Toplitz Productions today released a new update for Medieval Dynasty. We will present new features and bug fixes on the 22nd. December.

Update of the medieval dynasty is now available as a download for the PC. With today’s patch there is new content and bug fixes.

Medieval dynasty patch

  • The new building is stable.
  • The new animal is the horse.
  • The new function is the constituency.
  • New game features – challenges and kings.
  • The new playable character is the Herald. ANCs distribute problems.
  • New logging tools are made of stone and iron sickle.
  • New equipment for horses – saddle, horseshoes and three types of saddlebags.
  • The new building on the map is a stable in Hornice. (You can buy Leonard’s horses there, but change after the season to load the game).
  • Separation between males and females in cattle (some species currently have no males, but can still reproduce).
  • Farm animals can reproduce – there is an increased chance of kittens being born during the changing seasons.
  • Animals provide recurring remedies, such as milk or wool, throughout the season.
  • More information about the animal has been added in the detail window.
  • Animals will die of old age.
  • Added the possibility to sell animals from the management list. (You can mark them for sale when the season changes).
  • The player can place a landmark on the map that is visible on the compass.
  • New Diplomacy skill progression – every 10 coins earned per transaction adds 0.1 point to the Diplomacy skill.
  • The price of animals is influenced by talent.
  • A toxin reduction parameter shall be added to the description of the item in the inventory.
  • Game parameters that allow you to change the sprint and squat from take to edit.
  • Graphical shadow settings for contacts.
  • Move the map with the joystick.
  • Sounds for the horses.
  • Looks like a sickle.
  • New sounds for the knife.
  • New sounds when skinning with a knife.
  • The new switch sounds for knife, bat, shovel, spear, bow, axe and crossbow.
  • New sounds.
  • New sounds for arrows touching different surfaces, such as earth, iron, stone and water.
  • New sounds for all copies.
  • New sounds for the crossbow.
  • New sounds for Throw Rock.
  • New sounds for the breathing and grunting of the characters.
  • New sounds for the stick.
  • A rock in the eastern mountains.

Medieval Dynasty Update – Patch Notes on December 22

  • The sheepskin is too dark.
  • There are no fields in Detective mode.
  • Items that cause poisoning have reduced toxicity.
  • If there are broken objects, the deletion message does not indicate how many are still in the inventory.
  • When Vault II is unlocked, a message appears about the excavation of Sarai II.
  • If you hold a hammer while the Building edit menu is open, you can select an edit mode without holding a hammer.
  • If a player has been poisoned during a save, a tutorial on poisoning will be displayed after loading the saved game.
  • The village’s need for wood and food is 0.1 times greater than it should be.
  • The village details in the Administration tab will disappear after you have assigned an NPC to a job or house and close the NPC details.
  • When you start a new game, the keyboard arrows and gamepad D-pad in the main menu do not respond until you click with the mouse on the window.
  • Stolen parts are stored in separate batteries.
  • The plants grow back on the street.
  • Teleport to the other side of the bench (or stool) when the NPC is standing up.
  • The NPCs are in the air.
  • The NPCs blast to the roof.
  • Not all elements required for the element restriction are displayed in the event key.
  • If a resident leaves the player’s village, the search will not be cancelled (until it can be completed).
  • The names of the baskets as theme and recipe.
  • With the miner’s talent, the rock deposits lose more resources.
  • Positions with a value of zero cannot be sold/purchased.
  • Probably several generated quests that require the player to talk to another NPC.
  • The amount of seed/fertilizer is not correctly displayed in the HUD quicksand after use of the bag.
  • No message when there are no more free memory locations.
  • When a pile of goods is spoiled, all other piles of the same goods are spoiled as well.
  • Visibility of the blood label on tools/weapons.
  • Cattle from neighbouring villages are not registered.
  • As soon as a fence or a road is built, the whole area turns into a desert.
  • Blood particles have abnormal physics in buildings.
  • Spoiled milk has no capacity, so it cannot be emptied from the containers.
  • Good Host’s talent enhances the dynasty’s reputation through searches, but Say My Name’s talent should do it instead.
  • The new game parameter sliders do not work with the keyboard and the joystick.
  • The talent stacks for extraction are reset in the quick-change holster-weapon slots.
  • The recipe for the braid must be in Smithy II.
  • Not bringing a pet into a house does not refresh his condition on the main list.
  • Buckets full of milk with less than the total value of zero coins.
  • The wrong type of material on the roof of the goose house caused the bad sounds.
  • If the last active quest failed, the quest tracker will continue to display the name of that quest.
  • The training cards can be found in the HUD training guide. (The one after the first conversation with Unyegost).
  • Empty dialog box in Have you heard about the commercial village?
  • In some dialogues, the player figure is referred to as a younger person, even if he is older.
  • Spelling error in Caroline’s dialogue during Yuniegosta’s quest.
  • Inappropriate wooden roofing at Woodshead and Hunter’s Lodge.
  • It’s time for the hunt.
  • Animal rehearsals in hunting expeditions.
  • The generation of events responsible for the atmosphere did not have the right values.
  • The male name of the NPC Herald has changed to Harald.
  • The cut off sheep is not shaved after loading the game from the file.
  • Bypass the slot’s dialog options (permission/attachment) by saving and loading the game.
  • When the player is in inspector mode and opens a menu, release the inspector button, so the inspector mode will not be turned off after you leave the menu.
  • Animals can be allocated to buildings that are already at full capacity.
  • Shielded elements that do not protect against cold/heat do not indicate this value in the element description.
  • Incorrect tool positioning for old characters.
  • Dead farm animals give the impression that they are still alive after loading game. Fear the living dead!
  • If you shoot the fish with the bow and break the arrow, the fish disappears.
  • Killing fish does not promote hunting ability.
  • After the hammer fists had been used, the hammer was accelerated.
  • The damage caused by the lances thrown must now be correctly calculated. (They had twice as much damage).
  • Sheep still wear their coats when you look at them from a distance.
  • Resource Vault III does not have the right set of roof plans, making it identical to level II.
  • Animals appear in the trees. (The chance of this happening is smaller).
  • The mouse pointer disappears after changing the key assignments.
  • When you go from one category to another, the recipes sparkle.
  • Farm animals (including horses) cannot be treated. (Slow health regeneration added).
  • The penetration of water into tools reduces their service life.
  • The animation in front of the office and the barrels in the fisherman’s hut does not play well.
  • The scissors get stuck in the animation loop if the player has equipped them at the beginning of the scissors.
  • The use of empty containers as boxes sometimes makes it possible to mark their weight below zero.
  • The player may sprint while aiming.
  • Space between the input keys in the options menu.
  • Click on the left arrow in the map filter options.

