corp.

PUBG Mobile 1.2 update patch notes – Runic Power mode, Season 17, Dream Team, and more Image via PUBG Corp.

  • Players choose the type of rune energy on the spawning island. You must choose between the flame rune, the Arctic rune or the wind rune in the current game.
  • After selecting a rune, you get two skills. The first skill triggers an object, and the second triggers an impulse. Using these skills consumes run energy.
  • The energy of the fleece can be obtained from matches.
  • Rune Skills
    • The flaming rune:
      • Calling Skill – Call a flame that rolls slowly forward, dealing with fire damage to the enemy players it touches.
      • Skill Boost – Adds a burns effect to your ammunition for a short period of time.
    • Arctic Fleece:
      • Ice-worthiness – Wall of ice. Each block of the ice wall can be destroyed separately. When a wall of ice appears, he lifts the players or vehicles directly over it.
      • Skill Boost – Adds a freezing effect to ammunition for a short period of time. Freezing reduces the effectiveness of the drug.
    • The rune of the wind:
      • Call Skill – A transparent windbreak that reduces the damage caused by projectiles fired from the outside.
      • Skill Boost – Increases travel and reload speed.

Electrical reservation mode (launch at EvoGround on 5 February)

A new high-tech armour has been developed at Livik. To make your own armor set, you need to bring nanocrystals and an armor plan at the base of the matrix. You still have two chances to reset yourself or your teammates during the game. Matrix events will also be available for each game.

  • Respawn
    • Team members can take a break at the research stations. All players may take two breaks. You can reset yourself or your teammates during a match. Players reproduce with basic equipment.
  • Power armor
    • Power armor chestpiece: Reduces chest damage and increases backpack capacity.
    • Power armor: Reduces hand damage and increases hand damage.
    • Power Armor Leg Section: Reduces the risk of leg damage and falls. Gives you the opportunity to act fast.
    • Collecting all the power of the armor unlocks his ultimate weapon, the Dragon Breath Grenade.
  • Matrix Events
    • Matrix 1 Event : Improvement of the regional supply.
    • Matrix event 2 : Multi-matrix birds fall and the population increases significantly in each bird species.
    • Matrix event 3 : Life detectors at research stations are activated and can be used to detect surrounding actors.

Metro Royale: Honour (from 12 January)

  • The last chapter
    • Metro Royale: The honor will be available after the update of the game. In accordance with our seasonal tradition, at the beginning of a new chapter your classification and your inventory will be reset in the Metro Royale. However, NPCs with a good reputation and preference will be retained.
      • New rewards will be available in the last chapter. Collect the honor to win votes, outfits and other recurring rewards!
      • New weekly rankings added, including loot and elimination rankings.
      • Improved AI of Steel Front and Cobras enemies to make them smarter and harder.
  • Metro-Royal’s new honorary system

PUBG Mobile 1.2 update patch notes – Runic Power mode, Season 17, Dream Team, and more Image via PUBG Corp.

  • Your honor represents your power in Metro Royale mode. Collect the honor to win votes, outfits and other recurring rewards.
  • Honour is earned by beating players or collecting items of honour. A player’s honour level increases when he reaches the maximum amount of honour. Honour can also be earned by completing weekly missions.
  • The price is set to zero each time the chapter is updated. Players start with an initial amount of honor based on their performance in the previous chapter.
  • New single-player mode
    • In the Metro Royale mode, all maps and modes are compatible with the single-player mode.
    • Solo players will not collide with the players of a team.
  • Improvements to the Royal Metro
    • The mail can be read in the lobby of the Royal Metro.
    • The chat function of the NPC has been deleted.
    • Missions do not award celebrities after they have reached their maximum level.
    • The missions will no longer provide charitable assistance after the NPC’s charity has reached its peak.

New firearms, new options


PUBG Mobile 1.2 update patch notes – Runic Power mode, Season 17, Dream Team, and more Image via PUBG Corp.

  • New assault rifle with 5.56 mm ammunition. It can be loaded with 25 cartridges, has the fastest firing speed among the rifles and has a wide range.
  • FAMAS can be equipped with a muzzle (rifles), a rifle scope (spectacles) and magic (rifles). He does not have a front handle, but he does have his own bipod, which reduces kickback when pulled into the prone position.
  • Appears only on the Livik Classic Battle Royale map.

