It’s been about three months since we received classic games through the Nintendo Switch Online service, but the wait is almost over! On the 12th. Six more titles will be added in December, just in time for the family Christmas season. Additionally, wireless NES controllers will be on sale for a limited time at 50% off starting tomorrow. Great!

Watch the games on the road:


Super RPS

  • Star Fox™ 2 – This 3D rail shooter and the second installment of the Star Foxs series was originally developed for the Super NES, but only appeared with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ : Super NES Classic System Edition 2017. This time, Emperor Andross goes on a crusade to conquer the Lylat system and the Star Fox team itself. After a long wait, Star Fox is back in action.
  • Super Punch-Out™ – In this sequel to the NES classic, Little Mac returns to the ring to fight for the World Video Boxing Association belt.
  • Kirby Super Star™ – It’s that awful King Dedede again – he stole all the food from Dreamland. Kirby must get it back and finally save Popstar from capture. You’re never bored as Kirby throws, flies and fights!
  • Breath of Fire II – 500 years after the original, take the role of Ryu, the last member of the Dragon Clan. A series of unusual and intriguing companions accompany you on your adventures through a beautiful land of magic and mystery.


  • Crystalis – An epic story for action RPG fans is ready to unfold. In a world where civilization is in ruins, a young hero awakens from cryogenic sleep and the adventure begins. Pick up the Sword of the Wind and go into the unknown.
  • Journey to Silius – Join Jay on his mission across the country to destroy the mechanical army responsible for his father’s death. Overcome the endless waves of attacking robots and realize his father’s dream of building a space colony in the Silius Solar System.

These new additions expand the Super NES library on the Nintendo system Switch™ to 24 games and the NES library to 50 games, for a total of 74 classic games! To celebrate the addition of 50 NES games, Nintendo is offering 50% off a set of Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers* compatible with the Nintendo Switch. From tomorrow until 10:00. Starting in January 2020, Nintendo Switch Online members with a paid membership can purchase these controllers for $29.99 at

All games from the Super NES and NES collections, which include favorites like The Legend of Zelda™: Link to Past™, Super Mario Bros.3 and Super Metroid™ have been enhanced with online features and can be played anytime, anywhere.

Other features of the Nintendo Switch Online service include cloud storage for compatible games and a smartphone application that supports games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo Switch Online members also have access to fast and furious 99-player battles in Tetris® 99.

Requires Nintendo Switch online membership (sold separately) and a Nintendo account. To use the application, you will need permanent internet access, a compatible smartphone and a Nintendo account aged 13 or older. A charge may be made for the transfer of data. Online features, data cloud and the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone application available in compatible games. Not in every country. The Nintendo Account Agreement, including the Terms of Purchase and Subscription, applies.

* Only one purchase per Nintendo account with a paid individual or family membership to Nintendo Switch Online is limited. The offer is not valid for a trial membership. These controllers are optional and are not required to play the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online game collection.

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