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Other Eden Cheats: Tips & Guide to Become More Powerful

In today’s article we will discuss all the tips and tricks that can help you get better, get a complete picture of how the game works and look at all stages of the game.

In fact, this role-playing game will take you to a world so good you won’t believe it. You go there to complete the various meetings and bring your characters up to standard. The game is full of action, if you like this feature, you absolutely must have something to read!

But you’re here to discover all the Other Eden tips and tricks we have, so let’s get to the heart of the matter!

Discover everything! Can’t go wrong!

As soon as the game starts, you will be transported to a room of heroes! You will be able to communicate with different elements of the environment, so that’s exactly what you need to do! If you’re still in the room, click on the cabinet (with drawers) to claim Git (the equivalent of gold)!

You can do this with almost anything that has an interaction symbol at the top (that looks like an exclamation mark in a circle). I suggest you do, because you’ll find a lot of moving objects everywhere.

Basically, you should always look for collectibles, because you never know when they will be useful for your research or otherwise.

Look what’s shining!

Just as there are elements in an environment where you have a clear sign that you can deal with them (an exclamation mark), there are other elements that are a little less obvious. Maybe you’ve seen bushes and bright spots around you. Once you’ve done that, feel free to knock on it, because you’ll probably receive some material!

These glowing objects (it’s rather a glistening particle effect) will appear mainly on shrubs and stones, but also on other collection materials – so not on furniture like exclamation marks.

Perform various additional tasks!

As soon as you start playing the game, you can start performing various tasks! Because I like to do a lot of research in these role-playing games, I’m used to sticking my nose into everything – in everyone’s home, in wells, and talking to everyone (even a few LOLs).

Well, there are a few side tasks you can do from the start! The first one will be a girl who just lost her balls (you’ll see a bunch of balls in town, just pick them up and give them to her) and will play hide-and-seek with a little boy (who you’ll find at the top of the fountain – and who’s hiding in the flower bushes on the right side of the girl with the balls).

There will be many side quests you can complete, and they will all give you different rewards. So try to do them, because it will literally take a few seconds and it will not be a waste of time!

You will meet different monsters – defeat them for the loot!

Meeting monsters is a big coincidence, and they can appear anywhere in your path, even if you’ve already tidied it up. The basic rule is this one: If you kill a wave of monsters and go back to where you came from, and then go back to how you defeated the monsters, you might run into another one!

Your offspring is pretty random, so you always have to be ready. If one of your characters dies during the meeting, the rest of your characters will stay alive, but you really need to go home and fix your HP.

Follow the search line to unlock the game features

In any case, the search line is marked in green. You need to be guided to the green marked areas to complete the tasks (you can’t see and because the target will have a green exclamation mark) as this will open up more main action and more gameplay features!

After completing a certain quest and unlocking the Dream Gallery, you will really start to enjoy the game, as the whole dynamics of the game will change. Why don’t you try hurrying up a little?

Don’t fight the Big Boss!

At some point you will see that the Big Boss appears very close to town and is almost on its way. STAY BACK! Believe me, I had a whole group of four people, and she cut them all up. So you do remember!

The boss of level 21, so there isn’t much you can do until you raise the level of your team.

Recruit more members for your team!

Once you have activated the Dream Gallery, you can recruit other members for your party! Make sure you claim all the rewards and missions from your new players, because then you can start increasing your power by collecting more allies.

You first get First encounter, which allows you to choose a 4-star ally. Pick the soul. Then you can check the other options, and for each of these options where Hero: 1 is displayed, call up a new ally! This means you can get a new ally because you have the necessary equipment.

This way you can add good participants to your party, so make sure you do and add them (Menu -> Party -> click + and add the desired participants).

Save your Chronos stones on

It will take a little time to save 1,000, but do it! It’s tedious work that takes many hours, but if you’re dedicated to the game, you have to do it. Once you have saved 1000 Chronos Stones, you can go to the menu -> Dreams -> Limited -> Deadly Encounter and call it!

In this case you name 10 heroes, 1 of which is guaranteed to get 5 stars. This is very important because it will greatly increase the strength of your party.

Look at your prices!

If you go to Menu -> Records -> Awards, you can usually view your achievements. You’ll have several tasks and win a ton of Chronos stones.

Look at all the tabs and just read them. If you think you can do a super easy job, then do it! And don’t forget to pick up your reward, because that greatly increases the time it takes to collect 1000 crowns of stones.

Look at the other skills of your heroes!

If you click on one of the heroes in your game during the battle, it will open a new list of all the hero’s skills. You can choose the option you want, but make sure you choose all heroes in advance – before you attack!

As soon as you start attacking, they all attack. So make sure you have the skills that each of your heroes will use and that you have pre-selected. Otherwise he won’t use them.

Upgrade the skills of your heroes!

When your Heroes increase their level, they get AP (ability points). You can mark them by going to Menu -> Skillboard and spending them on characters that have a free hotspot. You’ll be able to unlock multiple nodes for them and their capabilities, so it’s great that you need to be sure of what you’re doing, if that’s possible!

Sign up every day for free for Chronos Stones!

Every day you enter the game, you will receive 20 Chronos coins! Make sure you do it every day, if only to qualify! If you’re not really planning on playing one day, that’s fine – just pretend you’re a Chronos stone, because you can use it another time!

These are all the other Garden of Eden tips and tricks we have for you now! Do you know any other useful tips about gambling that you would like to share with others? Leave them in the comments below!



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