Game performance and other improvements

  • Fundamental improvements in performance :
  1.   Improved loading logic so that the rucksacks open faster at the first opening.
  2.   Cheer Park’s performance and profitability have been improved, allowing multiple players to appear on the same screen.
  3.   Improved power consumption of powerful iOS devices, reducing the risk of overheating while playing.
  4.   Android users can use the incremental update function to update the resources of the game, which greatly reduces the size of the required downloads of resources to run the game.
  5.   Android users can now download the original game in the background.
  6. New updates for the safety zone are waiting for you.
  7. Improved detection for automatic targeting, X-ray vision, long jumps and accelerations.
  8. Improved detection of grass pirates.
  9. Improved detection and protection against unofficial versions of gaming clients.
  10. The condition for the inclusion of a statistical evaluation was set by the 30th EDF. 35.
  11. Continue to improve the effectiveness of the reporting and feedback system in order to provide accurate and timely feedback.

Improving the Core Experience :

  1. The holographic display has been improved, making the model more comprehensible for the player.
  2. The 2x-series model has been improved to make it more natural.
  3. Improved 8x coverage to make the movement of the reticle more natural when changing direction.
  4. Adjusts the beating frequency of the black muzzle circle to make the beat more realistic when the barrel is fired.
  5. Improved landing animation to better match the speed at which players land.
  6. Facilitates the planting process.
  • Improvements in and with regard to skydiving and countries
  • Cancel the restart function

During charging, press the record button to stop charging.

Improvements in or relating to repeating rifles

  1. The damage caused by the Kar98K and M24 has increased.
  2. Reduced distance between shots for Kara98K and M24.
  3. Slight increase in speed of the Kar98K and M24.
  • Other system improvements :

Improving the social system

  1. Girlfriend: Players can now check the online status of their friends to find out what mode they are playing in and how big their team is.
  2. The creation function is currently being updated and maintained. It should come back in version 1.3.0.
  3. Added a feature that gives players exclusive points to earn rewards by working with old friends who have recently returned to the game.
  4. A search function has been added.
  5.   The following points have been added to the filter: Date of acquisition and possession.
  6. Added a quick voice function to delete everything.
  • Improving the inventory of voice service packages

Other contents of the new season

  • Royale Pass Season 17 RUNNING POWER (19 January – 21 March)
  1. The RUNIC POWER theme area and prices : Spin the Wheel of Destiny to earn a higher rank! Choose between Shining Dawn and Deadly Sickle on Grade 50 and reach Grade 100 to receive a majestic Guardian Armor Set and a new UZI and M16A4 theme!
  2. PR missions have been reworked to reduce the difficulty level while increasing the point rewards! Added rewards for the matches of the season. Collect the playing time to earn reward points. Add a PR-points reward to the weekly progress of the activity. Carry out missions to collect activities and earn points.
  3. RP Event Activity Pack : Buy Activity Packages to quickly increase your PR and collect Mission Activity Points to convert them all into CPU returns. Buy the PR activity package to earn immediate PR points with the right value and extra trade coupons. In addition, activate a discount for mission activity points, and the mission activity points you collect can be converted into CPU discounts.
  4. The adventurous event returns with a RUNIC POWER theme: Click on the PR tab for exclusive events and get your metro passes for an adventure like no other. Unlock the story as you explore, and choose to continue for free or after a purchase. Collect exclusive merchandise to trade in 1 or 2 sets, exclusive cars and other great rewards.
  5.   The selection between UC and AG has been improved: From now on, you only need to vote once per season, and you can change your mind at any time. The speed at which the currency is returned to the players through rank rewards has been adjusted to increase the amount awarded to lower ranks.

Punic Energy Theme (12 January – 7 March)

PUBG Mobile 1.2 update patch notes – Runic Power mode, Season 17, Dream Team, and more Image via PUBG Corp.

  1. The runes appeared in Cheerios Park and brought magical power with them. Players can feel the energy of the rune once a day at the Cheer Park amusement park to receive free rune rewards.
  2. After receiving their reward, players can use the power of the runes to search and play with other players. Players can befriend Rune for a day. You can only become friends with Rune once a day and you can play a rematch with another player once a day.
  3. Players and their Rune friend in Cheer Park can complete assigned missions to collect a wide variety of rewards.
  4. When this theme is available, there will be a pedestrian bridge leading to Cheer Park Island. There’s a giant rabbit doll waiting for you.
  5. Players can project Valentine cards into the air so everyone can see them! The names of the sender and receiver are displayed in the projection.
  • Dream team Theme (9 February to 7 March)
  • Subscription Festival (13-27 January)

Sign up for Prime (or Prime Plus) and RP Prime (or RP Prime Plus) at the same time to take advantage of exclusive discounts in the BP Shop and RP Redemption, daily registration gifts, exclusive items at BP Redemption and other attractive benefits. During the event, many subscription formulas are offered for a limited time at a reduced price. Players who sign up for the service for the first time even get a 20% discount.


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