The game: Vogs!
It’s just like: Adventure, Puzzle
System : Nintendo Switch (also on PS4, Xbox and PC)
Developer|Publisher : Bit Loom Games | Coatsink
Software Age Rating : EU 3+ | USA All
Price : UK £22.49 | EU €24.99 | USA $24.99
Publication date : 3. December 2020

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Mist life

Vogs! Cover three triple: Honey, Cuddy and Random. If you’re a player who wants to cheer me up, or maybe you know someone who needs me? Then the fog! Maybe it’s just a game to you! Find a good friend and get ready for a charming game that suits almost any audience. It also helps if you love dogs.

They play like a strange two-headed snake with dogs in the back of their heads. While in most worlds this would be a nightmare, Phogs! graphic style is clear, welcoming and absolutely charming. You will visit many worlds with unique themes such as eating, sleeping and playing. Every world is inviting and filled with cute and stupid NPC characters who can greet you or maybe even pet you if you let them. Phogs! – It’s a game that welcomes everyone and it’s hard not to smile when it gets positive.

lawyers at AvoCato!

Bark and extension

The aim of the game is to control a two-headed dog and go through the levels, to occasionally solve some puzzles and look for a strange additional collector’s item. If you do it alone, check each dog’s head with an analog stick and use the shoulder buttons to bark, grab and stretch. When you do, it makes a sound that my wife found rather unpleasant, like the prolongation of a long bullet. Only in this case, you don’t have to worry that your character will explode.

It’s one of those games where the controls deliberately float a bit and are a bit cumbersome because the dogs can repel each other. All this makes the charm and leads to stupid moments where dogs can jump in the air when a dog is holding a pole and let go at the right moment. I think it also leads to a soft nigger where the camera doesn’t always point in the right place and can block your view of the area. But it was pretty rare.

Choosing a good hat

Random Puzzles

The puzzles of each level are interesting to solve and cover a good area. Sometimes you have to be invisible to get past the strange bird goggles, connect the dogs like a garden hose to water the plants or maybe operate a giant pair of scissors. During my play I was never confronted with walls or obstacles that I could not overcome simply by exploring the world and experimenting with control circuits. It’s perfect for an audience that doesn’t want to intrude during the game. It’s even better if you can get excited about cooperative games that are also suitable for people with little gaming experience.

Help stuffed friends with a snack.

Two dogs are better than one.

Playing alone was fun, but for me the joy with the second player was even greater. You can play both local and online cooperative games. For this review I could only fully explore the local option, but it’s nice to be able to share this experience with someone you can’t see in person right now. All your possibilities for cooperation will be discussed. Phogs! is a game where you have to share with someone else and you can just cheer someone up who really needs it.

on a swing

Fogs! Has enough substance to keep you busy. There are 3 worlds with different levels to explore and many collectibles to find. If you find collector’s bones, you can exchange them in the shop for new hats for your dog.

With this kind of simple controls, it’s easy enough to get in and out of the game if you don’t want to complete all the adventures at once. For me, the incentive to play the game is the hope that one day I will be able to share it with other friends in the co-op. Hold the light switch on the table, throw the happy scam on someone and get ready to laugh.


Fog days on.

Phogs! is a game that makes you smile from ear to ear, you and hopefully a friend, just like the constant smiles of the dogs you play with like in this game.

The joy of the name really comes from sharing experiences with someone else. But if this is not possible for you, then this is still a good random puzzle game that you can handle comfortably and enjoy in portable mode.

Final verdict: I like her.

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