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Prepare to Die: Top 14 Dark Soul Games

Prepare to Die: Top 14 Dark Soul Games

In 2011, Dark Souls shocked the gaming industry by introducing a game that not only challenged players’ skill and stamina, but also took them into a mysterious and well-thought-out network world. Dark souls used difficulty as a way of attracting players rather than expelling them, and the true sense of satisfaction after beating a difficult boss was something many players hadn’t felt in years.

Dark souls and their influence are defined by a variety of elements, including: honest but difficult endurance battles, dark legends, environmental stories, mysterious NPCs, role-playing elements and memorable patterns.

They can be applied in different ways: Either the games try to imitate the full formula, or they just take elements and apply them in a new way.

After experiencing the excitement of playing the soul, it is difficult to play something that does not repeat that feeling. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest games played under the name Dark Souls.

The criteria:

– Battle
– History
– Worldview
– Research
– Mogols

Date of first publication October 2014
Platform Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Developer AI sets, deck 13.
Publishing house The AI and Bandai Namko games

Lords of the Fallen is probably one of the first attempts to follow the formula of the black soul, and of all the games on the list, it is one of the closest to the formula of the black soul.

They are Harkin, an outcast, and all mankind hopes to do is stop the evil Rogar and their cruel god Adyr. Fighting is a third person fighting system based on endurance, where time is always the key, but the overall speed of the fight is much slower than the speed of the souls.

There are three classes for beginners: Warriors, clerics and vagrants who follow the Common Force, Mage and Agility build the archetypes of the Soul Games and offer a very good selection of playlists and equipment. A movement sometimes seems too clumsy and impenetrable, but just adjust it a little. The number of bosses is limited, but very interesting, the champion is a very funny and memorable fighter.

The story may seem simple on the surface (and it is), but there are a few juicy pieces of hidden legend that are worth discovering and that will appeal to you a little more. The main flaw of the game will be the length of the game and the lack of innovation; it is too short and there is nothing but naked dice (if they are hard).

Date of first publication November 2018
Platform Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Developer Shooting games
Publishing house Nordic THQ

Once again we take command of the Horseman of the Apocalypse; Rage is a hot-headed warrior trapped in a space conspiracy. As the apocalypse is unleashed on mankind and the war is unjustly condemned, anger is sent to earth to hunt and restrain the seven deadly sins released from their prison.

Moreover, Darksiders III is closer to the Dark Souls GAR formula than previous registrations. First of all, Rage’s health hasn’t recovered, and she needs to take limited medication to get better. Boss fights and boss fights are not unique, it’s a classically evasive and decisive system, the only difference being that you have to learn the movements of each boss.

The development of the game is linear, and although many areas are not so specific, the plot itself is full of Gothic and Christian legends and will be of interest to lovers of the Diablo landscape. Although it brings nothing new, it will be an attractive adventure for those who like the series and the role-playing games with 3 players.

Date of first publication February 2017
Platform Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows
Developer The Ninja team
Publishing house Cow Temco & Sony Interactive Entertainment

Fantastic dark souls and Onimusha in one? Then Nio is a game for you. You take command of the legendary samurai William Adams, who comes into conflict with the demon while the chaos of Sengoku rages around him.

The story is not particularly complex, but it is grainy and masterfully combines Japanese folklore with the true history of the Sengoku period. The demonic enemies you encounter are beautifully decorated, but not very varied, and at the end of the game you will encounter many times the same creatures.

Fighting is one of the areas where Nyoh deviates from the formula. In addition to a variety of weapons, William also has 3 different positions that he can enter, which changes his characteristics and moves his attack sets.

There is also the Guardian Spirit system, which allows you to choose an elementary Guardian to give William the passive benefits and special power of a living weapon.

Nioh offers a fast and bloody adventure through medieval Japan, lures players with intent and ensures that they stay for combat skills and pool flights.

Date of first publication 15. March 2016
Platform Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Linus, Nintendo Switch and MacOS
Developer The ska studios
Publishing house The ska studios

Stranded on a mysterious and unknown island, the protagonist of the Ground and Sanctuary must defend himself against wildlife and explore mysterious places. After you wake up, you begin to explore the world around you, a beautiful, hand-drawn, two-dimensional world that contains everything that could kill you.

