Hey, guys!

Another year went by, and I came back from my dream. The Lore Tournament, which seems to have become a tradition in the Legends community, is progressing well (semifinals 1 and 2), and although I have renounced this responsibility

u/mai, there was another element: I have used them in the past to remind us of the year in which we learned, found or enjoyed something. Of course, you/Sharjo has already summed it all up in a big post here, so I want to take a more analytical look at what happened at Runetter this year.

Where we started / Howdevelops

Last year, the state of the legend was as follows: 33 champions needed a colourful story, and 27 still had short, hazy biographies. Here’s my end-of-year ticket:
League Universe in 2019 : In a nutshell.

Although it’s sad that the Legends updates are coming (and will not come back in 2020 as we had hoped), we are much better off after this year. This is what these statistics look like now (153 champions for Rell):

Filling-in table with the different levels of knowledge that still need to be present in terms of content.

Half of the short biographies have been deleted and 13 of the 33 missing colour stories (in addition to 6 new champions). This is especially true for the missing champions who didn’t have one. Last year they were 19, with the recent publication of the history of Graga’s colours this number has dropped to 7. These unfortunate champions are Cho’Gath, Corky, Cog’Maw, Olaf, Shako, Talon and Teemo. On the positive side, (more than) 95% of the actors now exist and have done something good.

(Note: I know Olaf and Talon appear in the stories, but that’s not the point, I’m just looking at the combination of bio and color story here).

Biographical updates : This is either the first time they have had a long biography since the wartime days of the Institute, or small changes to make it more readable.

Diana, Leona, Alistair, Adrift, Jax, Malfit, Singer, Cled, Fiddler, Kennen, Braum, Fiora, Gene, Aurelion Salt, Graves, Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune, Volibert, Trundle, Anivia, Ivern, Xaya, Rakan, Ahri, Yasuo, Riven, Bard, Tariq, Zoe, Quinn, Sona, Alice, Kaitlyn, Vi, Rengar.

New stories in color have been received this year: Fiddlesticks, Kennen, Avibear, Tryndamere, Sejuani, Rumble, Yasuo, Riven, Sona, Udyr, Ziggs, Vladimir, Lissandra, Gragas

(Note: Fiddlesticks already had an old one that has been replaced. The rebellion will see if it can be recanonized like the Pantheon).

Sona exists! Gragas and Ziggs have a colourful history, but they still need a biography. Ari, Yasuo, Braum and Miss Fortune have edited their biographies, probably to inform and prepare everyone for their adventures in the Shadow Islands.

Six of our new champions have received a biography and a story in colour, as usual on every outing.

There will be a few more updates with their respective stories: Pel, Ken, Jin, Trundle, Xaya and Rakan, Riven, Quinn.

All in all, it is a very good progress when it comes to giving credit to a champion. On the other hand, it will take at least another year to inform everyone, and that’s too long ago.

Year in decline

So let’s take a look at the content that’s been broadcast throughout the year. Here is the distribution by region for 2020:

Distribution table by region for 2020, focusing on Ionia

Just as last year was the year of Demacia, this year is clearly the year of the Legends of Ionia. Half of this year’s champions were Ionians, followed by two Noxians with a touch of Shurima, and a singer each of Piltover and Zaun. Other regions are Frelord and Dematia with a surprising amount of colourful stories. Finally, we had two sets of comic books: Zed in Ionia (with a short detour through Piltover and Zaun), and Harmony in the alternative musical universe. Left Bandle City and Void, as usual, Bandle only had a story in color (set in Shurima) and Void only got a mention in Jax’s bio and the proxy version on Kai’sa and Monstrous.

As for the content we got, I personally liked everything (except maybe the only version of the champion that was recorded). Yes, it was very focused on Ionia, but there were two other very different themes to immerse yourself in: Kinku and the spirit world. It is also the first year that the plots are consistently followed, whether it’s Riven and the Sisters, Yasuo and Yone, or even Quinn, Yarn and Citria. The publication of real stories was one of the things that made the content of the Ionian floods bearable, and I hope that each region will have its share.


