This manual covers the basic principles for mechanical engineers. If you’re one of the new mechatronics engineers, this is for you.

Manual for Mechanical Engineers

Head screen

The menus here are pretty simple, but so is the game once you’re in it. You have a new game and a download. Please note that there are no multiple shops you can reach from this location. So if you already have the game, don’t click on the new game because it will overwrite your old game. Then you have the resolution settings, which essentially controls the size of the window, you can click the button on the far right to make it full screen.

Mechanical design

Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Here is the screen for the creation of faeces, accessible by clicking on the Engineering tab. The process is quite standard. Just take one of the guys and slide it into the box in the middle of the screen.

Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Here he takes the fur and all his parts. You have to drag and drop the different elements you can see on both sides. If you click on the mech list, the mech will not be removed from the site, which is when you add reactors and weapons. Each placement of a part requires an effort from your engineer, which is shown in the top right corner. Your jacket has several factors.

The servo’s increase the weight the mech can carry, the cockpit and other accessories increase either the energy storage, the burning time (which I can only assume is good), or the fixation of the mech in the field.

To add pieces, click and drag, and move some of the pieces, and the mechanics of the game require your mouse on the position of the piece, not the piece itself.

I don’t understand the weapons well enough to give an explanation, but enough to say they’re ready to be improved, even if I knew I’d soon be wrong. The engines are probably the hardest and penultimate part of this game. Go to them.

Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

This is an engine interface. it is only a basic engine and also your most reliable one. it works almost like a Mech interface with a few important differences. first you need to insert the injector and piston. The pressure increases the energy efficiency and the maximum temperature, and the maximum pressure just indicates how far you can go.

The big bang is the accessory, because it increases the power of the engines. Play with them because they are reusable and cost nothing more than the effort of the engineer. Then press the ignition button and watch where the meter moves. If it is red or green while you are technically running the engine, it will stop in the areas where it is warming up. This means that your mechanic will be helpless for a few seconds while the engine cools down. Apparently we have some great radiators. When the engine is running at full power, it stops to cool down and returns to the drawing board where you are going. Do not switch off the engine after this, but return it to the rotating engine parts on the left, otherwise you will not be able to mount it in the mech.


Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

This is the component screen, I’m not suggesting you build anything until you have researched the best parts, but this part works by dragging one of the parts you see in the middle slot. Below you can see how much this piece costs and what it is worth. You can click on the red button to have your engineers build the part. You can make ten Mechs or two at a time. But to start building it, you have to be ahead of your time.


Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

He’ll be your best friend. As far as I know. There is no time limit for completing missions or an increased risk of failure the longer you postpone missions. So you can take your time and explore the technology trees to the end to create better guys before you go.

The exploration is essentially done by clicking on one of the unlocked techniques and pressing the yellow selection button. The screen shows the number of days needed to put the part into production and the number of employees indicates the effort made by the research team. Like the technology, the scientific team recharges on a daily basis.


That’s pretty much it.

Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

First of all, you have to find your base somewhere. After the words, your screen now looks like this.

Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Each number represents a warmer, more dangerous place. The higher the number, the more hostile the environment. First of all, if you do what I do, you probably won’t have any boys on your list, so go ahead and fill in some of them with what you’ve learned before. If you are doing research or finishing a technical job, you can go to the calendar screen and go through the days.

Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Once you have started your mechanic, you will need to assign drivers to it. Appears on the pilot’s screen!

Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

You have five tabs with different drivers, and you can take any driver from one of these tabs. Since I still don’t know what some statistics can do, I will make a list of the statistics that seem inexplicable to me.

The reaction is of course how quickly they react to a situation, since I always try to have at least 40 people on that team, it probably has to do with how fast the AI of the drivers can go from one task to another. Vitality probably indicates how much they can handle. And stress tolerance probably indicates whether or not they panic. I don’t know what the CBS test is.

Each of these points is in constant evolution because the actions of the pilots change their values. Once all your mechs have been piloted, go back to the map screen, select a location and click on the image that appears, then your screen should look like this.

Mech Engineer – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Place your team of Mechs in the black boxes, press the big red button and sit back to watch your drivers destroy the hordes.

That’s about it for a start. Keep your mechs cool and keep the mechs engineers at work, mankind is counting on you!

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