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What’s best? A gift or a gift pack?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what we thought.

Today we are releasing some fascinating things that will make Destiny 2 feel better for everyone. Whether you are an experienced Guardian or a New World, this is the perfect time to discover the world of destiny.

The free updates are next-generation optimizations initially announced at the launch of Beyond Light. These features start with crossgaming that allows Xbox One owners to play with Xbox Series X|S owners and PlayStation 4 owners to play with PlayStation 5 owners. Guards can travel directly to Europe with anyone who moves on to the next generation.

In addition, the new consoles use the latest hardware to significantly increase loading time in Destiny 2. From launching the game, to opening the menu screens, to navigating the inventory, everything has become faster and more responsive.

Today’s upcoming optimizations bring even more to the next generation table (it is a floating holographic table).

The great 4K 60 FPS is now available for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. In addition, the supported screens even have an additional 120 GHz scrolling mode that allows the data transfer rate to be increased to 120 frames per second for PvP scrolling contests.

Another first for Destiny console players comes today: Custom settings for the viewing windows. The goalkeeper’s ability to adjust the field of view from narrow and focused to wide and sharp is now available on the console.

Upgrading to Destiny 2’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is completely free today.

Then a new App Destiny 2 as a companion. This time-saving application allows players to exchange equipment, retrieve lost items from the Postmaster, manage clans, track progress, find out when events are going on, find shooting commands, etc.

Today’s update adds the ability to receive rewards before activities begin, while hanging around the tower, while climbing into orbit, or even while completely offline. You want to run Destiny 2 and get straight to the point? Write down these bonuses in orbit, in the tower or before you sign up.

Download the application today on iOS and

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Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

4K 60 FPS enabled, associated application installed, field of view blocked? It’s time for Hawkeye time. We named our picture in the season

Season of the hunting page, and now the search is live. The exotic favourite of fans of the original fate returns – the time of gun hunting, where every bullet counts… one more than the other.

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Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

Finally, the dungeon of prophecy is back! The elegant dungeon, which was originally excavated in the coming season, will be returned and made available to all players. If you’ve been too busy saving entire planets from pyramid ships, or if you’re new to the ‘community of doom’ (welcome by the way), anyone who missed it at the first launch can now take a ride on the rainbow road.

Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

Image reference
Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing along. Enjoy the holidays!

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To get on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a good reason to expect it this year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no recognizable release date will not be taken into account.

By 2020, there will be tons of them… in the world of video games. Here are the fifteen races we expect for the first half of 2020.

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