Okay, but what really happened this year? Well, uh…

  • Sett stood up in the ranks of the Ionian crowd, reminding everyone why he was in charge.
  • Zed and
    Shen followed

    Golden Demon via
    Ionia and across the sea to Piltover.

  • Lissandra lured the brave men to her ice citadel and returned to those who were already frozen.
  • Talon
    followed Katarina during the story in color
    her mission to kill a man in rebellion.
  • We have learned that Axiomata has the elements under control.
  • An ancient evil has been unleashed on the land of Demacia.
  • Avibear returned to Freljord and destroyed people and buildings.
  • The Ionians glorified the spirits of the fallen and the legends of the spirit realm.
  • Grave and twisted lot
    – Fate and lot

    treasure in Bilgwater, then
    Miss Fortune. She also attended the funeral of Captain

  • A group of fighting sisters went hunting for Riven.
  • Kaisa realized she might have
  • Lillia, a shy fawn, has come out of her tree.
  • Trundle proved why he had to be king of the trolls in the only way he could:

    festivities contest.

  • xaya and
    racan destroyed

    several quinlons and even
    attacked a master of shading technique.

  • Yon fought his color story
    inner demons and somehow came back to life.
  • Yasuo and Ari went to Bilgewater after the Ghost Blossom festival.
  • Quinn joined Yarn on the first major mission
    after a short detour

    Memory Shield – Lore Stats in 2020.

  • Samira went to a lot of trouble to get the sick child back.
  • Rell, however, was there first. She also found a sick child and buried her friend.
  • Master Doran taught the young Yi the importance of meditation and poetry.
  • Elise surprised the thief in his


  • Between Piltover and the fence, Seraphin sang to the public.
  • Pel has had incredibly imperfect experiences (personal advice: if you’ve read at least one article this year, do so!).

(Usual remarks: This is not an exhaustive list, only new champions and my personal selection of stories. Some details may vary, and it did not have to happen in Legends in the current year, it only had to be published in 2020).

New items

Our first legendary Tellstones game is out. Not only was it a game played in Demacia (mostly by my favorite character Cithria), but the game itself was an incredible attraction for Ryze and Bilgewater. See here and here for more information. I was surprised they hid a second complete set in this package. Secrets in disguise.

Despite the fact that the Corona 2020 swarm is dragging on a bit, the Zed comic book has been completed and a complete comic book has been published in the Alternative Universe. It looks like the next strip in the main universe will be delayed, and we’re looking forward to the updates here.

There were other AU stories, including a multi-part story and a story in which the players determine the fate of the universe.

The Legend events (Spirit Blossom and K/DA) include several games with incredible new features (does anyone know the simulator?), although K/DA in particular was too much for me. Collective maps representing an alternative universe in the main regions of the universe? Thank you. I prefer the gun bracelets on these cards now that the event is over.

Finally, Riot published the long-awaited news with Garen, Quinn and Sitria. I could describe why this is great, but unfortunately Reddit has a limited length for positions. I intend to write another message about a short story. For the time being, it is only available in digital format, but the physical processing has not yet been officially refused. So there’s still hope?

Watch out for

The first game of Riot Forge, Ruined King, has unfortunately been postponed, but is still scheduled for release in 2021. Now that we have seen the gameplay, it is certainly similar to the previous work of Airship Syndicate, Battle Chasers: War of the night. I didn’t play it, but I think it’s good. I can’t wait to see the pictures and the little captions in the background!

We can also expect more comics, a cinematographer to start the season and hopefully a devil’s blog. Tell us about the current state of storytelling, especially the following comics. I’ve also heard rumors about a new platform (something to replace lost updates?). Enough, please?), so we have to be careful.

My personal hope is to have more of what we have had this year, including a novel or novels, and maybe even a new Riot Forge announcement after the end of Ruined King and Convergence.

After all, Ghost Crawler admitted last month that an MMO was indeed being prepared. Then there are other games, other projects, but like the new MMOs, they’re probably still a long way off. Otherwise, I could be wrong about the next job. Goodbye! Goodbye!

Edit: Formatting.

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be included in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to publish it in that year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no important release date will not be considered.

In 2020 there will be a ton… in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games waiting for you in the first half of 2020.

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