Crystal Dynamics has released a new update of Marvel’s Avengers magazine. You will find below all the details, the full explanation of the update of 8. December.

The 1.17 update of Marvels Avengers can now be downloaded and installed. On PS4 the download size is 16.3 GB. The size of the load may vary depending on the platform.

Miracle Avenger Update 1.17 (Q1.4.0)


  • The new hero: Kate Bishop (no extra charge) – Visit our blog Everything you need to know about Kate Bishop to learn more about how to unlock Kate and explain her skills.
  • A new operation: Operation Avengers’ Miracle: Kate Bishop – Pick up the target at no extra cost.
  • Take a look at this: Operation Heroes is represented by Kate Bishop: Brothers Targets does not support casual encounters. However, players can still invite their friends to play Operation Co-op by doing so in the Outpost of Quiz.
  • New cosmetic products : Kate Bishop’s business card.
  • The possibility to switch the disassembly on and off.
  • High contrast mode : Available in the settings menu!

  • Correction of a rare problem that occurred when the filmmaker froze in an unfortunate light during the transition from The Hulk to Captain America.
  • Solved a problem where some missions sometimes referred to more than one region on the war table.
  • The problem that arose when Alicand Morales disappeared from Substation Zero has been solved.
  • Correction of the problem of the fall of Kamala Khan during the chase of the Hulk on the way back.
  • Correction of the problem when comrades didn’t try to revive the fallen America’s Captain during the last match.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur if there were still comrades left after loading players into the game with Taskmaster.
  • The problem of companions locking their doors has been solved.
  • The second wave of drones now hits the right room at the teleconference.
  • The problem that Captain America wasn’t talking about a global presence has finally been solved.
  • Identification error – Morales is now playing the correct VO when he returns to the outpost.
  • Correction of a rare problem in the search for the Olympia where the hull jumps off the ship and stands above the horror, preventing it from fighting the horror and blocking progress.
  • Resolved an issue where switching a profile from the main menu to the account without saving prevented the advertising of the new campaign through the A-day.
  • Resolved an issue where the user could have been involved in an accident if he had selected missions from multiple factions.
  • Solved a rare problem where some users could not interact with the war table.
  • Solved a problem where the Hulk was sometimes absent as an escort in the war zone.
  • Several cases of symbol blocking in the field have been solved.
  • Solved several cases where players, pets and NPCs were not in the world.
  • Solve various problems related to emergencies and the black screen.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.17 is out – Patch Notes & File Size

  • The problem of the Tahion Gorge has been solved: With Came a Spider the mission for the other players will fail if the host changes after the first task.
  • Solved a problem where the Tachyon Rift Timer sometimes appeared in Quinjet
  • Fixed a bug in Rocket’s Red Glare that prevented Kamala from always recording hits on yellow targets before he entered the elevator.
  • The Tahyon problem is solved: During the breakthrough mission, more than one area was marked on the military table.
  • Problem solved with changing the owner in the elevator who had problems with AI satellites.
  • A rare problem, which resulted in a long black screen after the mission, has been solved.
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes went the wrong way when restarting the checkpoint.
  • A rare multi-user problem was solved when previously opened/broken doors were found to be closed after a restart of the checkpoint.
  • A bug fixed in which the former host could not see the response team he had just left when the response team was formed by invitations/invitations.
  • The player no longer takes breaks for the group members if the host ends the game after an unsuccessful bet.
  • Improves player stability.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.17 is out – Patch Notes & File Size

  • Entering the MODOK code is now correctly unlocked if the players win it.
  • The Manhattan Evacuation Zone Code is now available for purchase at the end of the Manhattan Problem Program.
  • Solved a problem where symbols for breaking walls and doors were sometimes not shown.
  • Fixed several problems with the interface in high contrast mode.
  • The possibility to ping during the flight has been removed to prevent the markers from being placed incorrectly.
  • The trading platform elements in the restricted area allow you to buy from this screen without having to go to the trading platform.
  • Visual messages about updating and disassembling the object have been updated to reduce errors and transfer the action.
  • Stronger visual messages about the deployment symbols of the operation on the battle table and in the user interface elements (their impulses).
  • Various text and subtitle corrections.
  • Fixed texts/outputs in different languages and localisations.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.17 is out – Patch Notes & File Size

  • solved an accident that could have occurred during a gearshift at the war table.
  • Solved a problem where the pay of looters did not match the power required for the mission.
  • Threat sector flight tables have the best rewards at a higher level of power.
  • The baskets provide more targeted rewards and may contain Epic Gear name games.
  • Minor adjustments to existing amounts after completion of tasks.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.17 is out – Patch Notes & File Size

  • Potential crash when loading Quinjet on Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles after repeated use as Kate Bishop. We are already working on a solution that should be implemented in the near future.
  • If you try to purchase a Kate Challenge Card without the required credits, an error message will be displayed. Players must click on the credit icon to purchase the required credits.
  • The decision to run Kate’s operation immediately, instead of starting with the Avengers Initiative, puts the players in a situation where they cannot interact with suppliers on board the helicopter carrier. This can be addressed by launching the Avengers initiative after Kate’s weightlifting training.

The source: Anix-square

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