Medieval Dynasty Update – Patch Notes on December 22

  • The construction limits for the village, the village, the town and the development of the town have been raised.
  • Farmers are now removing seeds and grain from a box in the barn.
  • Changed values for the latest agricultural machinery buildings – barn III and feed storage III.
  • The minimum weight of an item is now 0.01 (so items like arrows weigh more).
  • The appearance of the product descriptions in the inventory and trade has changed.
  • Rendering optimization.
  • The visibility of spirits during construction and destruction is limited by the range.
  • French.
  • Turkish.
  • Ukrainian language.
  • Hungarian language
  • Russian language
  • Only the inhabitants of the player’s villages are visible on the map. (Other NPCs are only visible if they offer a search or are the target of a conversation).
  • Some system optimizations.
  • For people with colour blindness, paint control in the field needs to be improved.
  • In the Building Assignment tab, you can now press and hold the hotkeys to increase or decrease the power so that the values continue to change.
  • Zoom in on the map with the mouse wheel.
  • The traps are also visible in the main category of the map.
  • Increasing and uniting the weight of the buckets.
  • The system for the purchase of animals is now comparable to the allocation of a building through the animal data.
  • Temporarily, capacity is not taken into account when calculating the material price.
  • Performance optimisation.
  • More rocks and low foliage on the ground, mainly in the mountains.
  • The resources needed to find rich dishes have been increased.
  • Some NPCs in the villages wear professional clothing. (In the new game.)
  • Move and zoom the map with the mouse.
  • The stones are automatically equipped after throwing, identical to the spears.
  • The size and appearance of the input fields in the user interface.
  • By filling a bucket with water, it is automatically converted into another bucket.
  • The threshing floor workbench has an advanced design.
  • Animals are mentioned in the chapter Knowledge.
  • The damage caused by harpoons during fishing is now reduced.
  • Animals can now be injured by a fall.
  • Animation about fake threshing for farmers.
  • The attitude of players and NPCs when using guns for crafts.
  • The requirement of stucco has been removed from the task of renovating houses.
  • Field workers who are constantly waiting for the following tasks are now checking these tasks in the field every 30 seconds.
  • HUD tutorials can now be completed with a single click and you can edit the gamepad items.
  • Card filters.

Source: Steam

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