I’m introducing you all to the idea of an anti-burglary drug.



  • The homeworld is a world of crypts, and your people may survive.
  • As a bonus, a destroyer of another design equipped with T3 weapons.
  • Near your empire, develop three levels of 5 remaining Alien Battleship Anomalies, each with 5-10 months of engineering research and one of the following technologies, at random:
    • Hull configuration of the destroyer.
    • Next laser weapon.
    • The next kinetic weapon.
    • Next armored vehicle.
    • The following screen technology.
    • The next reactor technology.
    • If all students above are already at level 3 or higher, you will receive 8 to 16 months extra engineering study.
  • If you complete all these anomalies, you will receive a blank alien engineering master modifier that will give you +5% engineering research speed and +50% waste research reward.
  • An advanced xenophobe empire will be born near you, of which the capital will replace one of your safe living worlds at 4 hypertales distance. Their capital is a fully developed 25th city. Planet. They also start with the level 3 technology, the destroyer hull, maintenance of the ship at -60% and 6 destroyers. What’s more, every three months they get a ship with the highest hull configuration for free when they fight you.
  • This empire will have a -1000 opinion of you (Repel our invasion), you have a -1000 opinion of them (Fall in on us). They both have a war going on and they will announce it unequivocally, no matter how strong they are.
  • When the advanced kingdoms that invaded you are destroyed, the puppet of the main attraction gets a permanent +20% lucky bonus. You also get +10% marine fire if you fight them. In exchange, while the advanced empire still exists, the Pop, your main species, has -20% chance of malus and +20% xenophobic attraction. You also get +10% naval ceiling and ship speed, only if your navy is pathetic in comparison.
  • The story: This species was invaded by a technologically superior alien, but eventually managed to bravely repel the intruder – at the cost of destroying their home planet. After years of rebuilding and reversing alien technology, they can finally reach a star. Unfortunately an evil and powerful intruder is still hiding there, watching over their world like a hungry beast.
  • Effect:
    • Three extraterrestrial anomalies are mimicked near your home planet and offer an interesting reward.
    • A destroyer bounty at launch.
    • A hostile advanced empire is born near you, with a huge bonus in every sense of the word. However, you will receive a bonus if they are at war and a permanent bonus if they are eliminated.

——- Give your opinion about this origin. It’s designed to give you a challenge at the beginning of the game, but also a head start if you beat the intruder.

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  • The idea of the origin of the stars: Broken Brotherhood.

Laura: Your ancestors always thought the dream of FTL storage was a pipe dream, but when your world began to become overcrowded, FTL storage was considered one of the few options available. After the great disaster caused by the use of unstable wormhole generators, which have killed millions of people…

  • The idea of a changed origin: A divided world

Pay attention: I’m not a fashionista and I have no idea how to do this. It’s just an interesting idea I came up with that I wanted to share and discuss. This mod, which expands the number of origins in the game, has an interesting house called Split House, nicknamed Common Ground .

  • The idea of the fallen empire: The Galactic Rampart

This fallen empire has accidentally opened a door to another dimension in the center of its realm, hostile creatures from that dimension are trying to break through and wreak havoc in the galaxy. This fallen empire has therefore been retreating for thousands of years to devote more resources to preventing extra-dimensional attacks on the galaxy. This fallen empire…

Submit an idea for a new origin: An anti-burglary drug for the Stellaris game.

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