Ladies and gentlemen, here is a game that looks better on the Switch than on the Xbox One X : New Super Happy Tale! You may remember the Super Lucky’s Tale game, which everyone thought was the new Conker title, and then got really angry when it turned out it wasn’t the new Conker title. The disappointment was understandable at this point. I mean, despite having tons of memorable IP to its name, Microsoft has never been able to figure out how to make a classic action/platform game. The best 3D platformer on Xbox is by far Halo 2, even though it belongs to the FPS category.

New Super Lucky’s Tale Review –

That is why the original Super Lucky Tale was largely neglected when it was released in 2017. The confrontation with a titan like Super Mario Odyssey and indie darlings like A Hat in Time didn’t make Lucky’s debut any easier. However, thanks in part to the new working relationship/blood pact between Nintendo and Microsoft, Lucky has been given a new life on the Nintendo Switch, and the developers of Playful have certainly not missed their second chance.

The story follows the Order of the Omen, of which Lucky is the youngest member. The mission of the Order is to protect the Book of Time, a mysterious magical book that is said to contain entire worlds. After a collision with the antagonist Jinx and his litter of kittens, Lucky is separated from the rest of the Order, caught in the book and the scattered pages. The lucky one finds the pages, declares the cat armada and returns unharmed to the Order.

New Super Lucky’s Tale Review –

This game is your typical 3D platform fair game. Lucky has a few different jumps, a soft tail attack and the ability to bury himself underground. This is as good as your load for the whole game, and you use these simple movements through a variety of linear and open world puzzles. Throughout the course, there are many collectibles and hidden pieces scattered throughout each level to satisfy the completist in each of us. For the more experienced players, the first few levels may seem incredibly easy, but fortunately the challenge curve is almost perfectly balanced. To describe the conversation, I’d say it’s a cross between Yuka-Leili and Super Mario Odyssey. Lucky’s action is as smooth as butter, but with each step a little more weight. It is probably at the same level as Hat in Time in terms of satisfaction with the game. Definitely an extra light shines here with the controls and interface of this improved version.

Yes, it’s not just a cheeky Nintendo brand, but the new Super Happy Story is really a new experience. The story has greatly expanded, extra music and artwork has been added and many of the biggest complaints people had about the Xbox One have improved in the jump to the switch. Probably the biggest of these complaints concerned the camera and the lack of 360° rotation in the original version. He’s here, and he’s doing great. People also had a lot of problems with the framing and lighting effects that made the presentation drag on. They have also been corrected; the lighting in the game has been increased and, with the exception of an occasional drop in manual mode, the visual effects do not disturb the game.

New Super Lucky’s Tale Review –

Even if the extensive content differs significantly from the original state of the game, some people will unfortunately not be able to use it. The campaign is even shorter, and although the characters and sets sparkle in the writing department, they are visually very boring. Not boring as a colour, but boring in concept. New Super Lucky’s Tale suffers greatly from this dietetic Bandicoot aesthetic – a vaguely tropical streetscape – for much of the game, and it’s so banal that it says nothing about the world or the characters who live there.

More than anything, I’d like to see a decent sequel. If Yuka-Leili could get a sequel, I don’t see why we can’t have Super Lucky 2. The player has managed to perfect gameplay to the point where he absolutely makes his mark on the Nintendo Switch, even with the kings and queens of the genre. Taking the time to go back and do justice to the first game was absolutely cool to see and shows the passion of the studio for this character. Imagine the interesting stories they could tell if they drew the next series of colourful worlds based on the numbers.

Review of the new Super Lucky tale

  • Graphs – 8/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Late call – 7/10


Final thoughts: GRAND

Although it is undoubtedly suitable for a more informal audience, once you’ve become acquainted with New Super Lucky’s Tale, you’ll find it difficult to put it down. It’s not Conker, but intellectual property is full of potential. The addictive gameplay and charming characters really get the message across. If you’re wondering about this exclusive title for Xbox One, it’s definitely worth checking out.

New Super Lucky’s Tale Review –

Evan Rude is a student of journalism and an amateur gambling historian. His favorite Guitar Hero III song was Even Flow.


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