M5A1 #66

Bear Kinmen is the nickname of the M5A1 of the 1st Stewart. Battalion, 3. Regiment, 12. Corps, Army of the Republic of China. I suggest one of them, the number 66, as a 2.3 combat rank award, and to make it a little more unique, it could have special decals, the number 66 on the side and the round ROC shape on the side of the turret and on the front of the fuselage. It is also possible to use different camouflages with different devices, for example. B. #64 or #65. I also think it would be a good idea to include this tank in the game, since gunner #66 Xiong Zhenqiu died last December at the age of 90.


Despite the withdrawal of the Republic of China from Taiwan, the ROC continued to cling to the islands of Kinmen and Matsu off Fujian Province. The People’s Liberation Army believed that the islands were necessary for the invasion of Taiwan to finally end the civil war. Their plan was to capture Kinmen by attacking from Aotu, Dadeng and Lianhe, launching a forward group of 9,000 men followed by another 10,000 men in about 3 days to take control of the island. The reason for this assessment is that the island would only be protected by 2 ROCs.

But the ROC forces expected an offensive here, so fortifications were built on the island. In October 1949, 7,455 landmines were laid, 200 earthen bunkers were built on the banks of the Kinmen, and several barriers were erected against amphibious landings. Supporting the garrison on the island were 22 M5A1 stewards from the 1st Battalion, 3rd Armoured Regiment, veterans of the Burma Campaign during World War II, seasoned infantry and supplies from the 12th Army.

The afternoon of the 24th. In October, M5A1 No. 66 was conducting an anti-tampering exercise with the garrison when it got stuck in an area of soft sand and was meant to return to company bivouac. That tank was commanded by 1st Lieutenant Yang Chan. Several attempts were made to free him, but all failed. Yang went to Tingpao for help. At 3 a.m. he returned with a ramp to loosen the rations. It was a pretty bad time to be blocked, as the PLA attacked Kinmen that morning with an armada of wooden boats.

https://preview.redd.it/4068jawx4nb61.jpg?width=652&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=42b66215a16 1e2adde10de8281247534ad64a

Due to the roughness of their ship and the instability of weather and sea conditions, many LPA ships landed at Guningtow instead of Longkou. From the opposite bank, artillery opened a barrage by sending shrapnel around M5A1 #64, #65 and a stranded #66 and about 200 youth units. After the end of the barrage, the communist forces of the 144th began to establish themselves. The PLA regiment ashore and the PLA regiment ashore. Lieutenant Yang Chan ordered No. 64 and No. 65 to line up around No. 66 and come ashore.

They then all opened fire on the PLA landing force. Sergeant Xiong Zhenqiu, no. 66 Gunner, managed to hit the mast of an LPA ship, the high temperature of the shell ignited the grease covered sails, which then spread to other ships in the wind. The Youth Army in nearby bunkers also opened and mowed down dozens of PLA infantrymen with tanks within an hour, fending off repeated infantry attacks with grenades or explosive charges. It is interesting to note that Site No. 66 was perfectly aligned to protect the town of Qionglin and the Guanyinting Hill Highlands, which, if captured, would allow the PLA to split the island in two.

During the first invasion, there happened to be an ROC tank landing ship in the area. He had planned to leave the day before, but found himself in the middle of a peanut butter smuggling operation and destroyed the PLA infantry when he tried to land 20 and 40 mm guns. In the end, these two minor mishaps significantly helped the NRC maintain its independence during and after the war.

Unfortunately, the driver of tank no. 66, Tseng Shao-lin, killed during the shootout by a hail of bullets after being hit from outside the tank by an enemy infantry squadron arriving with explosive charges – the first casualty of the tank unit. Other armored units on the island also repelled the attack, using all their tanks as makeshift rollers to suppress the PLA infantry when they ran out of ammunition. The battle eventually ended with the capture or destruction of all PLA infantry landing on the island and a huge morale boost for the ROC. The key role the M5A1s played earned them the name Bear Kinman among ROC troops.

Chang Kai-shik inspects the M5A1 after the battle.


Former crew members of the M5A1 at Guningtow, who all still knew how to operate the tank at the time of firing.

M5A1 #64


https://preview.redd.it/y4ke16ep4nb61.jpg?width=1024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9e 1829438b8ff9f35c0b6d8ac6ceb846d2296




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