This guide contains small spoilers for the game locations, but there is nothing else worth mentioning.
This guide lists the places where Marie picnic, flying mirrors, telescopes, jokes, face spots, hangars (uh), tentacles and bread doors are.


Just a disclaimer: If you are looking for benefits to visit all picnic baskets, mirrors, telescopes, etc., they are only available on the Hikikomori route.

If you’re playing the game for the first time, I recommend that you don’t worry about doing it all at once, but just enjoy the game.

This guide is largely spoiler free. It will contain zone and other names, and anything that can be considered spoilers will be censored.

Some important points to keep in mind with this guide:

Mount Snezka is exclusive to the Hikikomori Trail.

Humphrey’s area will disappear after the cleanup, so it’s important that you find everything you can. However, you can press 4. Return on the first day when you are on the Hikikomori route.

Marie Picnics

Some picnics don’t have Mari present, but they still count for the performance. I labeled them [basket and refreshments].

Large wood:
– on the playground – in front of the house – basilica – on the stairs in the Wheelingbos.

In a strange world:
– from the tip – halfway to the tip – at the end of the frozen lake of the tip.

Orange Oasis:
-Beneath the orange lake, to the right of the dredger Dino
-At the glittering place of the orange lake (Rain City).

– In Brivene for the battle with the bread twins.

Pyrifley Forest:
-In the middle of the forest, at the end of the forest, at Sprout Mole VillageCastle Darling :
On the ground floor of the dungeon
– In the dormitory behind the kitchen
– [Basket and Dining Room] Under the hatch that leads to the fun show.

-[Drankar] In the Lost Library, after reading all the books, the room at the bottom left.

A deep well:
-In front of the Last Resort
-Elevator to Last Resort
-Fourth floor of the Last Resort at the right door
– [Basket and drinks] In the elevator to the office of Mr. Jawsum
-At the end of the toll roadHumphrey :
-In Molly Sector
-Middle of Marina Sector
-Start of Medusa Sector
– [Basket and Cabinet] Lower Humphrey level

Snowflake in the mountains:
– after the first cave, just north of where you left off. -At the end of the mountain.

Floating mirrors

Vast forests:
-A9 Playground – On the steps of the Pinwheel ForestOther World :

Orange Oasis:
– At the top of the map, to the right of Dino’s Dig.

Pyrifley Forest:
-In the middle of the forest, under the village of Sprout Mole, on a footpath.

Expensive lock:
-In the dormitory, behind the kitchen. -In the dormitory, behind the kitchen.

A deep well:
-On the ground floor of the last hotel– Just past the first toll road.

-In the Molly sector (left lane of the three)

Mountain snowflake:
-In front of the second cave, turn left. -Okay.


In a strange world:
-Oasis Lakes:
-top left of the map, above Dig Dino.

A deep well:
– between the first and second tollbooth on the toll road.

Mountain snowflake:
– in front of the second cave on the right…


If you want to complete the search for the Weeping Willow, all you have to do is joke about the building around the first tollbooth.

In a strange world:
– on slag heap
– in the middle of a cat’s tail field.

Orange Oasis:
-Benefront right in Dig Dino.

Pyrifley Forest:
-In the village of Sprout Mole via the Sprout Mole Christmas Hall.

A deep well:
-In front of the last station on the map on the road around the first tollbooth.

Mountain snowflake:
-In the needle

facial stains

The importance of the weird spots on your face is that you can hit them with Aubrey and get big rewards. I’m pretty sure there’s all these jam packets in there, which is useful. If I’m not mistaken, I think the only way to crack him is to talk to the weird guy with the face at the bottom right of Oasis Orange.

In a strange world:
-The east side of town, where all the traffic cones…

Orange Oasis:
– at the bottom right of the main card.

Pyrifley Forest:
– next to Weeping Willow Lake.

Duration lock:
– on the stairs in the art gallery

A deep well:
– at the end of the toll road in front of the deep well….

Lower. Well:
At the first intersection, take the leftmost transporter until the end.

-If you solve a puzzle of medium difficulty (green), it will be in the camera room in sector
of Molly -A complete route in sector
of Marina -In the library section of the Medusa sector

Mountain Flake:
– in the cave in front of the top of the mountain….

Hangouts (uh) Hangouts

As far as I know there are no special advantages or reasons to search all Hangouts, but I did make a note of it.

Each bread rack has a place to hang it.

Roommate room:
cards in the middle

Vast forests:
-The beach north of Playground- Take the stairs up into the Wheeling Forest (after defeating the Kite Kid).

In a strange world:
– frozen above the lake at the outlet.

Pyrifley Forest:
-The lower part of the Sprout Mole village in the treadmill area (after the power supply was restored after a power failure).

Expensive lock:
-In the middle of the theater, in the middle of the sun garden. -In the middle of the sun garden.

A deep well:
– on the fourth floor of the Last Resort in the room on the left – in the café on the toll road between the second and third floor.

Mountain Flake:
– the large snow field at the bottom left of the igloo.


The value of the tentacles after the fight with Abbi in the depths of the abyss, if you spare them, every tentacle in the world will give you a special object. To get to the abyss, you have to take the footpath. Going to the abyss to talk to a hitchhiker at the end of the road on the fourth day. In addition, I list what each of them offers under the spoiler labels.

The roommate’s room:
He gives Aubrey his main weapon, a baseball bat.

Vast forests:
-At the station on the Pinewell Forest side just before the fog bridgeGive Kel the ultimate weapon, a basketball.

In a strange world:
On the left side of the stairs, when entering the Other World
for the first time, you will find a headband accessory

Orange Oasis:
-Left of Dino’s digs gives a chef’s hat as an accessory. -Right.

Pyrifley Forest:
Beyond the weeping willow, Lakegives offers accessories for cough masks.

Expensive lock:
-In a secret compartment in the safe

Omari: Picnic Baskets & Other Special Locations

It’s on the right, through the secret passage.
Give Omori’s ultimate weapon, the Red Knife.

A deep well:
After the third race, at the end of the toll road, you give the hero the ultimate weapon, the well-deserved Sneeuwberg:
-After the first cave, on the rightGive the Arc beau gosse accessory.

Bread doors

The Gates of Bread are only accessible after having received a Hero from Mr. Jaws.
Note that the bread port has a fan attack on Hero in
-In somebody else’s lake, in a trailer. -In somebody else’s lake.

Orange Oasis:
-Oh, it’s right on Dino’s Dig. -Oh, it’s right on Dino’s Dig.

Pyrifley Forest:
-In the water, behind the waterfall, in the area with the Rare Bear. -Ah!

A deep well:
-On the second floor of the Last Resort, top right.

If you would like us to cover Omari guides other than these, please let us know in the comments section. We like to do this for our readers. We have also consulted some other guides for this game, see the section on this game.

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