The influence of Dark Souls on this game can easily be understood and applied to the 2D genre while maintaining the style. Instead of burning, you have shrines, and one of the interesting things about them is that their aesthetic depends on your choice. Instead of wedding rings, you have a faith symbol that represents your faith, and each individual faith symbol offers crafts, bonuses and sacred aesthetics.

The fight is played as in Metroidvania and requires the player to know the time and rhythm of each pattern and each opponent. For lovers of Dark Souls and Metroids, there are many types of weapons and a pivoting skill tree in which you can set your teeth, which is a 2D dream.

Date of first publication December 2018
Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4 [released December 2019] and Nintendo Switch [released December 2019].
Developer A44
Publishing house Annapurna Interactive


The source of the image: A44

In Ashen, you’re a tramp looking for a place to call home. The Light has been restored by the rebirth of the ash cloud, and you must protect that Light and help rebuild society by developing relationships and rescuing the survivors of the destroyed planes you are exploring. Although Ashen follows the classic gameplay of Dark Souls, based on endurance, he has a unique charm and style that sets him apart from the rest.

Although this battle seems familiar, the opening of the world is very different from the interconnected worlds of soul games. You can explore this world at will, find survivors and conquer caves.

One of the pillars of the game is the city, which serves you primarily as a center, but more importantly, it reflects your progress and the decisions you will make. If you save the heroes and invite them into your village, houses will be built and your village will become a place of light at dusk. That’s the real magic of Eschan.

Date of first publication September 2019
Platform Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac and Microsoft Windows
Developer Playing at cooking
Publishing house Team 17 Digital Limited

Blasphemy is not only an incredible Metroidvania, but also a game inspired by the Souls series. In this 2D side-scrolling you play the role of the penitent who makes a bloody pilgrimage through the collapsing land of Qustodia.

The blasphemers borrow the formula of the Dark Souls for search and death; instead of fire, one rests in the Prayer of God, and when one dies, instead of breathing, one is reborn from heaven, and carries beings resembling cherubim. Cvstodia is also the interconnected joy of exploration, with retreats and shortcuts that open up to the world as you progress.

If the stage can sometimes be a bit punitive, then the battle is a place where blasphemy shines and attracts all soul mates who are striving for a heavy and fierce battle.

Guests will delight their admirers, who are tragic, majestic and pathetic at the same time. This dark and gothic adventure is the perfect steppe from showers to Metroidvania.

8 Remainder: Axis

Date of first publication 20. August 2019
Platform Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
Developer Shooting games
Publishing house Perfect entertainment in the world

Where the Immortal is: Missed loser: Stay: From his ashes, he achieved great success by courageously reinterpreting the formula of the Dark Souls. You assume the role of one of the surviving human remains, where you are exposed to a cosmic threat known as the root, a figure from the spiritual beehives of a race of creature species from another dimension.

The game not only sets the 3-person shooters against each other, but also creates a unique dynamic that procedurally generates the entire universe of the campaign.

Each of the four planets (zones) is chosen randomly when creating a new game. You will explore new dungeons, travel through the streets, fight against different bosses and experience an incredible variety of NPC meetings. This keeps the game up to date, and it’s really exciting when you find a cult in the sewers on your second escape that you haven’t seen on a previous one.

The gameplay has its flaws, especially in the controller, but generally the horde of shooters in the game is dynamic and lively. The bosses are also well translated into Sagittarius, although the Mafia can interrupt the bosses’ battle. But the bosses are well thought out and memorable, my favorite creature Ixillis, the giant guard of insects that you have to defeat by controlling your limited space on the rope bridge.

Remnant is a refreshing interpretation of the Dark Souls formula, and although it has some drawbacks, it takes risks and sets the bar for more soul-shooters.

Date of first publication September 2019
Platform Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
Developer Deck 13
Publishing house Focus on the most important interactives

The Surge series moves to a new genre, replacing knights and demons with AI and robots, which sets it apart from most of the other entries on the list. Splash 2 takes place in Jericho at a time when humanity has inevitably exhausted all its resources and the few remaining societies are taking desperate measures to reverse the trend.

