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Meta Builds Compilation: Safi’jiiva Edition-The Monster Hunter World Games Guide

Meta Builds Compilation: Safi’jiiva Edition-The Monster Hunter World Games Guide


Meta Builds Compilation: Safi’jiiva Edition-The Monster Hunter World Games Guide

Meta Builds Compilation: Safi’jiiva Edition-The Monster Hunter World Games Guide

FOR MOBILE PHONE USERS: If you can’t see the images in a certain album, open the album in your browser instead of Reddit.

The IB patch of 12:00 is different from the previous one. Not only do we get a complete change of meth with a completely tilted sediment weapon and a new bonus that is both powerful and dangerous, but we also finally get those important changes to the weapon pair (i.e. DB and SnS) that, for some reason, have not yet been realized in the PC version. In view of the above, it makes sense to create an entirely new metastream instead of just updating it.

the old one.

From now on, and until further notice, Safidhiwa is the name of your new master. Glory to Safijiva.

Note that we are also approaching convergence between the PC patches and the console patches. We will evaluate the impact of Raging Brachy and Furious Jang material when it breaks down, and we will update the albums with new console games (if the changes are small) or create new console albums (if they are more important).

Most of these albums are the work of the guys from Mathalos Nest, also known as Jinjinx & Tuna Server, where the people in this game for some reason actually do math.


As usual, this is what we can (and cannot) expect from this compilation.

  1. Methamphetamine in MHW is, for a variety of reasons¹ an injurious methamphetamine. Therefore, the assemblies mentioned here will suffer the largest damage available for any typeweapon. Assemblies based on different criteria (support, tanning, bypass, etc.) are NOT included in this list, but you are absolutely free to use them if you wish.
  2. These maps are primarily designed for solo play, but can also be used for multiplayer, as long as you understand the difference between solo and MP (higher HP/stack values, less predictable AI, etc.).
  3. These modules are intended for general use unless otherwise stated (e.g. meter modules).
  4. As a result of the previous paragraph, is also not necessarily a meeting at speed . Speedrunners often use specific settings for different monsters to take advantage of some of the mechanics of the game, which means that their games can not always be used as general assemblies by most of your fighters.
  5. These are versions of the final game and assume that you have access to all content of the game (i.e. MR100+). If you haven’t reached the end of the game yet, you can go to the Master Rank transition kits section or to the bad kits available in some albums.
  6. The kits here are type models, which assumes that you have mastered the basics of your weapon and have some general knowledge about monster fighting. If you are not yet sure of your skills, want to jog less stressful or just want to try something else, you can of course modify the assemblies by adding the skills you want and donating something else.

No Summary: Damage is the only condition and necessary to complete any search; damage is the only factor that can be objectively calculated and optimised for any given player; finally, damage indirectly reduces the ability to drive a go-kart, stun the monster more frequently and shorten the total duration of hunting.

Master Craftsmen Transition Groups

If you are new to the Master Rank and looking for sets to guide you through the story, see the section Master Rank Transition Sets in for the Safi Metacompilation.


Safe harvesting kits

  • Pre-Security Weapons Kits

This album features sets that will guide you through the adventures of farming and bring your Safia weapons to life. It is simply a design based on the knowledge gathered by the riders on the console; it will be updated as soon as we know all the details of the saddle through data processing or precise testing.

An album with anti-safia kits made of safe weapons will be released later.

Metaphone sets

Big word (HS)

  • Meta-GS Kits

Long word (LS)

  • LSmetal assemblies

Sword and shield (SnS)

  • Meta-SnS Kits

Double sheet (DB)

  • Meta-DBSeries

Loading bucket (CB)

  • Meta-CB Kits

Shift shaft (SA)

  • Meta SA Phrases


  • Metal hammer sets

Hunting horn (HH)

  • Meta HH-Sets


  • Copy of meta-kits

Weapons (GL)

  • Meta-GL Kits

Faith in insects (GI)

  • Meta-IG Kits


  • Meta butterflies

Light Boggan (LBG)

  • Meta-kits LBG

Heavy Boegeyman (HBG)

  • Meta-assemblies HBG


The source: Initial reference

Item [Iceborne] Meta-Builds Compilation: Safi’jiiva edition for Monster Hunter World.

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