Perfect World Mobile is an addictive MMORPG with a huge world and a wide variety of jobs to play.

With the recent liberation of the Assassin class, I’m sure many of you would like to go into the dungeons and bosses like two-legged thugs. A warning: Upgrading killers isn’t the same as upgrading the DPS or the tank.

We made some mistakes ourselves by trying to conquer the world as Edgelord solitaire using our knowledge of other games, but Perfect World has its own systems and mechanisms that can make what players normally do counterproductive.

Here are our tips to make your Novice Assassin adventures easier and a lot more fun.

Tip 1: Food still in stock

Unlike most games that require keyboard shortcuts and mana potions to restore health, Perfect World lets your character automatically consume food as soon as his health or mana falls below a certain threshold. And it doesn’t regenerate just once – you can have it regenerate your HP and MP every few seconds. And this food can easily be bought in the system shop.

You can always have a few hot drinks for emergencies, but the cooling time is long, so eating is the answer – especially if you’re walking around in the dungeon.

Tip 2: There is no shame in retiring.

Perfect World VNG Assassin Class Beginner’s Guide –

We know it’s cool to be the only vigilante killer, as it should be, but no matter how soft they are – especially when they’re still learning the ropes – killers have a tendency to suffocate in life. If you do the most damage in a fight or accidentally tackle a boss, pretend to be a Shadow Runner and run away. Get closer to the healer.

Of course you don’t add DPS if you retreat, but you’re more valuable to the group alive than dead.

Tip 3: Knowing your skill rotations

Perfect World VNG Assassin Class Beginner’s Guide –

The battle is to spam your skills as often as possible. However, because Assassins are agile characters, many of your coolers are shorter and can even be released with certain skills. Learn the timings that allow you to do the most damage over time.

Learn how to move the handwheel when you need it. And learn how to time the Shadowwalk to reset the fridges for some of your skills.

Tip 4: Investment in eidolon

Perfect World VNG Assassin Class Beginner’s Guide –

The best pet a killer can have is a goblin, because of his defensive abilities. It protects you from damage once every 12 seconds and also guarantees invulnerability – both are surprising because killers are often crushed. The reason many killers are few in number within DFS is that they’re dead. The gnome helps.

Tip 5: Playing with friends

Perfect World VNG Assassin Class Beginner’s Guide –

It’s not just the typical fun of billiards. A big party during boss races and dungeon races can help you get the most out of your adventures. Yeah, you can play at random thanks to the organization of meetings. But playing with guild members or real friends can make you more effective, especially if you use the in-game voice chat feature.

We hope these tips will make your adventures on Perfect World Mobile easier and much more fun. If you have any other beginner tips you would like to share, please leave a comment below.

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