The story is about the plague of the nanite, which was accidentally released, and although it is correct, it is not the main event of the game. Jericho itself is an interesting city because every sector and region feels special and will certainly keep you informed. Like Dark Souls, the world of gaming is fascinating to explore, with labels and secrets around every corner.

The battle is the most important element of the game. An ordinary perpetual lock in battle is complemented by a variety of science fiction weapons and separation systems. The latter enables you to tackle and armour specific parts of the body. Fast and bloody battles and unique settings make Surge 2 a worthy addition to your wish list.



Date of first publication February 2017
Platform Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch and MacOS
Developer The cherry team
Publishing house The cherry team

Hollow Knight is the king of Metroidvania, a game that combines fluid battles and platforms with an atmospheric world that goes straight to the heart. You take control of the knight who wandered the fallen kingdom on Halloween, and like the ruined kingdom of Lorrand, it’s a vast, interconnected world full of details and mysteries.

The search for the Knights of Paul will look familiar to the players of the Dark Souls. Instead of bonfires, you will have banks that will stop your progress and serve as a checkpoint in case of death. The setting for the meeting with the boss will also be similar to that of the Dark Souls and will be just as exciting and memorable.

The Hollow Knight is his own game. The story is original, and the setting is both moving and tragic. The NPCs you will meet on your journey through the vast empire are charming and will make you aware of their battles and victories.

All these features are emphasized by the fuzzy gameplay and chase music available to the player for several days after victory.

5Seciro: Shadows die twice

Date of first publication March 2019
Platform Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
Developer FromSoftware
Publishing house Activation

Starting from the usual formula of role-playing games, FromSoftware creates a linear adventure game in the style of the soul, redefining the approach to battles and stories. Sekiro presents a fairytale about the collapse of a dynasty during the bloody Sengoku era through the eyes of a shinobi trapped in the trap of destiny.

The result is a dramatic journey through an unbelievably created background that is firmly anchored in reality, yet has the classic sense of scale and tragedy of FromSoftware.

Sekiro’s direct story will be a welcome change for some, as he conveys the essence of the story through an exhibition, dialogues and shortened scenes. This is something very different from the environmental stories and incomprehensible legends about hunting games from the past. It is certainly a more linear path, and as long as there is an element of choice in terms of the path of progression, the given path is much more present here.

Struggle and movement are Sekiro’s most important innovations. Instead of withdrawing from the fight against endurance, Sekiro gives up endurance completely and uses his characteristic posture-breaking system. This mechanic relies on Sekiro and his enemies to get through the blades until there is enough posture to open the enemy for a deadly blow. The result is a more realistic sword fight and by far the best fight on the list.

In many ways, Sekiro is like a test project of FromSoftware to test new ideas and systems, but it pays off, making Sekiro a difficult task for all soul lovers.

Date of first publication January 2018
Platform Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
Developer Capcom
Publishing house Capcom

Return of the classic franchise, updated and no longer available as Monster Hunter World, a third-person action game where you have to get ready, hunt for monsters in the New World and then go get them.

The MHW game cycle is so iconic and exciting. You prepare yourself for the hunt by improving your equipment and adapting your cargo to the animal you are hunting. You sing, then you go out into the world to find and kill your target.

The simplicity of this concept is complemented by a robust crafting system, because each unique animal produces craft materials that can be used to make armour and specific objects. This means you can do a specific yacht to sharpen a certain equipment you like.

Like many others on this list, the fight will look like an old pair of Soul Veterans’ shoes, like another third person fighting system based on stamina that is based on evasive and appropriate countermeasures. The monsters themselves are the stars of the show here. Each variety offers a unique experience, similar to meeting a shower pattern, mixed with hunting elements that make it a mandatory wildlife experience.

Date of first publication September 2019
Platform Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
Developer BANDAI NAMCO Studios
Publishing house BANDAI NAMCO Studios

The community affectionately calls the souls of the anime Code Vein, Code Vein places the player under the control of the rebellion (vampire) in a dark future, when the world began to collapse as a result of an event called the Great Disaster.

