The Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event in January 2021 is the first of many planned for the coming weeks. Pokemon Go’s hour of glory, January 2021, begins today at 6:00 p.m. local time. You’re lucky to get lots of rewards and catch a rare Pokemon, and you might even catch a shiny one, who knows. We’ve got all the exclusive details about the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event in January 2021, and you can read which Pokémon are coming here.

The Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event starts today at 6pm local time with a special Pokemon in the wild. According to Niantic, Snover is the first Pokémon to appear in this event and will often appear in the wild. At the last Spotlight Hour event in December, Snover was announced as Pocket Master.

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The best part of the event is that you get x2 XP for the evolution of the Pokemon during the event. You will only receive x2 XP if you upgrade a Pokemon during the Projector Hour. Many more major events are planned in Pokemon Go in the coming days. If you have a ticket for the Canto Tour, you can see the first prizes starting this month, in January 2021.

Five to ten. In January, Unova citizens have a special occasion, as a special event for Unova residents will take place from 10:00 a.m. local time.

Here you’ll find exclusive information about the upcoming Pokemon Go events and the opening hours of the projectors in January 2021.

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Here are some of the rewards and Pokemon that will appear during the tournaments. You might even meet some brilliant Pokemon on the Kanto Tour, so don’t miss them.

  • Drilbur, Snivi, Roggenrola, Tepig, Blitl, Oshawot, Herdier, Lilipup, Scraggy, Venipeda, Timpol, Trash, Gotita, Soloz and Ferrose will appear in nature.
  • Pokémon can hatch with 5k eggs – Sevadl, Emolga, Ryerol, Carrablast, Holtik, Helm and Elgem.
  • You’ll face field research challenges that will reward you with Star Poison, and you may even encounter Pokémon like Snivi, Oshavot, Tepig and Ferrous.
  • Snivy, Oshavot, Timburr, Dubble and Klink will appear in the raids.
  • Serenity, Guerdier, Honeymooner and Excadrill will appear in 3-star raids.
  • The Genesisect that holds Burn Drive in place appears during 5-star raids. Also don’t forget that Genesect appears for the first time in Pokemon Go. So make sure you catch it even if Shiny Genesect doesn’t show up during the event.

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There’s more to know about, but let’s first talk about the glory days of Pokemon Go in January 2021.

Pokémon Time Shines in January 2021

The floodlight of January 2021 starts at 18.00 hours (local time) and ends at 19.00 hours (local time). During the event, you’ll also have the chance to meet a special Pokemon and win special prizes.

Now let’s take a look at the event calendar.

  • 5. January: Lillipup will appear and you will receive x2 Stardust from Pokémon.
  • 12. January: The drifoon will appear and you will get x2 XP for catching a Pokemon.
  • 19. January: Shoormish appears and you get two candies to catch the Pokémon.
  • 26. January: Phanpy will appear and you will get two candies for carrying the Pokemon.

Please note that all these events take place one Tuesday a week.

This was the hour of the Pokémon in January 2021.

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I hope you enjoy our approach at Pokemon Go’s hour of glory in January 2021.


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