The rebirths were created to help mankind fight monsters from all over the world, and during this experiment several problems arose. While the avengers succumb to their lust for blood, the world is overrun by the mindless avengers known as the lost.

Those who spend hours on the character-creation screen sit at home in Code Vein, which has one of the most reliable customization screens this player has ever seen. By creating your unique character, you invest 100% in their story as they struggle to overcome their losses.

The gameplay is very similar to the cross between God Eater 3 and Dark Souls and offers a smooth, fluid system, whether you use a large axe or a sword. The patterns are sublime and all lovingly designed, beautifully animated and loaded. Like the heir to the cage, a beautiful and majestic four-handed wolf.

Simply put: Code Vein is an artistic masterpiece that uses great role-playing elements, intense gameplay and amazing bosses.

Date of first publication February 2009
Platform Playstation 3
Developer VanSoftwares
Publishing house BANDAI NAMCO & Sony Interactive Entertainment

Who started all this. Demon Souls is the spiritual forerunner of the Dark Souls, and many functions that we as souls enjoy have been tested in this exclusive edition of PS3 2009. Although the game was not as widespread as Dark Souls, it was a cult classic that was immediately praised for its meritorious trials and the building of the world.

In the kingdom of King Allantas of the Balearic Islands a grey and colourless fog has formed, in which terrible demons live. As a demon slayer you will enter this dark land and die quickly, but your spiritual form has been reborn in the Nexus and is connected to it, which means that you can only be released from life when your task is completed.

As you travel through different regions to kill great demons, you will explore a tormented and broken world. One of my favorite places is the Tower of Latvia (one of the most atmospheric places of all games), once a beautiful kingdom transformed into a hellish prison, with the groans of the prisoners echoing through the corridors.

The story is darker than Dark Souls, but the gameplay will be exactly the same as in Dark Souls 1, with countless interesting and legendary heavy bosses to kill and defeat. Although this is the oldest entry on the list, the style and presentation of the Demon Souls are still excellent in this genre, and we recommend every Demon Souls fan to discover this classic masterpiece.

  • Prepare to Die: Top 14 Dark Soul Games This is our top 10 games like Stardew Valley – Looking for a good farm simulator to fill the hole that Stardew Valley left behind? We’ve got you. Here is our list of games that are mechanically and thematically similar to Stardew Valley
Date of first publication 24. March 2015
Platform Playstation 4
Developer VanSoftwares
Publishing house Sony Computer Entertainment

We don’t think many would be surprised if the acclaimed leech were at the top of the list. As proof of Yham’s incredible universe, Miyazaki himself recently admitted that he was his favorite artist.

Bloodborne takes the foundations of the showers and turns them into a Gothic nightmare of cosmic horrors. The night of the hunt has arrived, and if you put on a Victorian costume and have a sawed axe, you’ll only receive one instruction in the form of a wrinkled and mysterious note: Find Pala Leaf to defeat the hunt.

This will take you through the winding streets of Yharnam, a religious and tasteless city exposed to night hunting. As you sneak through the cobbled streets, you see fear, prejudice and madness. The location and atmosphere of Yharnam is sublime, every street and square corner of the village illustrates the horror of the hunting of the Aldrites, and every man and beast wants to kill you.

The massacre is certainly the fastest and most aggressive game of all. You will be ridiculed by a broken shield because there will be no blockage during this trip. The game rewards aggression and speed. If you repair the damage fast enough, you’ll get a few more shots, and a break in time with your gun will open the way for a devastating attack on the intestines.

The Boss in Bloodborne’s design is at the top of the list of the best, like the memorable Ludwig – once a noble warrior reduced to a hideous and terrible beast whose fate will haunt you for days after you’ve set up the game. Finally, the Dungeons of the Chalice offer a challenging and repetitive option and a sharpening space for endgame updates. There’s nothing more to say: Play now.

Dark souls have changed everything, and it is not for nothing that many games try to compare with him. Logically, those who have experienced it want to try such games. We hope you enjoy our hand-picked selection that will help you bridge the gap between your last and next Dark Souls breakthrough.



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